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Top A/B Testing Tools of 2023

“A/B testing: where hypotheses become insights and data becomes the architect of conversion.”

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a dynamic methodology that lies at the heart of data-driven decision-making in the digital realm. This technique involves comparing two versions of a web page, app, or content to determine which performs better in terms of user engagement, conversions, or other key metrics. By randomly presenting these variations to different segments of users, businesses can scientifically identify which changes have a positive impact on their goals.

A/B testing is a powerful tool that transcends guesswork and assumptions, allowing organizations to make informed optimizations. It empowers marketers, designers, and developers to uncover valuable insights about user preferences and behavior. Through meticulous experimentation, A/B testing helps fine-tune website elements, such as headlines, images, calls to action, layouts, and more.

However, A/B testing isn’t just about identifying the winner; it’s about understanding why one version performs better than the other. It encourages a culture of continuous improvement and learning, where every iteration contributes to a deeper understanding of the target audience and their preferences.

What Is an A/B Testing Tool?

An A/B testing tool is a sophisticated software solution designed to facilitate controlled experiments on digital platforms. It allows businesses to create and deploy variations of their web pages, applications, or content to different segments of their audience. By comparing how these variations perform in terms of user engagement and conversions, A/B testing tools help businesses optimize their digital assets based on real-world data.

How Do A/B Testing Tools Work?

A/B testing tools work by dividing your audience into different groups, each exposed to a distinct version of your content. These tools ensure that each group receives a consistent experience during the testing phase. By measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates, conversion rates, or bounce rates, the tool determines which version performs better statistically. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions and refine their strategies.

Benefits of Using A/B Testing Tools:

A/B testing
  1. Improved Content: A/B testing allows you to experiment with different variations of your content, such as headlines, images, and copy. By comparing the performance of these variations, you can identify which content resonates best with your audience, leading to more compelling and engaging messaging.
  2. Higher Page Engagement: A/B testing enables you to optimize various elements on your web pages, such as layouts, call-to-action buttons, and navigation menus. This optimization can result in increased user engagement, longer session durations, and more interactions with your site.
  3. Reduced Risks: A/B testing minimizes the risks associated with making changes to your website or app based on assumptions. By testing variations on a subset of your audience, you can assess the potential impact of changes before rolling them out to your entire user base.
  4. Enforces Data-Backed Decision Making: A/B testing encourages a culture of data-driven decision-making. Rather than relying on gut feelings or guesswork, you can make informed choices based on real user behavior and statistical evidence.
  5. Higher Conversion Rates: A/B testing is a powerful tool for optimizing conversion funnels. By identifying and addressing friction points in the user journey, you can boost your conversion rates and achieve your desired goals, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up, or other valuable actions.
  6. Ease of Analysis: A/B testing provides a structured framework for experimentation and analysis. With clear metrics and statistical significance, you can easily measure the impact of changes and determine which variations are more effective.
  7. Reduced Bounce Rates on Pages: By testing different design elements and user experiences, A/B testing helps create more engaging and relevant pages. This can lead to lower bounce rates as users find the content and experience they’re looking for.

Top A/B Testing Tools of 2023:

1. FigPii


Are you tired of investing significant funds in enterprise testing platforms that remain underutilized, draining resources from essential areas like skill development and strategic optimization? FigPii emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a game-changing A/B testing engine that not only delivers actionable testing ideas but also empowers you to focus on the optimization strategies that truly matter.

FigPii’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing and Split testing for data-driven decision-making.
  • Comprehensive visitor heat maps, including scroll and click data.
  • Video recordings of visitor sessions for deep behavior analysis.
  • Interactive feedback collection through intuitive polls.

Advantages of Choosing FigPii:

  • Founded by CRO experts with extensive enterprise-level experience.
  • Seamlessly user-friendly interface for easy implementation.
  • Budget-friendly pricing, making optimization accessible to all.
  • Versatile tracking of various conversion goals.
  • Effortlessly integrates without causing page load delays.
  • Stellar live chat support for instant assistance.
  • Advanced targeting options based on devices, browsers, and visitor profiles.
  • Intuitive installation, navigation, and usage.
  • Cutting-edge anti-flicker technology ensures accurate data.
  • All-in-one conversion rate optimization toolkit.
  • Exceptional customer support to guide you every step of the way.

