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PHP And Its Variables (basic)

ACT 1 - PHP AND ITS VARIABLES What we will address here is very simple, they are basic things, but they should be fixed in the mind of who intends to become a PHP programmer. PHP is a programming language created by Rasmus Lerdorf, a native of Greenland. For those who...

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PHP Exception Handling: An Introduction for Beginners

PHP has an exception control that is very similar to other programming languages, making exception handling a very interesting tool for language users. This article deals with the control and handling of PHP exceptions using simple language aimed at those who do not...

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Blue Screen On Ubuntu Login 16.04 LTS

I always found that blue screen was Windows thing, but I came across the same problem in Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS. I'm sure this simple sequence of commands will help a lot of people to fix the error. Leaving The Blue Screen On Ubuntu Login Usually this problem is caused by...

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5 Black Hat SEO Practices You Practice Without Knowing

Let's show you five Black Hat SEO practices that you do (or maybe doing) and probably do not even know. Check out! When Google was in its first steps, its ranking system was not at all complex. Gaps in ranking factors allowed sites to reach the top positions in the...

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12 Tips to Create High-Quality Content

How many times have you heard the importance of creating quality content? It's what bloggers, marketing professionals, online businesses and even Google look for. It's what makes the difference between success or failure in your content marketing strategy. The quality...

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How to Create Perfect Heading Tags for SEO

Understand what Heading Tags are, how to use them in your text structures and of course how to assemble the perfect Tag Heading for your SEO. Check out! Do not blame yourself. The Heading Tags are confusing indeed. A lot of people - including myself - when they...

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Must Have WordPress Plugins for Professional Websites

In WordPress, you will need functions that the platform does not provide. That's why plugins are key. Know the best to get you started! Have you already started using WordPress as your website CMS but are not sure what plugins you should install? You are not alone....

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