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We keep your blog online, fast and secure across all devices, even during traffic spikes.


We help you reach millions of users per hour at a predictable cost and help boost ad-revenue.

E-Commerce Businesses

Faster e-commerce websites make more money. We optimize every bit of your store for blazing fast performance.


We take care of maintaining and supporting your client websites so you can focus on growth.


We take care of the infrastructure and provide automated CI / CD integrations, git workflows and custom stacks.

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Why Should You Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

Businesses across 6 continents count on Nestify for their hosting needs

Using unmanaged VPS?

With Nestify’s VPS plans you don’t need to worry about control panels, security, updates and messy firewalls. Everything just works!

Hosting on AWS?

With Nestify you have fixed hosting costs without sacrificing scalability or security. No more surprise expenses in event of traffic spikes.

Have a custom workflow?

Nestify accomodates your CI/CD and Git workflows with seamless deployments and 1 click rollbacks.

Developing something unique?

Deploy custom PHP code along with WordPress and enjoy access to composer, real time logs and Xdebug.

Hosting client websites?

You can offload your site maintenance and support task to us and focus on growing your business.

Own e-Commerce store?

In e-commerce, performance equals profit. Nestify automatically optimizes your store for faster load time and faster transactions.

Got global audience?

Reach your audience across multiple continents at blazing fast speed with our geo-balanced clusters. Say goodbye to outages. Nestify automatically optimizes multilingual sites for better performance.

Worried about scaling?

Nestify helps you reach tens of thousands of visitors per second with guaranteed performance and uptime. We identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks before they result in outages.

What about overage charges?

When you outgrow your hosting plan, we help you find suitable upgrades without shutting down the site. There are no overage fees or hidden costs. Free DDoS protection on all plans.

Concerned about migration?

Our experts migrate your sites from anywhere with zero downtime and zero bugs. We even optimize sites for better performance and security.

How's the support?

Our 24×7 support is handled by engineers and programmers who provide actual resolutions instead of generic replies. We also help troubleshoot code / plugin issues.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. All plans come with 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Nestify delivers unmatched performance for WordPress and WooCommerce.
We handle the technical stuff, so you can focus on growth and success.

High Performance Stack

Our Nginx and PHP7 based stack improves WordPress core performance, even for logged in users.

Performance Guarantee

We make sure that your site remains fast even when there are thousands of visitors online.

Robust Security

With advanced DDoS and Malware protection, your WordPress site is always safe and spam free.

Automatic Daily Backups

Nestify creates automatic backups of your site and store them in 3 locations. Restores are 1 click operation.

Automatic Core Updates

We proactively stay on top of security audits, compliance, installing patches and performing updates.

24x7 Support

Our team of experts assists you with all WordPress issues and development work round the clock.

Faster Websites deserve Faster Support!

Our support team members have years of experience and they contribute to WordPress. They provide onboarding assistance, handle migrations and instantly resolve any ongoing issues. With excellent team members and automation we resolve 90% support incidents within first 10 minutes.

24/7 Email Support

Median resolution time: 6 Minutes

Live Chat 24/7

Response Time: Instant

Nestify platform turns complex tasks into single click operations

With Nestify console you can launch scalable websites, create and operate staging environments and use advanced tools with a few clicks.

Go Live in Seconds

Select Your CMS

Pick from WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento or your own code.

Build Or Migrate

Pick from WordPress, WooCommerce or your own code.

Go Live

Pick from WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento or your own code.

Included Free With Every Plan

Free Migrations

Our experts safely migrate your site from existing provider to Nestify with zero downtime.

Free CDN

Nestify’s premium CDN + bandwidth is included with each site.

Free SSL

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are included with each site.


With WP-CLI, you can update plugins, configure multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.

Automatic Daily Backups

Nestify creates automatic backups of your site and store them in 3 locations. Restores are 1 click operation.

Security Scans

We scan your site daily for insecure plugins, vulnerabilities and protect it from hackers.

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