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9 Tips to Improve the Speed of your Website

In addition to favoring the user experience, website speed is an aspect of utmost importance to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). After all, while the delay in loading a page is extremely unpleasant for the visitor - not to say desperate - Google also does not welcome...

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“Readability” Will Change The Way You Produce Content

The readability technique, in addition to the Posts, can be used in call-to-actions and all of its digital presence. Do you adopt this strategy? The growing on content marketing has brought out several behavioral changes. Many, even, extremely positive. Companies and...

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How To Increase Profits From Your Online Store

Increasing store profits is the goal of most of the entrepreneurs in the eCommerce industry. For those who are starting, it is very important to achieve a sales flow that the store, in addition to paying, to offer profits to the company. However, whether through...

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Security And Server Speed With Varnish And Nginx

When we hire a hosting plan, we think about the success of our business, so we choose robust alternatives and one of the doubts is whether we choose a simple server or invest in a VPS server. With this, you need to know that the manipulation, management, and settings...

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