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Know How to Find the Best Colors for Your Blog Design Using HTML Color Charts

Color charts are important for you to design your website or blog well! The HTML color charts help you define what color pattern you will be able to start using in your project.

Before showing you all the details and color codes, let’s look at some very important details first!

Whenever you start any new design project (either of your own blog or for a client), you should normally review all relevant project details.

The well-matched colors are simply amazing!

You can definitely use your favorite color for a blog, but it would be appropriate for you to use colors that your readers will be happy to connect with. We’ll explain further…

When you’re talking about the most specific, and growing, business goals, a more scientific approach to the color scheme you associate with your brand is very important.

You need to understand the importance of  ‘color psychology‘ and how it can ultimately influence your results.

What is color psychology?

Colors are all around us and they affect us in many different ways. They can trigger certain emotions and moods. Some research explains how color can affect your customer or visitor behavior of a blog / site towards a brand. Simply put, we can influence how people respond to our project.

Let’s look at some popular colors and the impact they tend to create:

  • Blue

Inspires:  Trust, responsibility, security and friendliness.

Used by: Facebook, PayPal, Skype and Ford

  • Green

Inspires: Nature, money, balance, energy and health.

Used by : Starbucks, Animal Planet and WhatsApp

  • Orange

Inspires: Joy, emotion, aggression and action.

Used by : Fanta and Soundcloud

  • Brown

Inspires: Comfort, organic, friendliness and reliable.

Used by: Hershey, Instagram and UPS

  • Black

Inspires: Energy, Class, Elegance, Grief and Prestige.

Used by : Johnnie Walker, Chanel and Nike

  • Pink

Inspires: Femininity, Love, Kindness and Romance.

Used by : Victoria Secrets and Barbie

  • Purple

Inspires: Creativity, dignity, authority and wisdom.

Used by : Yahoo, Hallmark and Cadbury

  • Red

Inspires: Passion, anger, danger, energy and attention

Used by: CocaCola, Canon, Levis and Virgin

We can now get a sense of how color-evoking emotions can help increase your blog’s conversion rate.

Now we will present the Color TablesHTML Colors and  RGB Color Codes  available for you to use properly in your blog.

Color Charts (HTML Code)

Color Charts

HTML Color Codes tools   help you find  specific HTML colors for your site / blog. Great tools like  HTML color codes and  HTML Color Picker will make things much easier than you might think (see below for tools).

To get started quickly using HTML colors on your site, take a look at “ Using HTML Color Codes” in the topic below. If you want to know what these character combinations in HTML codes  mean, take a look at the “ HTML Color Code Theory ” section  below.

With this dynamic of these  HTML color chart you can get reference codes for the basic colors.

Click on any color square to get your HTML color code . See the list of newly selected colors  (click on the images).

Color Charts pattens

>>  Click Here To Access Html Color Coding Tool <<

You can also select through another tool…

>> Click Here To Free Use Html Color Coding Tool <<

RGB Color Space

“RGB Color Space”  or RGB Color system builds all colors from the combination of red, green and blue colors.

The use of red, green and blue (8 bits each) have integer values ​​from 0 to 255. This makes 256 * 256 * 256 = 16777216 colors possible.

RGB ≡ Red, Green, Blue (Red, Green and Blue)

Each pixel on the LCD monitor displays colors in this way by combining red, green, and blue LEDs.

When the red pixel is set to “0” (zero), the LED is off. When the red pixel is set to “255”, the LED is fully on.

Any value between them defines the partial light-emitting LED.

RGB Colors, Formats and Calculations

RGB code has 24 format bits (bits 0..23):

RED [7: 0]GREEN [7: 0]BLUE [7: 0]
23      1615      8th7th      0
  • RGB = (R * 65536) + (G * 256) + B, (when R is red, G is green and B is blue)

Calculation Examples

RGB White Color

White RGB Code = 255 * 65536 + 255 * 256 + 255 = #FFFFFF

RGB Blue Color

Blue RGB Code = 0 * 65536 + 0 * 256 + 255 = # 0000FF

RGB Red Color

Red RGB Code = 255 * 65536 + 0 * 256 + 0 = # FF0000

RGB Green Color

Green RGB Code = 0 * 65536 + 255 * 256 + 0 = # 00FF00

RGB Gray Color

Gray RGB Code = 128 * 65536 + 128 * 256 + 128 = # 808080

RGB Yellow Color

Yellow RGB Code = 255 * 65536 + 255 * 256 + 0 = # FFFF00

Below is an Infographic with the HTML Color Tables that includes Color Names, Codes and RGB.

Colour Infographic


How to Use HTML Color Names

Like Hex color codes, HTML color names can be used with embedded HTML styles or in a separate CSS style sheet.



Indian red title text

Slate ash paragraph text


 /* Your .css stylesheet */
h1 { color: IndianRed; }
p { color: SlateGray; }


You can see that with careful use of color psychology in your project, you can create both a more memorable experience for your visitors as well as a more effective outcome for your client.

You can also make your life easier by using the HTML color tools available here!

Did you like the article about HTML color tables? Leave your comment below, it is very important to us! That way we can exchange more design ideas.

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