List of Integrations Supported by FigPii: FigPii bridges the gap between your preferred tools and platforms. Seamlessly connect with a wide range of platforms including Unbounce, Google Tag Manager, Wix, Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Instapage, Clickfunnels, Prestashop, Google Analytics, Leadpages, Magento, Squarespace, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, and a plethora of others.

FigPii Pricing: Bid farewell to exorbitant costs – FigPii believes in accessible optimization for all. Dive into the world of FigPii with a risk-free trial lasting 14 days. The journey begins with plans as low as $14.99 per month, granting you the power to gather data from up to 10,000 visitors monthly. This affordable entry grants access to a complete suite of CRO tools, including session replays, polls, and heatmaps.

Experience the revolution in A/B testing and optimization with FigPii. Start your journey today and redefine your approach to strategic optimization without breaking the bank.

2. Optimizely


When it comes to A/B testing platforms in the realm of marketing, Optimizely stands tall as one of the most renowned and revered choices. This powerful tool empowers you to craft a diverse array of experiments for your web pages, harnessing both dynamic and basic features embedded within the service. Thanks to its user-friendly and easily comprehensible editor, diving into the world of Optimizely is a seamless and invigorating experience.

Optimizely’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Craft and analyze different variations to optimize user experiences.
  • Multi-page testing: Extend your experimentation across multiple pages.
  • Visual Editor: Effortlessly customize your experiments with a visual touch.
  • Advanced targeting and segmentation: Precisely pinpoint and cater to specific audience segments.
  • Full stack capabilities: Optimize not only web pages but also mobile apps and digital products.

Advantages of Utilizing Optimizely:

  • Broad audience applicability: Optimizely caters to a wide range of user backgrounds and skill levels.
  • User-friendly interface: Whether a novice or expert, Optimizely offers an intuitive experience.
  • Seamless integration: Harness the power of third-party tools through seamless integration.
  • Versatile personalization: Craft tailored experiences with a multitude of personalization options.
  • Retroactive filtering: Enjoy the benefits of retroactive filtering, including IP address-based filtering.
  • Intuitive data presentation: Make informed decisions with an intuitive display of data and goal comparisons.

List of Integrations Supported by Optimizely: Optimizely extends its reach by seamlessly integrating with an array of platforms. Connect effortlessly with a variety of tools such as Hotjar, Google Analytics, Clicktale, Adobe Analytics, Google Adwords, Demandbase, Lotame, BlueKai, Slack, Mixpanel, Asana, and Adobe Audience Manager. These integrations enhance your A/B testing capabilities and provide valuable insights for optimization.

Optimizely Pricing: While Optimizely presents a pinnacle of A/B testing prowess, its cost might be a factor to consider. This robust tool stands as one of the more premium options on the market. Pricing for Optimizely is available upon request, and the entry point starts well above $1000/month. For a perspective, according to Convert, the “Optimizely X Web Business plans come to approximately USD 63,700 for 10 million impressions, available upfront. Whereas, the Optimizely X Web Enterprise variant can cost up to USD 113,100 for 10 million impressions.”

Elevate your A/B testing endeavors with Optimizely and unlock a realm of optimization possibilities that cater to your specific needs and audience, even if it comes at a premium.

3. VWO


True to its name, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) emerges as a testing tool with a distinctive focus on graphics and design. However, don’t be fooled by its design-oriented approach; VWO offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities that extend far beyond aesthetics. With the ability to track key metrics, gather valuable visitor behavior insights, and even conduct intricate tests, this A/B testing software proves to be a versatile asset for your optimization arsenal. Notably, VWO’s capabilities go even further, allowing you to seamlessly run tests across multiple domains from a single, centralized account.

VWO’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Craft and compare different variations to optimize outcomes.
  • Multivariate testing: Dive deep into variations with multiple elements.
  • Split URL testing: Experiment with changes across different URLs.
  • Visual editor: Effortlessly customize experiments with a visual interface.
  • Testing and popup widgets: Implement tests and gather insights with ease.
  • Behavioral segmentation: Target specific user groups based on behavior.
  • Asynchronous code: Optimize loading times during testing for a smooth experience.

