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WordPress Hooks Actions and Filters

WordPress Hooks Actions and Filters is a subject that a lot of people who are starting in the development for WordPress ask themselves is regarding Hooks that is a place where you can add your own codes or modify what WordPress does by default. The hook is a very used...

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10 Tips to Improve Your SEO Positioning in B2B

The SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) remains one of the keys for increasing traffic to our Website. It helps to have greater visibility and increase the reputation, visits to our web, and, in short, greater sales for our services and products. New changes...

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What’s better: Manual or Automated Testing?

"No one tests the depth of a river with both feet." Automated testing is better than manual testing Automated tests are very explicit (black-white) so you have a greater chance of reproducing a bug if found by an automated test to know what the automated test...

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Structuring your project with BDD and Cucumber

Every good programmer who cares, has his worries and whims in building a good code, clean and that passes security when deploying in production. Therefore, practices like code design using TDD ( Test Driven Development ) are always welcome. But who never had doubts...

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JavaScript # 2 – ECMAScript 6

This is the second post in the series that will talk about JavaScript. In the previous post I presented a historical context of the emergence of language and how it has evolved so far. In this post we will cover version 6 of ECMAScript giving some examples of what has...

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JavaScript # 1 – A Brief History of Language

This is the first post in the series that will talk about JavaScript. Let's address everything. From the history of language, functions, objects, types, patterns, among other things. The intention is to make liking those who do not like it and to like even those who...

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All that you should know about Big Data when you start

It is common to hear about Big Data, this is due to the recognition of the importance of the insights that can be obtained through the data. The term is so widespread that it is already discussed even in non-specialized media such as Magazines and Portals. In 2012,...

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Journal: What is “Cloud Computing”?

Introduction to Cloud Computing Like all IT professionals, I am confronted with this fundamental issue just about every day. If you follow the different newspapers, you will have noticed a few comments a bit annoyed from time to time, but let's try to be constructive...

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How to gain agility and productivity by writing clean code

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are doing a task, and at some point, you have to tinker with someone else's code? I bet a lot of people have been through this. Even so, you do not give up understanding the code. However, there is so much...

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Know what Buddhism taught me about technical support

Here at our company, those who serve customers in technical support are the experts themselves. For a long time, we rotated the devs who supported them: every week three different people attended to all called technicians. In my case, the job was to answer the tickets...

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