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The Ultimate Guide to the 20 Best Live Chat Software for Your Business in 2024 (Free and Paid)

If you are not using a live chat software for your business website yet, it’s not too late. Live chat is one of the most effective solutions to what today’s consumers demand: 24×7 support availability. If you are not there to answer the customer’s query at the time the visitor visits your site, then you can be sure your customers aren’t going to wait for you.

Gone are the days when the customer would wait for your response for days and then decide to buy in today’s age of instant buying. Customers want to have their questions answered in real time. Live chat softwares has made this much easier and more efficient for businesses.

Some live chat services employ artificial intelligence to give automated responses to your customers, while others help your customer support team streamline their customer interactions. 

Without a doubt, live chat adds to your business, not just in terms of support but lead generation and conversion. Browse through the list of best live chat software for your business in 2024 and find the one that best fits your needs.

How to Pick the Best Live Chat Software For Your Business

Knowing your customer’s wants might help you choose the best tool for your business.

Not all tools have the same features and are built equally. You’ll have to choose which live chat application you require based on a few factors:

Spending plan: You may search for free software or something reasonably priced if you’re on a tight budget. There are lots of excellent free or low-cost solutions available. Regardless of cost, be sure the tool you choose will meet the demands of both your clients and your business.

Self-hosted or cloud-based: Some key differences between these two live chat software kinds will influence your choice. With cloud-hosted services, you can use third-party servers instead of hosting your server.  Self-hosted servers have the primary advantage of being more secure than third-party servers, but they are more expensive than utilizing a third-party hosted server.

Orientation: Knowing how to use the software could be challenging if you’re just starting. Either that or occasionally, some tools could be more straightforward for beginners. Thus, ensure that the tool you select has a training program or is appropriate for your ability level.

Support: Check internet reviews regarding the chat tool’s assistance. Support is crucial, particularly round-the-clock support. While software is generally dependable, problems can arise, usually at inconvenient moments. You must have access to assistance in case a tool starts acting strangely.

Features: It is possible that some features are not vital to your company, allowing you to choose a less expensive solution.

Now that you know what to look for in live chat software, let’s dive into the 20 best live chat software for your business!

20 Best Live Chat Software For Your Business

1. Olark

Olark caters to the needs of those who wish to use data to comprehend the behavior of their customers. 

It allows you to interact with and relate to the most interested leads.

Custom pre-chat surveys, automated messaging, live chat transcripts, visitor insights, and comprehensive reports are just a few of the capabilities offered by this versatile live chat system.

Olark’s live chat feature, which lets you customize the appearance of your chat window to match your brand’s colors, is one of its most intriguing characteristics.

Key Features of Olark:

  • group leadership
  • Instantaneous reporting
  • indexed transcripts
  • automated communications

Pricing: Olark costs $29/month.

2. LiveChat

One of the most well-liked live chat services is LiveChat, which serves over 27,000 businesses in 150 countries. Its simplicity is its greatest asset.

It’s simple to use, uncluttered, and clean. It may be easily integrated with over 130 tools like MailChimp, WordPress, Shopify, and many more.

Therefore, you can use the same platform to converse with potential clients and enter their information into your CRM.

Key features of LiveChat:

  • A sneak glimpse at the message
  • Chat labels
  • sharing of files
  • Chat history
  • Notifications of inactivity

Pricing: Beginning: $20 per month; Team: $41,000 per month; Business: $59 per month

3. Kayako

Kayako is an excellent option if offering live chat assistance is your ultimate goal. Your live chat software can be expanded to include features for a help center, website, or mobile app.

Customers can submit questions to Kayako live chat support even when your team is not online. 

Also, this live chat support software automatically emails the customer, so you may carry on the conversation if they leave and miss your message.

Key Features of Kayako:

  • Uncomplicated and cohesive messenger
  • Simple integration.
  • Sophisticated ticker workflow
  • Outstanding assistance and 100+ innovative help desk reports

Pricing: Costing for Kayako, for five agents, starts at $625.

4. Intercom

Do you want to inject some humor into your live chats? Employ GIFs and emoticons. Intercom‘s modern live chat feature is designed to start light-hearted discussions, enabling you to connect with your target audience.  