Advantages of Opting for VWO:

  • Simple custom experiments: Effortlessly create tailored experiments.
  • Functional visual editor: Enjoy a straightforward yet powerful interface.
  • Enhanced onboarding and guided test creation: Streamlined start to testing.
  • Outstanding customer support: Get reliable assistance whenever needed.
  • Swift updates: Experience faster implementation of new features.
  • Download data with ease: Simplify the process of obtaining valuable insights.

List of Integrations Supported by VWO: VWO broadens its reach through seamless integrations with an array of tools and platforms. Connect fluidly with a variety of platforms including Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Heap, DemandBase, Clearbit, ComScore, Tealium, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. These integrations amplify your A/B testing capabilities and empower you with data-driven insights for effective optimization.

VWO Pricing: The pricing structure for VWO is tailored to both features and traffic. The starting tiers for its three main packages encompass a monthly visitor count of 10,000. Notably, VWO’s pricing model is adaptive, allowing payment based on the average number of unique monthly visitors on your website, regardless of the number of domains you’re experimenting on within that visitor quota.

Experience the multidimensional power of VWO, where design meets data-backed decisions, and optimize your digital presence with insights that transcend aesthetics.

4. AB Tasty

AB tasty

AB Tasty emerges as a sought-after contender in the testing market due to its remarkable ability to deliver a broad spectrum of user insights and personalization features. This versatile platform finds its foothold not only among marketers but also among enterprises seeking advanced testing capabilities. AB Tasty’s arsenal includes a range of testing methodologies such as multivariate testing, split testing, and funnel testing, all meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic landscape of enterprise-level marketing. This platform stands as an empowering tool that equips marketers to craft variants and tests effortlessly while providing real-time reports that boast confidence levels for your goals.

AB Tasty’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Experiment and compare different variations for optimization.
  • A/B/n testing: Extend the scope of A/B testing with multiple variations.
  • Funnel testing: Delve deep into the user journey with funnel-focused experiments.
  • Multivariate testing: Analyze intricate variations involving multiple elements.
  • Split testing: Conduct tests across different variations of a web page.
  • Advanced testing: Explore sophisticated testing methodologies.
  • AI-powered personalization: Leverage artificial intelligence for tailored experiences.
  • Dynamic widgets: Implement interactive elements to enhance engagement.
  • Extensive analytics and reports: Gain insights into performance and trends.

Advantages of Leveraging AB Tasty:

  • Streamlined personalized campaigns: Launch tailored campaigns with ease.
  • Customizable templates: Quick campaign launches with pre-built templates.
  • Unlimited experimentation: Conduct numerous experiments without limitations.
  • Widgets for rapid validation: Validate best practices promptly with widgets.
  • Flexible experiment overlap: Conduct experiments concurrently or sequentially.
  • Real-time changes: Implement changes and set experiences live within minutes, sans developer assistance.

List of Integrations Supported by AB Tasty: AB Tasty seamlessly integrates with a plethora of third-party tools and platforms, fostering a cohesive testing environment. Forge connections seamlessly with platforms like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, FullStory, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Weborama, Easyence, SessionCam, and more. These integrations empower your A/B testing endeavors with enhanced analytics and user behavior insights, contributing to data-informed optimization strategies.

AB Tasty Pricing: While transparency reigns in many aspects of AB Tasty’s offerings, pricing requires a more personalized approach. Displaying its focus on enterprise-grade solutions, the entry point for AB Tasty surpasses $1,000 per month, while the annual pricing spans from $22,800 to $68,400. This positioning might not align with brands operating on a tight budget but stands as an investment for those seeking premium testing and personalization capabilities.

Elevate your testing game with AB Tasty and harness a world of personalization, insights, and advanced experimentation that caters to your enterprise ambitions.

5. Adobe Target

adobe target

Dive into the realm of advanced A/B testing with Adobe Target, a dynamic tool hailing from the Adobe arsenal. For those already entrenched in the world of Adobe Analytics, incorporating Adobe Target becomes a strategic no-brainer.

