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Top Shopify Email Marketing Apps and Plugins of 2023

The very first marketing email was sent in 1978, produced $13 million in sales, and launched what has become one of the top marketing channels even to this day. According to studies, for each $1 you spend on email marketing, you’ll generate $44 in revenue. Worth considering, right?

If you’d like to take your Shopify store to the next level, email marketing should be a decent alternative. However, many Shopify email marketing apps are accessible. It could take hours to determine which is best for your needs, especially when you’re new to email marketing or E-commerce.

You’re tired and perhaps even wary of hearing the hackneyed “40X ROI from email marketing” boasts from everyone attempting to sell you email marketing apps and services. However, it’s hard to overlook the multiplier effect email marketing has had on internet businesses of all kinds.

Therefore, your online store deserves no less than the best Shopify software for email marketing to acquire that edge over the competition and enhance profitability.

Given the vast number of possibilities, picking the appropriate Shopify email marketing app can be challenging, if not intimidating. This is why we spent hours investigating every best email marketing app for Shopify stores, so you don’t have to.

Top Shopify Email Marketing Apps and Plugins

1. Privy

shopify email marketing privy

The Privy – Exit Pop Ups & Email marketing app is used by ecommerce companies of all sizes to attract and turn website visitors into subscribers and clients. Privy’s integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus allows you to create an account and launch your first live campaign quickly. With a collection of helpful conversion tools, Privy will enable you to expand your customer base from your Shopify store without needing prior coding or development experience, or expertise. Privy is undoubtedly a must-try app for everyone, as demonstrated by the more than 17000 user reviews with an average rating of 4.7.


ü Encouraging popups to add people to your email list 

ü Synchronize connections with Mailchimp and Klaviyo 

ü Automatically popups with exit-intent discounts to close transactions before customers depart 

ü Automatic emails to entice former clients to return 

ü Produce and share discount coupons


Starting at $0 per month 

2. Klaviyo

shopify email marketing Klaviyo

By providing several unique features, Klaviyo offers an automation platform and aids businesses in implementing campaigns successfully. The email marketing app allows business managers to accurately analyze marketing campaigns’ effectiveness and assess customer interest trends, like the most popular products and income brackets, to take decisions that will focus on specific customer segments. Besides, Klaviyo aids in creating email templates that work with the messages and visuals of the retailers. The app’s ability to instantly connect with Facebook accounts is another exciting feature that enables changing of images while sharing them on your website rapidly. Other features like real-time online tracking, a product suggestion engine, back-in-stock, and so forth are also available. Amazingly, you can make far more money without spending any money. What a great deal! 


ü Make a marketing recommendation 

ü Obtain repeat business from customers 

ü Boost sales income 

ü Reduce the number of breaks in email sending 

ü Simple to install and use 


Starting at $0 per month

3. Spently(Uporder)


The software assists you in configuring email templates using its brand-new template builder. Additionally, you can increase sales by including product upsells in your email notifications based on the customers’ past purchases or by making product recommendations. By using automatic follow-up sequences, Supercharged Store Emails can help increase customer retention by enabling users to communicate with consumers and collect feedback or handle abandoned carts. Remember that you can see the analytics for the app and consumer insights that need to be optimized. With one of the app’s premium plans offering 14 days of free trials, you can get started immediately and give your consumers many incredible shopping experiences. 


ü Utilize your store’s emails for marketing purposes

ü Give stunning email templates that go with Shopify stores

ü To increase sales, offer product recommendations or discounts

ü Benefit from email marketing efforts with these fantastic resources 

ü Improve client loyalty enabling users to communicate with clients to gather feedback 


A free plan is offered. free 14-day trial. Additional fees can be incurred. 

4. SmartrMail 

shopify email marketing SmartrMail 

In order to boost sales, the SmartrMail team created and made available a useful program called SmartrMail Email Marketing, which featured the promotion of excellent discounts via emails. SmartrMail Email Marketing allows you to send personalized emails to a single or multiple lists of recipients. Your clientele will be segmented so that only the intended group receives the email. It even includes a feature called Quicker Email Newsletter that speeds up email newsletter production by a factor of five compared to other options. 

The whole process, from the initial email greeting to any subsequent win-back or cross-selling suggestions, is fully automated. By enhancing the store’s abandoned cart emails, you are allowed to send up to three emails regarding a cart that was abandoned, and every one can include cross-selling suggestions. You may get more customers and grow your business with the help of SmartrMail Email Marketing. 


ü Easy email marketing application

ü An alternative to Mailchimp

ü Enhances sales and improve engagement 

ü Benefit from the team’s expertise 

ü Sort customers into different segments

ü Sync up with Justuno Wisepops and Sumo


Starting at $29/month. free 15-day trial. Additional fees can be incurred. 

