Top WordPress Plugins for Travel Bloggers

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Do you know there are WordPress plugins for travel bloggers? These plugins can make your travel blog rank well in Alexa ranking. They also give the blog or website an impressive look or functionality. For instance, you have acquired the new apartment of your dream. This apartment will be empty regarding furniture, designs, and interior decorations. It lies in your hands to get the necessary table or plans to make it appealing to the eyes of visitors, including yours.


When you buy a domain name and host your blog or website, you still have to add plugins to make the site appear professional and function well. Some of these plugins are free, while some can only be gotten when you pay for them. One of the mistakes travel bloggers make is to use many WordPress plugins on their blogs. This also affects the blog’s performance and, at times, reduces the blog’s loading time. You need to know the plugins that will fit what you want on your blog.


WordPress plugins for travel bloggers are easy to install and use effectively. There’s no way a blog can survive without having plugins installed on it. We have numerous plugins for different purposes that will be explained within the content of this article. Having plugins on your blog allow visitors to have a good user experience. The primary thing to have at the back of your mind is to make the plugins simple, not to complicate issues.


WordPress Plugins for Travel Bloggers


We are going to see the different WordPress plugins for travel bloggers to use on their blogs or websites:


1. Yoast SEO:


This is one of the WordPress plugins for travel bloggers that most bloggers are using. This plugin offers you a robust Search Engine Optimization for your blog. It allows the website to rank well in Alexa and other search engines like Google. The ranking of the site enables massive traffic to the site. You don’t have to worry about organic traffic using this plugin. It performs different functions such as readability, SEO optimization, and others.


2. Askimet Anti-Spam:


There is a high tendency to have spam messages as our blogs increase in traffic. This plugin helps to counter these spam messages on your blog. The good thing about it is free for travel bloggers who want to use it. All you need do is download and install it on your site, and then you are good to go. It helps you save time and keep your blog from unwanted messages.


3.W3 Total Cache:


This is part of the WordPress plugins for travel bloggers, which allows the site to run smoothly without any hindrances. This implies it increases the loading of your website. It will amaze you that web browsers are like search engines capable of keeping memories to reduce the stress of finding something. For instance, when you visit a particular site with the URL, the next time you want to type the site name, the entire domain name will appear on time. This is what this plugin does to your website.


4. Social Bookmarking:


There are many options this plugin offers to your website when it comes to sharing content online. Writing unique content that’s engaging is one thing, and sharing it with readers is another. Social bookmarking comes in different forms, such as delicious, yahoo buzz, or Reddit. When readers come across your content, this plugin helps them share it on various social media sites for others to read.


5. Google Analytics:


There is no way you can’t stay without having this particular plugin if you aim to increase traffic on your website. Google Analytics gives you easy access to checkmate how your site is doing in terms of traffic, content that attracted more views, where your traffic is coming from, a range that performed low, gadgets used in viewing your content, and other things are related to your website.


6. Jet Pack:


The company of WordPress powers this plugin. Automattic produces the plugin (Jet Pack). The jet pack comes along after registering or creating an account with Different modules on this plugin alone can be activated and deactivated depending on how you want it. It comes in different ranges, such as distributing content to custom CSS and commenting.


7. Geo Mashup:


Geo Mashup is also part of the WordPress plugins for travel bloggers to install on their various sites. Traveling itself has to do with destination or location; therefore, it is advisable to have this plugin. Another way of doing this is by offering a map or location of your past visits. This plugin provides this functionality to any blog or website. A customized Map can be done using Google Map API if you desire to use it.


8. Facebook Widget:


This plugin allows you to create a Facebook profile on any part of the website, such as the header, body, or footer. Many travel bloggers have implemented it on their sites and have also used it to increase Facebook traffic, likes, and followers. If you don’t have this plugin on your website, it is never too late to try it out.


9.TinyMCE Spellcheck:


This plugin helps check your grammatical flaws and spelling by indicating if there is a correction(s) to be made. It will be harmful to have errors in your grammar and also in spelling.

This makes your content less professional and drives potential visitors away from your site. TinyMCE Spellcheck cleans up spelling and grammar mess.


10. Wordfence Security:


This plugin helps in protecting the website from hackers. Hackers have hacked different websites owned by big companies. Apart from safeguarding your blog from hackers, Wordfence Security also protects it from malware and other viruses. The plugin is powered by the Web Application Firewall and Threat Defense Feed.




This article is an eye-opener for travel or immigration bloggers to know the various plugins necessary to have on their blogs and their functions. Human beings desire food to carry out their tasks the same way blogs need plugins to increase their efficiency.


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