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Hosting for Agencies

Agencies trust us with their most important customers. Find out why.


Pagespeed Optimization

Let us solve your client's biggest worry, Google pagespeed optimization. At no additional cost to you.


Unlimited Migrations

Migrate all your sites to Nestify in bulk, or over time. We work with you to co-ordinate client DNS changes.


Priority Support

Skip the support queue and talk to the same engineers who are familier with your account history & clients.


Non WP Hosting

Host your non WP projects along with all other sites, and say goodbye to those unmanaged one-off servers.

Here are the 3 ways we help your agency.

At Nestify we have perfected core web vitals optimization and tested it on thousands of websites. When you partner with us, you save hundreds of hours spent on optimizing client websites.

What good is a fast site if it gets hacked? That’s why we have added multiple layers of security and WAF to our platform to keep your clients’ websites secure. 

Your clients pay you to keep WordPress up to date. But occasionally, these updates break things at the worst possible time. That’s why our team of WordPress experts provide you priority support specifically for issues like this. No finger-pointing here, just solutions.

With Speed, Security, and Support covered, you get to focus on growing your agency confidently.

Fully managed WordPress Hosting

Talk to our agency hosting experts

Our WordPress experts are well versed with agency operations. Schedule a call to talk with our engineers, not pushy sales teams.

Upsell Worthy Addons, Free!

At Nestify we bundle value-added services, such as a global CDN, Web Application Firewall, automatic updates, and unlimited image optimization.

Although we don’t charge you extra for these addons, they help you increase your margins per customer and help generate recurring revenue.

When purchased separately, these services add up to several hundreds of dollars per month in recurring cost. By partnering with Nestify, you get them for free.

WordPress hosting service

Performance Optimization Beyond Pagespeed Score

You build the sites. We optimize them for performance. We ensure your clients’ sites are powered by the best servers and code. Should a performance bottleneck rear its head, we’ll identify the root cause and fix the problem.

Our engineers have the know-how of scaling WordPress and WooCommerce to millions of hits per minute. We’ll help save weeks of experiments with proven strategies for scaling.

Priority Support for Agencies

Your questions are urgent. When you have them, you’ll quickly get connected to experts with the answers. We don’t mess with tiers and escalation levels. We respond to every issue at any hour.

WordPress experts are available to you 24/7. Rest assured you’ll never get automated, standard, or dumbed-down replies. You’ll get a fast response from dedicated engineers well acquainted with your project history, clients and requirements.

Hosting for Agencies:
Frequently Asked Questions

Nestify’s agency hosting solution is a combination of our WordPress hosting servers, agency portal, and agency specific support. Our agency partner program requires a minimum monthly spend of $99, which can be spread across multiple smaller plans or single large plan.

Depending on your challenges and priorities we offer customized packages, priority migrations, and architecture consultations at no additional cost.

Yes. Apart from our standard cloud partners, we also support Azure, Google Cloud, Vultr, Linode among other cloud providers. If you need to host sites in a specific region, we accommodate that too.

We support commonly used WordPress management tools, such as ManageWP, Blogvault, InfiniteWP, and use those for site migrations. If you only have server access via SSH or WHM, that works too.

Often you have to wait for your clients to update their DNS records, which results in stale data. If this happens, our team migrates new data just before updating the DNS  to avoid service disruption.

Yes. We provide a whitelabel hosting management dashboard that can be personalized with your agency logo and domain name. We use unbranded cache management plugin in WordPress.

Whitelabel portal has a minimum monthly spend requirement of $99. You need either a single hosting plan that costs $99 or higher, or multiple smaller plans to activate this portal.

Our whitelabel agency portal has a $79/month fee which includes portal hosting, required licenses, API automation, and onboarding assistance. 

When you signup as an agency partner, our team of experts will customize the agency portal to meet your agency’s business model.

Here are the steps to signup as an agency partner and activate the whitelabel agency portal:

  1. Signup for a free Nestify account at
  2. Launch a server on $99/mo or higher plan.
  3. Contact us via live chat or support desk with the domain name and logo for the whitelabel portal.

Our team will set up your whitelabel portal in one business day and contact you with the next steps.

Whitelabel Web Hosting Portal Demo

Launching WordPress on AWS takes just one minute with Nestify.

Launching WooCommerce on AWS takes just one minute with Nestify.