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Fully managed WordPress Hosting

Blazing fast hosting with excellent support

We excel at the key qualities every WordPress user needs. Our track record confirms it!

Irshad Ahmad
January 7, 2023

Excellent service, with real-time 24 hours support

Support is great,always there to help out with any issue that accrues

Shivam Goyal
January 4, 2023

Quick Response 100% Fixed every time

Michael Codner
January 1, 2023

I was having an issue setting up my account so I emailed support at 11:12pm last night (New years eve). I was shocked when I got a response from a human 3 minutes later @ 11:15pm. This is almost unheard of and I haven't even given them a dollar yet, I was activating the free trial. Anyone thats been around web development knows how painful it can be working through issues with hosting support. This alone is enough for me to give 5 stars.

core champ
December 28, 2022

Great Expeience

Mark Robins
December 21, 2022

The technicians are #1 and the web hosting is really fast.

Rahul Saraf
December 1, 2022

Super quick in resolving issues.. Amazing Speed... Support team is very helpful... Entire team knows the issue in detail so it becomes very easy to resolve.

Aditya Garg
November 25, 2022

Great help We moved our site to a new server. It was stuck on SSL validation Finally we could resolve the issue - thanks to Nestify team

Great service from Saurabh, who responded quickly by chat support, and resolved my site log-in issue immediately. We are new to Nestify and this is the first support request I have raised. Based on this experience, I'm happy to highly recommend them.

Morgan Murphy
November 18, 2022

Customer Support at Nestify is the best I have experienced in my 10 years of website development. Recently, one of our clients had his site shut down because the host (not Nestify) had installed a new anti-virus software without informing their clients. They installed the software on a Friday night, and the site was inaccessible by Saturday morning. Support over the weekend was nonexistent. By Tuesday the site was back up, but edits were still blocked. Contrast that experience with Nestify support. They are available whenever they are needed. They are quick to respond and helpful regardless of the question or need. A transcript of the conversation always arrives in my inbox, and the past chats are accessible from the chat box on my dashboard. Unfortunately, they don't offer the Windows servers my client needs or we would have migrated the site last weekend. Trust me, Nestify support is the absolute best in the business.

Nigar Naqvi
November 10, 2022

I want to give a negative star to nestify. Server performance is never stable and super slow taking 75sec to load the site. The actual site load time is 3 Sec. Support response time is 1 hour. and they will never find the issue. they will restart the server, clear the cache, and tell you now it's working fine. Suppose you are professional and using a fully optimized woocommerce store. If you run ad campaigns you will lose your money time and effort. I will suggest you never go with nestify.

Abdul Azeem
November 9, 2022

Awesome support! Saurabh was there all through the account setup process and there was not a single moment when I felt like abandoned during the onboarding and getting started. Keep up the good work buddy. I recommend to everyone looking for the Managed WordPress Hosting. No other service provider matches

Jaime Alnassim
November 7, 2022

I did the trial to see if their service lived up to what the website mentioned. It did and some! I am very impressed, not only with how much better my websites load but from their support team. Unbelievably helpful. The backend for website management is full of useful tools and alone worth the money. Many problem-solving tools are just one click away and make migrating websites just that much easier. My websites load faster and score better in performance testing websites.