Recognized for its seamless fusion of targeted testing and personalized experiences, Adobe Target guides you through a comprehensive three-step workflow. Begin by crafting your variant, proceed to pinpoint target segments based on visitor demographics, and culminate with the fine-tuning of your goals and test parameters.

Adobe Target’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Initiate head-to-head experimentation.
  • Multivariate Testing: Delve into intricate multi-factor analyses.
  • Visual Editor: Craft modifications effortlessly through a user-friendly interface.
  • Advanced Targeting and Segmentation: Unlock the power of precision targeting.
  • AI Automation: Harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence for enhanced optimization.
  • Omnichannel Personalization: Tailor experiences across diverse platforms.

Advantages of Harnessing Adobe Target:

  • Seamless Integration with Adobe Analytics: Unlock synergistic potential through native compatibility.
  • Intuitive Interface: Navigate effortlessly through a user-centric interface.
  • Robust Targeting: Extend beyond conventional boundaries for audience segmentation.
  • Audience-Tailored Content: Deliver curated content to specific user categories.
  • Dynamic Page Modifications: Easily adapt web pages for fleeting campaigns and testing endeavors.

List of Integrations Supported by Adobe Target: Seamlessly intertwining with a cohesive ecosystem that includes Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target harnesses a powerful suite of tools for comprehensive optimization.

Adobe Target Pricing: Be aware, for embarking on the Adobe Target journey can be a substantial investment. The pricing structure is hinged upon the volume of page views your website garners annually. While the initial cost might appear steep, prudence dictates accommodating a safety margin to preempt potential penalties, ensuring seamless scalability within your chosen bracket of page views.

Prepare to be astounded by Adobe Target’s precision and sophistication, a sophisticated realm where testing and personalization unite to orchestrate unparalleled user experiences.

6. Google Optimize

google optimize

Amidst the constellation of A/B testing tools, Google Optimize shines as a star of remarkable popularity, chiefly due to its enticing attribute – it’s free. Brought to you by the tech behemoth Google, this platform presents an accessible entry into the realm of optimization.

However, as with any coin, there’s a flip side. Google Optimize’s free allure comes with certain caveats, notably its limited data storage capacity. A consequence of this is the inability to upload and utilize new images for your A/B tests within the platform. While the allure of cost-free optimization is enticing, Google Optimize does pose challenges rooted in factors like ergonomics and certain limitations.

Google Optimize’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Engage in comparison-based experimentation.
  • A/B/n testing: Elevate testing complexity with multiple variations.
  • Multivariate testing: Analyze intricate variations involving multiple elements.
  • Redirect tests: Experiment with the redirection of user traffic.
  • Server-side experiments: Conduct experiments beyond the client side.
  • Personalization: Tailor experiences based on user attributes.

Advantages of Embracing Google Optimize:

  • Native integration with Google Analytics: Seamlessly extend insights.
  • Free plan availability: Access core functionality without cost.
  • Diverse code editor options: Utilize Raw HTML, JavaScript, and Visual code editing.
  • Effortless implementation: Add a piece of code for swift activation.
  • Concurrent variant testing: Simultaneously test multiple variations.
  • Granular audience targeting: Optimize pages for specific visitor subsets.

List of Integrations Supported by Google Optimize: Google Optimize harmoniously interfaces with various Google products, encompassing BigQuery, Firebase, Google Ads, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and Google Analytics.

Google Optimize Pricing: The allure of Google Optimize lies in its price tag – free. Yes, it’s entirely gratis, offering full functionality to anyone equipped with a Google account or those inclined to create one. Yet, a paid avenue exists in the form of Google Optimize 360, enabling tests involving up to 10 page variations for those seeking elevated testing prowess.

Explore the world of A/B testing freedom with Google Optimize, where optimization endeavors receive a touch of the Google magic, whether through the allure of cost-free entry or the enhanced capabilities of its premium counterpart.