It allows users to set up various web, Android, and iOS settings and customize their live chat assistance. You can forward consumer inquiries to the right individuals using this software solution. 

Users can also quickly discover leads, route them, and respond to inquiries around the clock using its Custom Bots add-on feature.

Key features of Intercom

  • Responds to intricate inquiries
  • sophisticated workflow for tickets
  • Future-generation inbox
  • Excellent articles from the assistance team and help center

Pricing: Depending on your needs, a personalized estimate is provided for all three pricing tier ranges.

5. LiveHelpNow

With its live chat services, FAQ dashboard, SMS help, and other neatly integrated technologies, LiveHelpNow aims to simplify customer support.

One account may handle infinite brands, which is the finest part. So, you can use a single platform to manage all your websites.

Their Email Ticket Management System aims to assist you in monitoring conversions obtained through live chat. 

This versatile live chat software allows you to be present on several channels and accessible to your customers around the clock.

Key Features of LiveChatNow:

  • SMS assistance
  • Email ticket system
  • Infinite agents
  • FAQ dashboard ticket system

Pricing: Each agent must pay $21 monthly for their Chat, Call Management, Support Ticket, and FAQ services.

6. OCC Live Help

The abbreviation for Online Chat Center is OCC. All website owners are catered to by the design of their software. 

OCC offers a free basic chat service for one operator and one website to those who have just launched their business. It is one of the most reliable live chat software out there.

Key Features of OCC

  • Multiple operators
  • Interaction with translation in real-time
  • Personalized audio alerts
  • Masking of URLs
  • Notifications of missed chat requests

Pricing: We get to see a three-tier pricing system with OCC. First: No Cost; Extra: $5 a month; Enterprise: $50 a month

7. My Live Chat

Would you like a free conversation with your website’s visitors? For that, you can use the floating chat button on MyLiveChat. With My Live Chat, you can provide quick, enjoyable assistance. 

With live chat, your customer support team(s) can cut resolution times by anticipating a visitor’s next text and transferring talks to other agents in real time. 

Agents can provide high-quality replies in real-time by using capabilities like pre-written responses in live support software.

All you have to do is add an HTML code to get it on your website. You don’t have to worry about it affecting your site’s design.

Key features of My Live Chat

  • Co-browsing functionality
  • Send visitors a push link
  • Data in real-time
  • Reports on customer journeys

Pricing: This one is a freemium model with four-tier pricing. Initial: $15 per month; Basic: $29 per month; Corporate: $59 per month. And Enterprise: $99 per month

8. Pure Chat

A configurable chat widget, native iOS and Android apps, limitless chats, and an effective operator dashboard are just a few of the capabilities offered by Pure Chat‘s live chat platform. 

With this plan, three operators are allowed at no cost. Their free automated chatbot can collect leads, set up meetings, and complete payments. 

This live chat software’s other noteworthy features are pre-chat information forms, preset responses, and chat notifications.

Key Features of Pure Chat

  • Co-browse Function
  • Send visitors a push link
  • Reports on customer journeys
  • Real-time data

Pricing: The program has four tiers of price based on a freemium business model. $15/month for starters, $29 for basic users, $59 for corporate users, and $99 for enterprise users.

9. JivoChat

JivoChat, an all-in-one business manager, ensures you can interact with your clients via every channel. Calls, emails, and chats can all be received on one screen.

You can also swiftly invite your clients to chat to lower your bounce rate. It enables you to communicate with a wide range of audiences by translating your messages into 20 different languages.

In addition, JivoChat is compatible with all current browsers, mobile devices, and OS systems. Integration options with Weebly, Wix, BigCommerce, and other platforms are also provided.

Key features of JivoChat

  • Real-time tracking of visitors
  • History of page views
  • Transcripts of email conversations
  • Reports on performance

Pricing: The Freemium model has a two-tier pricing system, with the Expert plan starting at $6.29 monthly for each agent, and the Business plan offers the flexibility of custom quotation.

10. REVE Chat

With REVEChat’s omnichannel live chat software, you can utilize co-browsing to interact and collaborate with your clients. 

You can also share your screen with them to improve your communication. They also permit audio and video calls to provide the most incredible experience for their consumers. 

