12 Trusted sources to find and hire the best WordPress Developers

No company can afford to unnecessarily pay WordPress developers while still having dissatisfied, perplexed, and angry website visitors. From hosting agency websites to expertly building top-tier e-commerce storefronts, your ideal WordPress developer should be able to do it all. Also, we want you to avoid the difficulties brought on by using substandard WordPress developers. Here is a list of reliable resources you may utilize to find and work with top-notch WordPress developers.

List of trusted sources to find and hire the best WordPress Developers

  1. WordPress Jobs

WordPress Jobs for WordPress developer

The official WordPress employment listing page is called WordPress Jobs (though somewhat confusingly hosted at the WordPress.net domain). Listings are active for 21 days after acceptance and are subject to review. Only positions linked to WordPress are posted. Jobs fall under a variety of categories, including migrations, plugin development, theme customization, performance, design, and development.

  1. Smashing Jobs

smashing jobs

Smashing Magazine, known as one of the most well-liked and excellent web development journals online, also manages Smashing Jobs. Because listings on this site are paid ($225 for full-time positions and $75 for freelance work), the general quality is kept high. The positions are open for 60 days, and savings are available if you are a nonprofit. You may be confident that a sizable audience will view the job board because their main website receives over 4 million monthly visitors.

A number of well-known businesses, like Amazon, Electronic Arts, Tesla Motors, MIT, Activision, and others, are known to use Smashing Jobs, and it has a proven track record of luring top development talent.

  1. Seahawk


At ground-breaking prices, Seahawk offers skilled WordPress development services to all types of companies, brands, and agencies. It is devoted to all WordPress services, such as hacked site repair, custom UI design, migration and support, and WordPress maintenance and care.

Top web providers rely on Seahawk for its specialized retention solution to keep customers from leaving. For all of their WordPress Services, they also provide a self-service marketplace. In managing WordPress for more than 1000 brands, Seahawk has provided the best WordPress services.

  1. Codeable.io


Codeable is committed to providing WordPress outsourcing services and is totally focused on connecting clients with talented WordPress developers. It also offers a selection of solutions for managing the financial aspect of projects. Per Esbensen, the CEO of Codeable, graciously agreed to an interview with us, and it’s encouraging to see their commitment to creating a community of WordPress developers.

  1. Toptal


If you want to hire from “the top 3% of freelancing talent,” Toptal markets itself as the place to go. Its thorough developer pre-screening aims to support such an assertion. They are comparable to Codeable but offer services for many types of development, not just WordPress. When you locate a qualified WordPress developer, the cost of hiring someone is a $500 deposit, which may be credited to your first invoice.

  1. WPhired


Jerome Degl’innocenti, a devotee of WordPress, founded WPhired.com. In 2010, it was one of the first WordPress job boards to go live. Its goal is to put talented WordPress developers in touch with small and large enterprises. It’s entirely made of WordPress.

A WordPress job can be immediately posted and seen by more than 1,000 WordPress specialists. And what’s this? A job posting is totally free. You can quickly locate the talent you require, whether you need a new WordPress design, assistance with migration or plugin development.

  1. ClickWP


ClickWP is a company that specializes in offering trustworthy help to people and companies who use WordPress. Monthly plans and on-demand services for website setup, theme customization, virus or hack repair, backups, WordPress migrations, and other services are among their offerings. ClickWP can be a very affordable and efficient alternative if you require some simple programming work, such as setting a plugin, tweaking your WordPress theme, or making adjustments to your CSS.

David Wang, a marketer and writer with ten years of WordPress expertise, is the founder of ClickWP. We advise getting in touch with them to see how they can help if you need some basic development chores completed but don’t want to struggle with finding a developer. Any of the other six sources listed above are excellent if your development tasks are more complicated.

  1. WisdmLabs


Top WordPress development agency, WisdmLabs, specializes in e-learning and e-commerce. They have over ten years of experience in the field, and they have a thorough understanding of the LearnDash and WooCommerce platforms.

They are a reputable team of programmers who are platinum-level WooCommerce Experts and WordPress Core Contributors. LearnDash highly recommends them. More than 800 projects, spanning from website setup to custom plugin creation and API integration to website migration, have been successfully completed by them. Working on bespoke solutions for small and medium businesses is where WisdmLabs feels most at home. Across all projects, they have kept up an excellent 94% client satisfaction rating. Their plugins have been downloaded more than 40k times, which further attests to their WordPress skill.