7. Convert


Convert, hailing from the United States, emerges as a recommended choice for businesses spanning the spectrum from small to medium-sized, particularly those engaged in in-house optimization initiatives. A standout attribute of Convert is its aptitude for catering to these enterprises, positioning itself as an optimal companion for such endeavors. Renowned for more than just A/B testing, Convert boasts exceptional customer support delivered seamlessly through live chat interactions.

Positioning itself as a formidable alternative to Optimizely, Convert stands on par with high-powered solutions in the testing arena. One of its distinctive features lies in its seamless onboarding process for your Content Management System (CMS) and ecommerce platform, further complemented by impeccable integration capabilities with Google Analytics. Notably, Convert’s arsenal includes a repertoire of over 30 elements that ingeniously contribute to the construction of customer profiles, thereby magnifying the impact of personalization within the testing realm.

Convert’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Embrace comparison-based experimentation for optimization.
  • Split testing: Dive into variations across specific segments.
  • Multivariate testing: Analyze complex variations involving multiple elements.
  • Multipage experiments: Extend tests across multiple pages.
  • WYSIWYG editor: Craft and modify experiments with a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface.
  • Unlimited tests and variations: Unleash creativity with limitless experimentation.
  • Extensive integrations: Seamlessly interface with an array of tools and platforms.

Advantages of Harnessing Convert:

  • Flexibility for simpler tests: Adapt Convert to suit various test complexities.
  • Superlative support team: Enjoy seamless assistance through an excellent support network.
  • Streamlined test setup: Initiate tests with ease, thanks to preconfigured options.
  • Privacy assurance: Put privacy worries to rest with Convert’s robust framework.
  • Flicker-free experiences: Eradicate flickering concerns to ensure seamless testing.
  • Limitless testing potential: Explore testing without constraints.
  • Built-in audiences: Capture nuances between mobile and desktop users with ease.

List of Integrations Supported by Convert: Integrate effortlessly with a diverse range of platforms including Shopify, Google Analytics, WordPress, MixPanel, Hotjar, Active Campaign, 3d Cart, Amplitude, BigCommerce, Demandbase, Crazy Egg, Drupal, Fullstory, and many more.

Convert Pricing: Convert’s pricing structure harmonizes the realms of traffic and features, offering three distinctive plans: Kickstart, Specialist, and Leader. Each plan encompasses a wealth of offerings, including DMP profiling, flexible payments, over 80 integrations, unlimited subdomains, scroll goals, unlimited collaborators, advanced targeting, advanced segments, multi-page experiences, two-factor login, and comprehensive email, chat, and phone support.

Elevate your optimization journey with Convert, where experimentation and personalization blend seamlessly to enhance user experiences.

8. Omniconvert


Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Romania, Omniconvert emerges as a beacon of A/B testing, particularly tailored to those venturing into the realm of optimization. This platform serves as a welcoming threshold for beginners, offering a smooth entry into the world of experimentation.

Within the realm of Omniconvert, the canvas for A/B testing is vast and versatile, encompassing desktop, mobile, and tablet environments. Enveloped in their vision of being an all-in-one optimization solution, Omniconvert specifically caters to the niche of eCommerce marketers. While A/B testing constitutes its core, Omniconvert extends its embrace with an array of captivating features: impeccable personalization capabilities, advanced segmentation, insightful web surveys, and strategically triggered overlays.

Omniconvert’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Unveil the power of comparison for optimal outcomes.
  • Split URL Features: Experiment with variations across distinct URLs.
  • MVT testing: Delve into complex multivariate testing methodologies.
  • Stacked tests: Navigate nuanced testing scenarios with confidence.
  • Personalization: Tailor user experiences with precision.
  • Overlays and popups: Engage users with strategic overlays and popups.
  • Unlimited CSS and JS editor: Customize aesthetics and functionality.
  • CDN bypass: Optimize performance with efficient content delivery.
  • Advanced segmentation: Isolate specific user segments for targeted tests.
  • Experiment debugger: Refine and troubleshoot experiments with ease.
  • Geo targeting: Tailor experiences based on geographical attributes.
  • Weather targeting: Harness weather data for context-driven personalization.