5. RareLogic Inc.

shopify email marketing RareLogic Inc.

Rare Logic Inc. created and released Smart Email Marketing App, a helpful program that offers store managers one of the most significant alternatives for increasing sales through automated and customized emails. You can prevent lost purchases by delivering the appropriate email to the customer using smart email marketing. This is possible because your emails are organized and tailored to each target client segment. By sending emails to customers during the times/periods when they typically do orders, this clever solution also has Smart Product Recommendations & Timing, which enables store owners to increase traffic quickly. Easy to set up! Purchase it right away to increase sales more quickly!


ü Send more effective emails to drive sales

Alternative for Mailchimp.

ü Utilize tailored emails to increase sales.

ü Utilize a clever timing tool to control email send times.

ü Fast and practical email campaign creation

ü Fast installation

ü Offer five-star customer service


A free plan is offered. Free 14-day trial. Additional fees can be incurred.

6. Combidesk’s MailerLite

shopify email marketing Combidesk's MailerLite

Combidesk introduces MailerLite Email Marketing, an email marketing app designed to help retail business owners. It enables merchants to collect data from customers who sign up for a newsletter and automatically add them to a list they choose in MailerLite. You can keep track of the name, address, and email, tags, the total amount of prior purchases, and the total number of transactions placed. Furthermore, your subscriber list in MailerLite is constantly up-to-date because of the 15-minute synchronization performed by MailerLite Email Marketing. Get this low-cost, effective email marketing app set up today!


ü Update your iContact list with your newsletter’s subscribers.

ü Identifying information (address,

ü Maintain 15-minute intervals of automatic synchronization.

ü Add MailerLite support

ü Completely include Privy


Free of charge

7. Sendtinel

shopify email marketing Sendtinel

90 Miles Agency has released Sendtinel, an additional email marketing app compatible with Shopify stores. This email marketing app is quick and intuitive, allowing you to capture subscribers and deliver both predefined and individualized email notifications. There is no catch or time limit on the available free plans. The app stands out from the crowd since it lets users sign up for stock and rebate alerts for certain products, and then receive emails with details and links to the relevant product pages. The app’s users can see who and how many potential buyers there are for a given product, establish actions for when the product can be rebated or restocked, and so on. Sendtinel’s email campaign builder makes creating and sending engaging emails to your subscriber list easy with only a few clicks of the mouse. In addition to configuring the social media links that will appear in the email notifications, you can also submit your store’s logo. Remember that the software provides free services with no strings attached. 


ü Stock notifications and rebates should be accessible to customers.

ü Provide a means for users to create and preview email marketing campaigns

ü Widgetize the user interface to improve the purchasing experience.

ü Logos and social media accounts can be uploaded.

ü Make customer notifications visible and manageable.


Free of cost

8. Swym Corporation

shopify email marketing Swym Corporation

Triggered Emails by Swym can be the appropriate time answer to cope with complex challenges that any store is struggling with. Now, it is time for any merchant to discover abandoned carts. The first thing the software can perform for your store is that it helps send emails to shoppers abandoning their cart and guide them to continue the transaction. In addition, the software may assist you with tailoring the email campaign’s content so that the clients can be interested in your products one more time, thereby minimizing the danger of pending purchases. Moreover, the app can maintain track of the order’s progress, understand what clients seek, and customize every email. Another central element of the software is that email advertisements with updated products will be sent to clients based on their previous purchase history. The app can reveal how clients are fond of your advertising thanks to extensive insights data and analytics.


ü Track customer’s shopping experience and lure them with messaging

ü Personalize every email and instruct clients how to pick up and complete pending purchase

ü Update lastest goods

ü Enrich data and analytics to discover more about consumers

ü Help customers who haven’t finished their purchases yet by notifying them of their abandoned carts.


Starting at $9.99 per month. You can try it out for free for 14 days.

9. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi

All sizes of online shops can benefit from using Springbot for marketing purposes. The app’s biggest draw is that it can collect data from all across a Shopify site and use that data to provide specific advertising recommendations to individual shoppers.  Springbot is an all-in-one social media marketing solution that includes an idea hub, scheduled posting, and event-triggered emails for things like abandoned carts and anniversaries. The Audience Expander and the Onsite Abandonment are only two of the many items that may be bought and sold with a Springbot. While setting up Springbot won’t cost you anything, there may be recurring fees down the line depending on your requirements.


ü Update the Mad Mimi database of newsletter recipients.

ü Keep your Mad Mimi mailing list updated automatically every 15 minutes.