Apoorv M
November 7, 2022

EDIT(12 Nov'22): Reply to the response from Nestify at the end. They can "fire a customer" 😀 if you expose their fraud. Good to know! Existing and new customers, beware before handing your website to them to be held as a hostage later! (Remove spaces from links below, TP doesn't allow links!) I started with Nestify in Jun'22 and their CEO Vishal Deshpande was the one who sold me the plan. The entire infrastructure is crude compared to other providers but I thought since I have contact of the CEO, it would be handy in case of any escalation. Was promised a dedicated server with so-called Hetzner 16core, 128 GB Ram. I paid for the plan and I was shocked to see that my website was on Digital ocean with half the config promised! I escalated that to the CEO and it was renamed as whatever config was promised! As simple as that! I still maintained faith. There were frequent server downtimes. On every downtime we had to put money down the drain on the marketing campaigns. Many times it was server error, most of the other times the website was damn slow! And I have to justify every time that website is slow! The CEO could not even solve the wp-cron not running issue for more than a month, everytime my website had 100k plus jobs in queue! due to this many internal stuff was not working frequently like analytics and external integrations. I had to research on my own to solve the problem on their end. Customer support is another piece of joke. I asked the CEO to copy one of my websites and they had no clue which one they copied and which one they deleted. You open one site from browser and it opens the other one! Nobody has any idea about anything. It's like high-schoolers were appointed to run the show during their spring break! Frustrated with this, I put the server on monitoring using market-standard services like statuscake, pingdom and freshping. The services clearly showed increasing server response times and when I spoke to vishal on this, to my shock he says that we do not "support" services like statuscake and freshping! The guy doesn't even understand server response time, APDEX and is running a sham and scam of a server business! Says, he doesn't "support" discussions related to server response times! Even Google pagespeed score had fallen over 60% but no, the guy lives in his own wonderland! And then the standard no-brainer response: "Your website is getting too bulky, that's why!" I moved to, overnight. No point banging head with a nincompoop (who is the damn CEO of the army!) The server response times on Rocket went down by over 30 TIMES for ALL pages, OVERNIGHT! (Graph link below!) Current server response time with Rocket is between 40-60ms. With Nestify the avg was north of 2800ms! The day I moved, it went up as high as 6000ms! Don't waste your time/money/effort/energy here. I regret having wasted so much time on them. They are simply not worth it. The lies, pretensions, falsehoods and rudeness to top it all, is just too much of a show to watch while the business suffers. Just stay away! EDIT (Reply to response from Nestify): It's good that you've responded in your true character for the world to see. I'll ensure that this reaches even beyond here 🙂 1) Ok, shoving facts first. Before scoring the website from a far-off location where we don't even sell! you should've applied some brains that such fraud does get exposed. Below are GTMetrix scores of the home page and the bulkiest of our product page. Both are Grade A! Don't look at the LCP, it'll give you nightmares! It is the SAME website I moved to! Now, take a printout of these scores, roll the paper thick, and shove it in a safe place where the sun doesn't shine! Home: https:// /QKazYrH31RAL (Remove spaces) Product: https:// /_3fpe5k4Tl3t (Remove spaces) 2) Here's more to shove. The graph ( https:// /CA13lOp7HPvU (Remove spaces)) of the Server response times (educate your CEO on what this is!) measured on freshping for the Admin page (which does not even get cached) when it was on Nestify and after movement to Your junk server had response times touching 7000ms! On rocket, this is an avg of 50ms! Now take a printout of this graph as well, and.. well you know! 3) Educate your CEO on how cron works before making a joke of yourself! If you send email to 100k people, 100k actions are NOT created! Laughable, cringeworthy and yet so proud to be incompetent 🙂 4) Show me where I asked to change CDN and caching. Shameless lies and fraud claims, as expected! 5) Now coming to the CEO: Well, the CEO was the very salesman who contacted me to sell the plan. And now you say he was troubled to support the pathetic server he sold! Wow, so cute. Ask the CEO to stop selling junk first! (4k character limit. Thank trustpilot that I can't bash you more!)

Gurjeet Singh
October 25, 2022

Worst affiliate service, I send many email but still not respond.

October 24, 2022

Server performance and caching is just excellent, loading times has been improved drastically on our site. Whenever there was an issue or some other question their support was fast to resolve it with much knowledge of their servers/system.

Vikas Patel
October 14, 2022

Excellent support i got quick solution from support team

Avinash Deshmukh
October 12, 2022

Nestify has made my life simple. I mean all the nonsense with cPanel is just too much for a person who needs to multitask. With most of the routine installation taken care by Nestify, you can concentrate on building your website.

October 11, 2022

They are very helpful, I transferred all my sites here and got really fast support. They are always available to help. Sites are also running at a very fast speed.

Danieel Rodríguez
October 11, 2022

Amazing platform and amazing service. I think it is the fastest WordPress server service ever.

Peter Forster
October 10, 2022

Always solves my problems quickly

Kevin Mendonza
October 7, 2022

I really appreciate the time and effort from the support team, specially from Saurabh.. Thank you.

October 6, 2022

When we have had any issue on our website that we did not know how to fix, the support team from Nestify has always provided fast help! They are super kind and give us quick solutions that always fix the issue - within minutes! They make it easy to manage your website even if you aren't 100% knowledgeable on everything Nestify can do.

Chris Van Wyk
October 4, 2022

Amazing support! Fast and friendly service 🙂

Glen Dsouza
September 30, 2022

We needed a quick transfer done. The Nestify team supported us and got it done quickly! Cheers!

September 27, 2022

hosting is great, I don't see any downtime. But there support is kind of mixed bag. sometime unprofessional and stupid, but the bottom-line is always hosting service which is top-notch.

Sanaa Syed
September 24, 2022

Support is the best. they are ALWAYS available within minutes to answer to you!!

chetan chavan
September 22, 2022

I really appreciate the time and effort of the support team. I don't have any prior experience in setting up the hosting. I did it very smoothly by taking the help from nestify support. 5-Star.

September 21, 2022

I have used several hosting providers in my past like Arvixe, Bluehost and Godaddy. is far too easy to host a website. The customer service very excellent compared to other providers. I really appreciate their quick response to my questions any time whether its day or night. The management of hosting using the user interface is very simple and easy to navigate. I'm really excited to host my sites with I'm 100% satisfied.