Advantages of Embracing Omniconvert:

  • User-friendliness: Simplified interface eases the initiation of experimentation.
  • Advanced segmentation: Precision targeting enhances the efficacy of tests.
  • Anti-flicker technology: Eliminate the menace of flickering for seamless experiences.
  • Exceptional support: Access unwavering assistance from an adept support team.

List of Integrations Supported by Omniconvert:

Integrate effortlessly with a diverse range of platforms including Shopify, Google Analytics, WordPress, MixPanel, Hotjar, Active Campaign, 3d Cart, Amplitude, BigCommerce, Demandbase, Crazy Egg, Drupal, Fullstory, and many more.

Omniconvert Pricing: Delight in the clarity of Omniconvert’s pricing structure, a transparent paradigm coupled with a generous 30-day trial. Pricing tiers commence at $167 per month, extending to cater to up to 50,000 tested visitors monthly. The spectrum culminates at $4,658 per month, supporting experimentation with a staggering five million tested users. The beauty of Omniconvert’s pricing model resides in its straightforwardness – features flourish across all plans, and payment hinges solely on the number of visitors subjected to testing each month.

Embark on your optimization journey with Omniconvert, where novices find a nurturing haven to flourish and refine their experimentation prowess.

9. Kameleoon


Kameleoon stands as a sophisticated A/B testing juggernaut meticulously crafted to cater to the distinguished realm of enterprise brands. What sets this testing marvel apart is its unwavering focus on personalization, propelled by the prowess of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This distinctive approach positions Kameleoon as an optimal choice for eCommerce behemoths seeking to orchestrate grand returns from their customer base.

Diving deeper, Kameleoon beckons you into a world where personalization transcends conventional boundaries. It unveils a realm where personalized experiences are meticulously triggered based on the real-time calculation of each visitor’s conversion probability, effectively transforming user actions into stepping stones towards amplified engagement.

Kameleoon’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Unleash the power of comparison for unparalleled optimization.
  • MVT testing: Dive into the intricacies of multivariate testing.
  • AI personalization: Infuse your strategy with AI-driven personalized experiences.
  • Visual editor: Seamlessly construct experiments through an intuitive visual interface.
  • Advanced targeting segmentation: Pinpoint specific audience segments with precision.
  • Client-side for web and mobile sites: Extend optimization across digital domains.
  • Full-stack capabilities: Seamlessly test web, mobile apps, and digital products.

Advantages of Embracing Kameleoon:

  • Powerful AI engine: Harness AI’s potential for profound optimization insights.
  • Ease of use: A user-friendly interface facilitates effortless experimentation.
  • Focus on security: Prioritize data security in your optimization endeavors.
  • Robust targeting features: Pinpoint audience segments with strategic accuracy.
  • WYSIWYG editor simplicity: Craft experiments with ease through a streamlined What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor.
  • Widget library offerings: Access a rich repository of widgets for enhanced experimentation.

List of Integrations Supported by Kameleoon: Kameleoon thrives as an open platform, harmoniously integrating with a diverse technology stack. Forge connections effortlessly with prominent players including Salesforce, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Crazy Egg, Segment, Contentsquare, Kissmetrics, Zendesk, Usabilla, iAdvize, Webtrends, and an array of other robust platforms.

Kameleoon Pricing: While Kameleoon intriguingly shrouds its pricing details on its website, the competitive nature of its offerings in this tier is palpable. Initial price points rest in the mid-range, yet unlocking the platform’s premium features extends an invitation to embrace lower-enterprise fees, ensuring a strategic alignment of cost and capability.

Engage with the epitome of AI-powered A/B testing through Kameleoon, an arena where enterprise strategy embraces the dynamic pulse of personalization.

10. Freshmarketer


Freshmarketer, a potent Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) software, unfurls a suite of tools encompassing A/B testing and the ability to meticulously monitor the monetary yield stemming from your experimentation endeavors. Anchoring itself as an extension of the Freshworks ecosystem, Freshmarketer emerges as an embodiment of synergy between testing prowess and comprehensive customer experience enhancement.

