WordPress Themes: Pay Or Not To Pay?

There are a lot of free WordPress themes available on the internet. The same goes for paid WordPress themes. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of a paid theme? In this article, I will explain it to you.

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Benefits of paid WordPress themes

1. Build pages as a block box

Themes for which you have to pay often include the plug-in Visual Composer. This plugin is ideal for people who want to build many different web pages. With Visual Composer, you build your pages as a block box. Here is no HTML and CSS. However, it is optional to add CSS and HTML to existing blocks, so that you can customize your website.

2. Support

For most paid themes, you receive free support. If you have a question about the theme, you can go to the theme maker. In addition, frequently paid manuals are also delivered. Here you will find an explanation of how to build the theme and what features the theme contains.

3. Updates & New Features

Paid themes are often developed. This means that the makers will improve the theme monthly and complement it with new features. In addition, paid themes are also provided with updates that are required when WordPress itself issues an update. Most theme makers provide these updates for free after the purchase of the theme. All you have to do is overwrite the old files. However, I recommend always backing up before you update.

4. Flexible

Paid themes nowadays have multiple layouts and skins, allowing you to convert the theme to a completely different layout with just one click. Paid themes are therefore a lot more flexible and are more unique than free WordPress themes.

With this flexibility, the plug-in Visual Composer plays an important part. With Visual Composer, you can load blocks (widgets) per page. Per block, you customize the background, background image or text.

5. Premium plugins

For many paid themes, you will receive built-in premium plug-ins. Some common premium plug-ins are:

  • Layerslider –  Layerslider allows you to build large slider images.
  • Revolution slider – Revolution slider helps you create beautiful sliders. The plug-in looks a bit like Layerslider.
  • Contact Form 7 – Contact Form 7 is custom-built in your theme and allows users to easily develop contact forms or order forms.
  • Visual Composer – This is the previously mentioned plug-in that builds your pages as a block box.

What value do these plugins add? They offer you more variety for building web pages. In addition, these premium plugins are more user-friendly than most free plug-ins. Another advantage is that most premium plug-ins are being developed. As a result, the plug-in will always work with a new WordPress update.

Disadvantages of paid WordPress themes

1. Cost

The cost of a premium theme is on average is between $ 80 and $ 120. Are you interested in a particular theme? Please consider in advance whether this theme is suitable for you or not. I strongly advise you to look especially at the features that come with the theme. If they match your requirement, you can proceed to the purchase of the theme.

2. Support is usually temporary (1 year free)

Often, the support for a purchased theme is limited to 1 year. This means that you have to ask technical questions about the item purchased within a year. After the first year, you often have to pay for technical support.

3. Originality

The most popular premium themes are sold a lot. Websites that use the same theme have a similar look. People with WordPress knowledge can often pick out the websites that are built with the same theme.

Because the most popular themes are sold hundreds of thousands of times, your neighbor’s website may appear to be very similar to your own website. Fortunately, you can reduce this risk. For example, by not using the default settings, but personalizing your website. You can also choose a theme that sells less often. This reduces the chance that you will encounter another website that clearly uses the same theme.

4. Too many functionalities

Some premium themes have so many customizable features that it’s unclear what you can customize. This reduces ease of use and allows users to lose their way into WordPress.

Therefore, take a look at how a theme has been built and how many functionalities it contains. As a tip, I will accompany you to read the experiences of other users.

This usually gives a good indication of the user-friendliness of the theme.

Selection of 5 popular premium WordPress themes

The following premium themes have been selected based on their popularity and my own experiences. In addition, I looked at user reviews.

1. Avada

The premium theme of Avada is the world-wide-selling WordPress theme. The theme has its own Content Management System, which makes it easy to build a website. For this theme, you do not need any CSS or HTML knowledge. Avada also distinguishes itself by the great support the makers provide. Questions about the theme will be answered within 24 hours.

Avada has been developed for years, so the theme is always provided with the latest updates. Additionally, new features are added regularly, allowing you to further expand your website. Recently, Avada has started rolling out different skins. There are now 18 ready-made skins for organizations such as gyms, saunas, construction companies and advertising agencies.

More information about Avada

2. BeTheme

BeTheme distinguishes itself by the huge amount of skins. You can choose from up to 220 different styles with 1 click. This will help you to build a website that fits your business perfectly. Once you have chosen your skin, you can customize it. At BeTheme, you sometimes need HTML and CSS knowledge, if you want to customize yourself.

Conclusion: The possibilities with BeTheme are huge, but for large adjustments, you need some HTML and CSS knowledge.

More information about BeTheme

3. Newspaper

If you are looking for a premium theme that lends itself to launching a serious blog or news site, I recommend Newspaper. The theme contains more than 10 different layouts, which make your news articles clear on your site. The theme also has a review module. This allows you to write reviews about products and add a score per review. Newspaper is flexible in style. For most functions, no HTML and/or CSS knowledge is required.

More information about Newspaper

4. Bridge

The theme of Bridge focuses on skins like BeTheme. After you have installed the basic theme, you can easily choose from 200 skins using a drop-down menu. For almost every industry there is a skin available. This skin can then be shaped as desired. The theme further uses the previously discussed plug-in Visual Composer.

Bridge stands out in the visual section. With the good design, images and videos look very nice on your screen.

More information about Bridge

5. Shopkeeper

If you’re looking for a theme that focuses primarily on product sales, you’re welcome to choose Shopkeeper. Shopkeeper is a beautifully designed theme, which has been developed with a view to the user experience of website visitors. For example, website visitors can easily order products and charge them quickly. The theme contains 9 different homepage formats. You also have the following functionalities:

  • built-in ordering and tracking system;
  • a coupon function;
  • store management;
  • a rating system for visitors;
  • a wish list;
  • comprehensive statistics of sold products.

More information about Shopkeeper

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