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How Internet Domain Names Work

When registering a new domain, it is common to be anxious to see the address working where your new site will be published in the future. It is precisely at this moment that many people find themselves frustrated when realizing that the domain so desired is not...

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10 New Cool Domain Extensions For Your Business

More and more people care about differentiating their business in every possible way. And it is in this wave of personalization that the competent entities have made available, some two years ago, new domain extensions for registration. Since then, this feature is...

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Unlimited Hosting: Understand what it is

Unlimited hosting: There is a subject that raises doubts, and also a lot of controversies. On the one hand, clients were confused or disappointed with a hosting that seemed to have no limits. On the other hand, companies need to deal with frustrations and explain what...

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Web Hosting Beginners Guide – Top Questions and Answers

It is very common that people who are developing a website or thinking about doing so, have some doubts about hosting. There are many technical terms and number of options, which makes the subject more difficult. In this article, you will understand the key terms...

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WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting: Which one to choose?

If you own a WordPress site or want to build one, at some point you will go through the process of hiring a hosting for your website. At that time, it will probably be inevitable to go through the dilemma of choosing between a WordPress hosting or a traditional shared...

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Website Down: What to do when it happens and how to avoid

When you publish a website, the last thing you expect is that it stays down or inaccessible. After all, the internet was made to work 24 hours a day, isn’t it? The truth is that problems happen and from time to time when a website goes down. If it is a service, such...

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Is it worth paying for a hosting for my website or blog?

Having a blog or website has never been so easy and cheap. Nowadays it is possible to create a page on the internet and put it on the air in a few hours utilizing a variety of tools and services available in the market. Being democratic, the internet still allows you...

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Know what is the child theme and what is its importance

The child theme and its importance in the development of customizations is what I will speak in this post. Child-theme is a theme that inherits the features and styles of another theme, called the parent theme. The child theme is the recommended way to modify an...

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5 Best Practices for Using Cucumber

We always tell you how we test our features and what tools we use to do this. As an example, we had good practice posts on acceptance tests and how to think about testing early in the quality process within our agile team with Cucumber. We adopted Cucumber to create...

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