While Freshmarketer might not wear the crown of the most intricate testing tool in existence, its unique allure lies in its user-friendly disposition and budget-conscious appeal. A beacon for newcomers and online enterprises with more modest demands, Freshmarketer deftly balances simplicity and affordability. Notably, Freshmarketer isn’t solely confined to A/B testing; it extends a welcoming embrace to rudimentary personalization attributes and a toolkit to harness customer feedback via polls and strategically triggered messages.

Freshmarketer’s Key Features:

  • A/B testing: Unleash comparison-based experimentation for optimization.
  • Split testing: Dive into variations across specific segments.
  • Visual editor: Craft and curate experiments through an intuitive visual interface.
  • Personalization: Tailor user experiences with precision.
  • Dynamic heatmaps: Decipher user interactions through heatmap visualization.
  • User feedback: Channel customer insights through feedback mechanisms.
  • Email marketing: Harness the potential of email as a marketing channel.
  • Marketing automation: Streamline processes with automated marketing workflows.

Advantages of Adopting Freshmarketer:

  • Integrated Website Analytics Options: Seamlessly integrate analytics into your optimization endeavors.
  • More Targeted Customer Experiences: Foster personalized interactions to amplify engagement.
  • Real-Time Reports and Custom Polls: Access real-time insights and gather tailored feedback.
  • Track Visitor Activity on Your Site: Monitor user behavior to inform optimization strategies.

List of Integrations Supported by Freshmarketer: Beyond its native compatibility with Freshworks applications, Freshmarketer extends its reach by harmoniously integrating with an array of third-party tools and platforms. Effortlessly integrate with powerful players like Drupal, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Zapier, Magento, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and an array of other potent platforms.

Freshmarketer Pricing: Elevate your optimization journey with Freshmarketer, with pricing tiers commencing from $29 per month. Although a free version exists, it does not encompass A/B testing capabilities.

Open the gateway to conversion excellence through Freshmarketer’s dynamic suite of CRO tools, where user-friendly design and affordability converge.

NameFree Trial/ FreemiumAffordabilityTech CompatibilityFlexibility & IntegrationA/B/n Testing & Split TestingPage EditingBest ForCountry
FigPiiFree TrialLowClient-sideMediumAvailableEditor WYSIWYGSaaS, eCommerce and lead genUSA
OptimizelyXHighClient-sideHighAvailableEditor WYSIWYGEnterpriseUSA
VWOFree TrialMediumClient-sideHighAvailableEditor WYSIWYGSmall & medium-sized businessesIndia
ConvertFree TrialMediumClient-sideHighAvailableEditor WYSIWYGCRO experts and agenciesUSA
Google Optimize 360Free up to 3 running experimentsHighClient-sideHighAvailableEditor WYSIWYGEnterprise brandsUSA
OmniconvertFree TrialLowClient-sideMediumAvailableEditor WYSIWYGStartups & medium-sized businessesRomania
FreshmarketerFree TrialLowClient-sideMediumAvailableXStartups & medium-sized businessesIndia & USA
KameleoonXHighClient-sideHighAvailableEditor WYSIWYGEnterprise brandsFrance
Adobe TargetXHighClient-sideHighAvailableEditor WYSIWYGEnterpriseUSA
AB TastyFree TrialHighClient-sideHighAvailableEditor WYSIWYGEnterpriseFrance


By harnessing the power of A/B testing tools, businesses can unlock insights into user behavior, fine-tune website elements, and deliver tailored experiences that resonate with their audience. As technology continues to evolve, A/B testing tools will likely become even more sophisticated, enabling organizations to delve deeper into personalization, AI-driven optimization, and multi-channel testing.

FAQs on A/B Testing Tools:

What types of experiments can I run with A/B testing tools?

A/B testing tools support a range of experiments, including testing different layouts, content variations, call-to-action buttons, headlines, images, and more.

Are A/B testing tools suitable for all types of businesses?

Yes, A/B testing tools are versatile and can benefit businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. They offer a data-driven approach to optimization that is essential for staying competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Do A/B testing tools require technical expertise to use?

Many A/B testing tools offer user-friendly interfaces and visual editors, making it accessible to marketers and non-technical users. However, more complex experiments may benefit from some technical knowledge.

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