Your chats are intelligently distributed among your agents via this software solution. Live chat analytics, multichannel assistance, and other features are also noteworthy.

Key features of REVE Chat:

  • Viber texting
  • Audio and voice chat auto-triggers
  • analytics for visitors

Pricing: $13.50 per month for each agent; Advanced: $22.50 per agent each month; Enterprise: $45 per agent each month

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11. Zoho SalesIQ

Customer assistance must be provided proactively, as stated by Zoho SalesIQ. Thanks to their live chat software function, you can communicate with your visitors before they even write a query. 

You can include links to frequently asked questions or articles based on their in-chat knowledge base.

When your employees are not available, Zoho will cover for you. An offline agent that can answer inquiries for you can be configured.

Key features of Zoho SalesIQ

  • Calling audio
  • channels for instant messaging
  • tracking of behavior
  • sharing a screen

Pricing: Freemium model; Basic: $7 a month; Expert: $12.75 per month; Enterprise: $20 a month

12. Happyfox

Happyfox is quick and straightforward to set up, taking only a few minutes to complete. When finished, you can match the design to your brand’s. 

It doesn’t require you to be an expert coder. It’s a straightforward procedure that needs a few steps to be completed.

They offer separate services for individuals who wish to use the live chat tool for customer service and those who want to use it to boost sales.

It provides connectors for corporate software, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Slack, Zapier, and more. Thus, Happyfox gives you direct access to the data from these apps.

Key features of Happyfox:

  • Filtering in many dimensions
  • Send an email to the ticker
  • sophisticated automation of workflows
  • Tracker for recent activities

Pricing: Beginning: $29 per month; Growth: $49.00 per month; Scale: $149 per month; Scale Plus: $299/month

13. Acquire

The primary objective of Acquire live chat solutions is to provide prompt customer support. Sometimes, texting someone is insufficient for conversation.

Acquire’s phone call and video capabilities are helpful in these situations. It can significantly improve client engagement and the standard of your customer conversions. Overall it is a dependable live chat software.

Key features of Acquire

  • Co-browsing functionality
  • Chat with audio and video-integrated chatbot
  • sharing of files
  • Instantaneous translation

Pricing: Pricing is discussed upon request/custom quotation.

14. Tawk

All you need to do to get the Tawk live chat software to work is copy and paste a little Javascript line into your website’s HTML. It can become operational in less than a minute.

Tawk will track and evaluate your live chats in real time. They are laid out in a way that makes them simple to read. Voice and video calling options are also provided.

You can always revisit a discussion because the platform records your live chats. Encryption is used to secure history; thus, privacy is not a concern for Tawk.

Key features of Tawk:

  • Easy-to-copy and paste live chat software
  • Watch real-time live chat sessions.
  • Voice and video call options
  • saves conversation transcripts

Pricing: Tawk is entirely free. However, if you want to outsource the answering of your custom queries, you can always hire a chat agent from Tawk for $1 per hour.

15. Userlike

Userlike‘s main objective is to help you develop a rapport with your clients. Sticky chat, one of Userlike’s features, allows you to generate customized messages with this live chat software.

It connects a returning consumer to the operator they previously spoke with when they return for a chat. By doing this, they hope to create a sense of coherence in the discourse.

Key features of Userlike:

  • Integrated chat window
  • unique templates for designs
  • Functions of team management
  • Integrated chatbot
  • Personalized conversation conduct

Pricing: Freemium model; Team: $90 per month; Corporate: $290 per month

16. WhosOn

WhosOn knows that not everyone responds well to a standard approach to live chat. For individuals who require software that is customized to meet their demands, they have therefore developed a solution. 

You can get assistance from their friendly staff for any problem you may be having. You can customize your chat for various companies and retain your chat data in-house using WhosOn. 

Advanced capabilities like auto-text suggestions, real-time chat translation, omnichannel chat-call transitions, sentiment analysis, and more are offered.

Key features of WhosOn:

  • Management of contacts
  • Integration of Google Apps
  • Email correspondence
  • Chat-to-call transition across many channels

Pricing: WhosOn cloud pricing: $33/month for one user; On-site: $46 per month for one user; Enterprise: $46 per month for each user

17. Comm100

Co-browsing, remote browser control, and voice and video communication with consumers are all made possible with Comm100.

