Power of Email Hosting For Small Businesses

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Small and medium-sized businesses still rely heavily on email marketing to retain existing customers. Likes, comments, tweets, and shares on social media may be on the rise, but they can’t compare to the significance of emails hosting.

Web hosting is often cited as a means to publicize your business online. Although this is a crucial action, it still begs the question: how will you oversee the flow of information within your company?

There are plenty of no-cost options that are suitable for individual use. However, email hosting is the only viable option for business email.

How Does Email Hosting Differ From Web Hosting?

While you’d prefer to focus on expanding your small business, we have the time to explain the differences between the various hosting plans and types.

Web hosting and email hosting are the two most common forms of hosting.

The term “web hosting” refers to the services that enable your website to be viewed by internet users and indexed by search engines. Your website will be stored on its servers, and its connection to the internet will be maintained.

You’ll need to let your web host know if you want to use the email hosting feature, if it’s even available, as part of your plan.

While email hosting is typically bundled into web hosting packages, its service allows you to create a unique email address and use it to communicate online. Name@yourbusiness.com is an example of a website-appropriate email address.

What email hosting is and why you need it?

Hosting companies provide the infrastructure necessary for various services, including email servers. By subscribing to the hosting email service, you gain access to a dedicated server for hosting email accounts. You can set up an email account if you have a domain name.

Email hosting servers allow users to create, access, and manage their email accounts online.

Large online retailers typically have their email servers to speed the delivery of messages.

Email hosting servers are a relatively new feature offered by most website hosting companies in addition to their standard shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting packages.


  • Creates Confidence

Having a hidden identity will not help your customers take your company seriously. Nowadays, anyone can sign up for a free email account, so if your company is serious about gaining customers’ trust, you’ll need to do something to set itself apart. Managing the thousands of daily emails businesses send and receive is no simple task.

The fact that your company’s domain name appears in your email addresses adds to your professional credibility. Therefore, it is prudent for businesses to outsource their email hosting to specialists. Customers interested in learning more about the company behind the email they just received can search for its name online.

  • Makes a Credible Business Statement

Finally, someone puts it perfectly:

Initial impressions stick around for quite some time. The same is viable in the business world. Emails are the primary means of communication between you and your client. To move your business forward, you need to connect with your prospect or customer when they open the email. The primary benefit of an email hosting plan is that it helps your company appear credible and established to its customers. A domain name directly related to your company name makes it easy for your clients/partners to find you online.

It’s in the domain name of the email!

For an edge over the competition, it’s essential to have a business email address that your target customers can easily remember.

  • Keeps confidential company information safe

Malware, spam, and intrusive ads are all common problems with free email hosting services.

They must be equipped with safety features that ensure users’ data is safe.

There is also the fact that you need to have complete authority over your inbox.

A business owner’s top priority should be the safety of their customers’ financial and personal information. Because of this, you shouldn’t put your company at risk by relying on free email services.

  • Keeps your messages out of spam

Free email accounts are an easy target for spammers and malware. The use of free emails may hurt sales if you rely on email marketing to drive traffic and conversions.

Since the emails you send could be flagged as spam, this is the case. All your hard work will be for a naught, though, if your clients do not examine their spam folders. However, if you outsource your email hosting to professionals, you should be fine with the messages being marked as spam or bounced. That being said, you can continue reaping the benefits of email communications with your clientele.

  • Safekeeping and Confidentiality

Free email services are notorious for being prone to breakdowns, abrupt shutdowns, and hacking. Without backups, this could be disastrous for your company because critical data would be lost, and potential customers’ private emails and other sensitive information would be lost.

  • Branding

Advertising your company name through professional email is a great way to build brand recognition and loyalty among your target audience. Customers will have more faith in your company simply because of the name. After getting a feel for how important business emails are, check out the following list of reputable email hosting services.

  • Scalability

As your company expands, it’s a good idea to assign a specific person or department the “from” part of your email address; for example, sales@yourbusiness.com or info@yourbusiness.com.

Signing up for an email hosting service is simple, and you should never have to settle for a provider that doesn’t give you the features and customizations you require.

  • Custom domain name for the email service provider

With the help of a hosting email service, you can store your emails on a server and use a custom domain name. To read your messages, you must use a dedicated email client.

A minimum configuration is required to send and receive emails, and your email hosting service should provide clear instructions.

When everything is set up, your hosted email will function like a free account. Imagine that you don’t feel like configuring your email client. In that case, all you need is your username and password to access the webmail online application provided by your email hosting provider. Quickly and easily set up an email account and organize your messages with personalized folders and rules. Hence, the importance of a reliable email hosting service.