ü Easy to assemble and deploy quickly

ü Talk to Mimi Madness and Confidential


$5 per month after a free trial period of 30 days. There could be some extra charges.


shopify email marketing

In case you haven’t heard, Hive is a powerful email marketing app that can connect you with a wide range of people. Using the software, you can get diverse connections and extensive social data annotated with your own labels. Full photos can be obtained with the assistance of the app because of its compatibility with Shopify, CRMs, and other data resources. As a result of social data enrichment, users may easily keep tabs on the hobbies, interests, and purchasing habits of their clientele with minimal effort on their part. In addition, you can use the app to create email campaigns, which the software will then automatically send to the appropriate clients. Users may simply collect email addresses, which can be used for a variety of purposes including conducting surveys or running a contest. Keep in mind that everything is in your control, so you can run campaigns, manage contacts, and monitor results all from one central location. The Hive app is one of the best out there, and you can test it risk-free for ten days. However, additional expenses may be incurred depending on your needs.


ü Boost sales with laser-focused email marketing and automated workflows.

ü Create trustworthy email marketing campaigns.

ü Make stunning email layouts in a jiffy.

ü Benefit from highly personalized and relevant content

ü Visitors can be sorted and categorized.

ü Reduce time spent on marketing by automating processes


Starts at $79/month. Free for 10 days. There could be more fees involved.

11. Autoresponder Max

The Autoresponder Max Shopify app helps business owners analyze client behavior, which in turn boosts sales and satisfaction. Businesses may monitor and evaluate client activity across all channels with the help of Autoresponder Max. Clients end up feeling more comfortable buying from the shop as a whole. The survey feature in Autoresponder Max lets clients submit feedback after making a purchase, which can help business owners improve their services and bring in more customers.


ü Analysis and remarketing via email

ü Make flexible Outreach available

 ü Tracks down the customer and makes follow-up attempts automatically

 ü Signing up for the newsletter is easy and takes no time at all 

ü Lost carts can be easily located


Monthly subscriptions are $99 USD. 30-day free trial available. There may be other costs to consider

12. Remarkety

shopify email marketing Remarkety

Remarkety is all you need if you own an online Shopify store and want to completely personalize and automate your email marketing without spending a ton of money on hiring analysts or buying tools. The app’s robust set of capabilities allows you to quickly and easily build and deliver hyper-personalized, automated communications to your potential clients, complete with vouchers and product recommendations. In addition to increasing consumer involvement, Remarkety helps you divide your clientele into several groups based on their interests and buying habits. The software comes with ready-to-use templates and campaigns, so you can go to work within minutes of installing it.


ü Get your email marketing completely hands-free!

ü Use individualized email messages

ü Campaign frameworks and pre-made templates

ü Customers can be divided into groups depending on their interests and purchasing habits.

ü Regular updates to Facebook

ü Recover more items from abandoned carts.


Costs start at $25 monthly. You can try it out for free for 14 days. There could be more fees involved.


The term “marketing” is typically associated with paid advertising. However, in a market where CPCs (cost per click) are at an all-time high and competition can be tough, there is one marketing channel that can still deliver excellent results without wasting thousands of dollars on test campaigns.

One of the best methods to interact with your customers in the digital world is through email marketing apps. Without paying much more than your labor costs, you may spread your messaging, sell your goods or services, and create relationships quickly. 

When used properly, email marketing apps may help you generate sales and grow your company by converting leads into customers, converting first-time purchasers into devoted, supportive followers, and more.

Email marketing and online stores go hand in hand. It follows that it is understandable why store owners are looking for methods to incorporate email marketing apps into Shopify. (one of the most popular and successful e-commerce platforms). 


Which is the best email marketing app for Shopify?

According to me, Omnisend is the best email marketing app you can use for your Shopify store. Not only does it support email marketing but it also packs an inbuilt SMS marketing module. Of course, marketing automation, product recommendations, and other features make it the best. Apart from this, if we check the Shopify ratings/reviews, Privy could be the close second.

Does Shopify do email marketing?

Yes, there’s a native email marketing plugin by the name of Shopify Email. Using this, you can send 2,500 emails for free in a month. If you exceed this limit, you’d be charged $1 per 1,000 emails. You should also know that it only supports basic email marketing features. To use advanced features, you must use professional email marketing apps and software.

Is Mailchimp compatible with Shopify?

Unfortunately, Mailchimp has parted its ways from Shopify in early 2019. There is no direct integration available between the two platforms. However, there’s a third party app that still integrates the two platforms.

What type of emails can I send to my Shopify customers?

If you use the email marketing apps for your Shopify store, you can easily send promotional, newsletters, offers & discounts, seasonal, product updates & descriptions, welcome & thank you emails.


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