Also, you can share data and URLs on its site to solve problems more rapidly. With its customization function, you can develop more meaningful interactions with those who visit your website. 

You can see details about your visitor, like their location and past purchases, among other things.

You may easily communicate with your guests in their native tongues because of its multilingual functionality.

Key features of Comm100:

  • Chat in several languages
  • Monitoring in real-time
  • Pre-written messages
  • Distributing chats automatically

Pricing: Launch Fee for Live Chat: $24/month; Plus Live Chat: $41 per month

18. Freshworks

Whether your goal is onboarding, assistance, or conversion, Freshworks has a solution. Freshworks’ live chat feature helps provide a uniform consumer experience at every level.

Its IntelliAssign function is excellent for working in teams. This functionality allows Freshworks to automatically assign any communication to the agents in your organization according to their skill set. 

It also considers how much talk they can handle at a time, which is quite an advanced feature that the other software lacks.

You can monitor crucial metrics from your dashboard, like initial response time, average response time, resolution time, and more vital metrics.

Critical features of Freshworks:

  • Notifications within
  • emails used for transactions
  • Journey creator
  • Chats automatically resolve

Pricing: Freemium model; Growth: $15 per month; Advantage: $39 a month; Enterprise: $69 a month

19. ZaZaChat

You can send your clients behavior-based messages using ZaZaChat. You also get an option to send them a direct message based on their activities without waiting for them to ask you a question.

You can use their pre-form option to get their contact details before starting a chat. Thanks to its Mobile Chat function, the agents can interact with your consumers via mobile devices. 

It provides chat and automatic invitation window customization options, which are very useful.

Key features of ZazaChat:

  • Analysis needed
  • personalized pre-chat questionnaires
  • Data in real-time Transcripts of live chats

Pricing: Group: $49 per month; Growth: $79 per month; Suite Pro: $99 per month

20. LiveAgent

You may easily communicate with your consumers on a wide range of platforms with LiveAgent

On its live chat platform, you can set up a global inbox for emails, calls, chats, and social media remarks.

Other amenities include a phone center, a live chat help center, and a robust ticketing system.

Key features of LiveAgent:

  • Ticketing system: Identification of agent collisions
  • Automated distribution of tickets
  • Audit record

Pricing: Free: $0.0 per agent each month; $15 per agent per month; Ticket + Chat: $29/month for each agent; All-in: $49 per agent per month

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Conclusion: The best live chat softwares

To compete with rivals in the modern digital environment, you must have the best tools accessible. To make it easier for you to choose, we looked at various live chat support solutions and presented the 20 most popular ones for you to choose from.

If your website still doesn’t have a live chat feature, it might be time to select one from our selection so that users can have a more pleasant online experience. 

You can use a full-featured platform for user communication or a basic product with typical capabilities. Everything relies on your requirements, level of technological proficiency, business size, and budget.

I hope this guide on the 20 best live chat software helped you choose the right software for your business. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below; I will happily answer them.

FAQs: The best live chat softwares

Are the features of paid and free live chat software significantly different?

Indeed, there may be notable distinctions between free live chat and paid software. Advanced capabilities like CRM connectors, automation, analytics, and customization possibilities are frequently available in paid editions. There might be restrictions on the amount of users, chat volume, and sophisticated features in free versions.

What safeguards are in place to protect client data with these live chat software options?

Live chat software companies employ several security protocols, including SSL encryption, data access controls, and adherence to data protection laws like GDPR. It’s critical to check that the security features offered by each provider satisfy your company’s needs.

What are the most important factors to consider when e-commerce companies use live chat software?

Features like order tracking, proactive conversation triggers, and cart integration should be taken into account by e-commerce companies. For example, e-commerce-focused tools like Drift and LiveChat improve the customer purchasing experience.

Which live chat platforms provide businesses with comprehensive reporting and analytics features?

Intercom and LiveChat are renowned for having extensive reporting and analytics tools. These technologies support businesses in making data-driven decisions by providing insights into chat analytics, agent performance, and consumer behavior.

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