How will using Nestify improve your company’s email?

Nestify email hosting

Nestify‘s intuitive interface and helpful extras make even the most complex business correspondence a breeze. Below is a list of how Nestify’s business email hosting solution can help your company grow and change for the better.

Effortless signup and setup procedure

Start using your company’s most reliable and secure email hosting service with just a few clicks of the mouse through a user-friendly dashboard. Depending on your company’s needs, Nestify can host and manage multiple email addresses, all of which can be accessed from anywhere via any web-enabled device.

Control Panel Consolidation

Nestify’s intelligent email hosting solution provides a straightforward control panel with quick access to all the tools you’ll ever need. This user-friendly interface allows quick and easy access to your processes, allowing you to monitor and control them with minimal effort.

Email Status in Brief

By providing a central hub from which users can monitor the delivery status of their mail, organize their data according to their specific needs, and take any necessary actions, Nestify enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of business communication. Because of its user-friendly inbox organization tools, Nestify is the ideal platform for hosting your company’s emails.


Nestify’s built-in calendar function makes maintaining an organized schedule a breeze. Nestify’s smart calendar allows users to track the status of invitations and attendees easily, view multiple calendars in an overlay view, and more.

Managed Contacts

In a few simple steps, users can export and import contacts, sort their contact details, and manage their contact database with Nestify’s contact detail feature. Take a bird’s-eye view of your contacts and make any necessary changes with Nestify’s intuitive tools.

Instantaneous Summaries

Quick access to data summaries, spam filters, and message logs. Nestify provides brief reports on messages, viruses, spam, and message status to facilitate efficient email management.

Stopping Spam

Nestify’s cutting-edge anti-spam features protect your inbox from annoying spam emails, so you don’t have to waste time manually deleting junk mail.

Next Generation of Antivirus Firewall

Nestify provides a state-of-the-art anti-virus firewall to protect your information. To that end, Nestify employs these ingenious safeguards to guarantee the absolute security of your messages and attachments against any malicious files or intrusions into our network.

Variational Space Distribution

If you have multiple accounts, you can divide up the storage space between them and use it however your team sees fit with the help of dynamic space distribution.

Domain Assignment

To keep in touch with your team, take advantage of Nestify’s customizable domain settings, which include adding users, managing accounts, and granting service access to gain oversight over user activities.



Q1. Should Email Hosting Be Done on a Separate Server? 

You have an advantage if you use a service that provides email hosting servers. You don’t need to use another service because Nestify provides email hosting as an add-on. Everything will be taken out of your Nestify hosting account. You will require a different hosting server for sending and receiving emails if, as opposed, you are using a hosting server that does not offer email hosting. 

Q2. What bandwidth server should I get for hosting small business email? 

You are renting space from email servers that have SMTP and IMAP email interfaces set up to send emails. Email hosting servers manage incoming/outgoing emails. However, bandwidth is usually unimportant when purchasing email hosting space until and unless you send emails in bulk. The Nestify email hosting services will work well if you send fewer than 10,000 emails daily. 

Q3. What software is required for email hosting services? 

Your email hosting server must support the SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 protocols for easy email sending and receiving. Most email hosting companies, including Nestify email hosting, offer various additional features, including presentations, slides, docs, sheets, hangouts, and hangouts. 

Q4. What should the price of email hosting be? 

In general, email hosting is very affordable. When comparing email hosting companies, it’s important to remember that if the price is low, the provider might forego offering important features like security and storage.

Q5. Why do small businesses require email hosting? 

Separating web hosting from email hosting is always a good idea because you can still access your emails if your web host is attacked. Additionally, email hosting has distinct needs that a single server might need help accommodating. Hosting an email server can be costly, and small businesses would rather not take on that burden. Not only do they not require thousands of email addresses, but they also prefer not to spend hundreds on email hosting alone.

Q6. Where Does Email Storage Happen?

Email hosting is included at no extra cost with all Nestify plans, as is customary among web hosting providers. Dedicated email solutions have been available for a while and offer several advantages over free email services. In addition to the many free options, many paid web hosts provide email hosting packages tailor-made for smaller enterprises and independent professionals.

Emails are typically stored on the same servers as web hosting, so this isn’t an issue for web hosts to worry about.



The future of any company depends on the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. In today’s business world, reliability, accessibility, and affordability in email hosting are all must-haves for any serious enterprise.

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