Megan Eaton
September 7, 2022

Saurabh was very helpful and very responsive. Very patience with me (a novice at this whole thing)

Rahul Codavatar
September 7, 2022

good support with less time

September 3, 2022

Fantastic support team. ready to help 24/7: especially Arthur and Saurabh. Our website was hosted by other service provider and always was the response time problem. We migrated yesterday to your WP-n-large. we are satisfied so far. The support during migration was unexpectedly brilliant. all the time the support team was on the online chat and the reply time was surprisingly short and content of answers very competent.

In February 2022, I had to change my hosting provider because my site outgrew the shared hosting I used back then. Being a technical person, I had several advantages; I could test several aspects of a website. So, I started searching and testing dedicated hosting providers. I had 4 main objectives behind the search. 1. Server's initial response time should be less than 0.5s. 2. Should have excellent support. 3. Should handle 100K visitors/month. 3. Price should not be too high. Initially, my choice was Clowdways, but their support wasn't as good as I expected. Then I tested Nestify. Nestify could not beat cludways in terms of pricing but their support was great. I'm writing this review after 6 months and still happy with them. Mostly because of the support.

August 10, 2022

Great team, great support, always responsive and providing feedback and support on how to resolve issue, a great partner for hosting your site. Good performance, and really they go above and beyond at times from what you should expect from a hosting company. I highly recommend them.

August 2, 2022

the best wordpress hosting in the world! very cheap price with great value, also i have contacted them to solve a big issue related to wp rocket! they solve the issue in few hours! also they have online support any time and professional team thank you nestify team

Sumeet Wadhwa
July 21, 2022

The customer support provided by their team is excellent customer support and super fast. Our site has been running smoothly ever since we shifted to Nestify.

i electrony
July 17, 2022

Perfect service, very cooperative, professional with great communication.

WebVue Web Team
July 14, 2022

Best support. always available and ready to help with anything!

July 7, 2022

Nestify has excellent support and very knowledgable support agents. I want to give a shoutout to Anaya. She saved me a great deal of work tonight.

WowAnimals Mail
July 3, 2022

100% excellent web hosting company.😍 No words to say... Brilliant support and golden product...!💯

Andrew Lesmerises
July 1, 2022

Arthur from support was very helpful in getting my domain connected to my site and getting my email up and running!

Drickus Maartens
June 30, 2022

Being part of Nestify is like having a 24/7 support team. Not only are we really happy with the hosting, systems and ease of use, but the support, especially Arthur, really helped us out and sorted our ticket very quickly. Thank you Nestify!

Deepkamal Singh
June 29, 2022

best experience and support is also very great and helpful.

June 22, 2022

Support continues to be excellent. Very quick resolution to a nagging problem.

Suman Banerjee
June 21, 2022

I have worked with almost all big and medium hosting companies in my 12 years of career, and seen some good and bad support. But oh boy! Nestify ranks the top. The worst support I have ever seen. Period. 1. Their 24x7 support is a joke. They are not available 24x7, nor they will reply. 2. Their customer support people are the most unfriendly, unprofessional and incompetent support I have ever seen. They keep you waiting for hours for the next reply. 3. Their customer support people who talk in chat, don't know anything. For the simplest question, they will tell you to wait so they can consult with their server admin, and leave the chat, keeping you waiting for infinite. 4. I requested to delete the server and cancel the automated payment. They will ask all sorts of question why I want to delete the server. They will ask to create a ticket. Then they will mail and ask again why I want to delete the server, again! But they won't delete the server. So that my card gets auto charged. What a scam technique! 5. Their servers are terrible. When I bought the server a month ago, it was okay. Then it got slow, I mean really super slow for a server with 32 GB RAM, where I had only one working WordPress website with 5-6 visitors a day! I moved my website to somewhere else with a much smaller server (2 GB RAM), and my website runs way faster than Nestify server. Probably they show '32 GB RAM' on text, but actually it is a much slower server with much less resources. They won't give me root access, so I can test! I do not write reviews online. But this company is so bad, I believe it is my responsibility to make others aware how they really are after you purchase from them.

Meenakshi Rammohan
June 21, 2022

The support is on spot, no metered bandwidth as of now. Affordable

Joseph T
June 19, 2022

Incredible Support There is always someone to reply to with any questions I have and they're always remarkably fast with their response. Have been with them for almost a year now and would never think about leaving.

Jonathan Rudd
June 17, 2022

These guys really do offer the best support. The service they provide is quite obviously developer focussed. Usually with these services you are left on your own. I have had issues with SSL (which was my own fault) Arthur from support stayed on support helping me along the way eventually logging into my cloudflare account for me and checking over configurations, this is above and beyond the support I would expect. This is just one occasion of many where these guys have helped. As regards to product, this really is second to none, fast, cheap, easy to use. Gone are the days of configuring AWS instances, just fire up a new site in seconds and crack on! Highly Highly Recommended from all angles. Keep up the great work and product guys!

Abhishek Kumar
June 16, 2022

Best place to host website as they have amazing support.

Patang Dori
June 15, 2022

best hosting and hosting support ever. i am using woocommerce since 12 years and tried shared , vps , aws etc all but netify is the best.

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