In conclusion, you can trust WisdmLabs to handle your project safely. To get a free consultation and to discuss a long-term, scalable solution for you, get in touch with them right away.

  1. Mode Effect

Mode Effect

Cody and Raquel Landefeld started Mode Effect in 2010, which develops web development solutions for enterprise businesses and e-commerce sites. They specialize in extension development and WooCommerce development to assist your store’s functionality and sales both grow. Additionally, they provide full-service website overhaul and development of unique themes. They can set up an integration or create something for your store that doesn’t already exist. In addition to WooCommerce, Mode Effect has worked with well-known businesses like Disney, CompTIA, movile, the Phoenix Suns, and CompTIA. 

  1. Elementor Experts

elementor expert

Elementor experts is a platform for web designers and developers. Look through the mentioned profiles exhibiting the top design, marketing, and development projects if you want to hire a WordPress specialist.

The platform can assist you in finding developers with experience in full-stack development, migration, and WP installations. You can locate individuals who are proficient in HTML, JavaScript, and web hosting.

Although the services provided by Elementor professionals have a defined price, you may still choose the one that best suits your demands and budget.

  1. Remote OK

Remote OK

WordPress experts can live anywhere and work anywhere, thanks to the Remote OK platform. This flexibility enables numerous WordPress experts to register here and subsequently submit applications to reputable companies’ job postings.

Suppose your company is seeking a WordPress developer. In that case, you may post a WordPress job by writing a thorough job description, highlighting the qualifications needed, providing bonuses and benefits, and offering a competitive salary to attract top prospects.

  1. Dice


Dice, a top database for IT workers in the US, manage over 9 million profiles. The platform makes it easier for businesses to find high-skilled computer workers, which makes it simpler for technology professionals to manage their careers.

For services like website design, WordPress development, Woocommerce development, web application development, and more, you can employ WordPress specialists through Dice.

Many WordPress professionals, including web designers, WordPress developers, experts in search engine optimization, and web strategists, can use Dice’s cutting-edge data tools to look at insights like estimated salaries and data insights to advance their careers because creating a Dice profile is free of charge.

Know How to Hire a Top Quality WordPress Developer 

It’s vital to understand that it’s your obligation to set the rules from the outset and properly investigate your candidates when you’re seeking that ideal WordPress developer. If you don’t, you’ll waste a lot of time going back and forth and probably produce a project or task that isn’t up to par. The following five points should be carefully examined to help you separate find the best candidate right away.

  1. Verify ratings and reviews, and demand to see prior work

When evaluating prospects, it makes sense to start by looking at ratings and evaluations of prior work posted on a platform. However, you shouldn’t stop there. You should also consider a candidate’s portfolio, the number of projects they have completed, and any online code they may have.

A strong portfolio shows that the developer has produced projects of a high caliber in the past and is truly capable of doing so. You have the ability to actually check their code by visiting their accessible code repositories (on Github, for instance), which demonstrate that they are at least somewhat committed to using modern development techniques.

You may go a step further and ask them to pass a code test. This is a simple method of eliminating candidates who lack the necessary proficiency. You can need candidates to take an excellent PHP and WordPress test from TestDome. To do this, they should be able to address PHP coding issues and respond to inquiries regarding the WordPress API and architecture.

  1. Avoid Being Duped by Lowball Prices

Instead of costing you money, a skilled developer should actually generate income for you. The promise of inexpensive outsourced development should not be trusted since, more often than not, you get what you pay for. When you have to abandon a whole project and start over from scratch later on, that alluring lowball offer won’t seem quite so alluring.

Of course, low prices don’t always equate to poor quality. Learn what true typical market rates are, and then apply the other suggestions we’ve made here to evaluate individual situations.

  1. Be Clear About Communication

Nobody can be available all the time, but a dedicated developer will make an effort to respond to your questions promptly and let you know how and when to contact him during business hours. The communication method is equally important. Early indications of responding inappropriately or lacking clarity in communication are warning flags of future problems.

Insist on clear communication up front, and if it isn’t given, leave. A long-term connection requires that you be able to judge whether you can communicate with them well. A good developer should be able to connect with those who are not technically inclined in addition to being able to write decent code.

  1. Carry out a Pay-for-Test Project 

A short, paid test project will typically reveal everything you need to know about a developer’s approach to the work in addition to a free code test. If things don’t work out, you simply saved yourself from failing on a significant project with the same developer. If everything goes according to plan, you have a strong indication that the overall project will run smoothly.

  1. Agree on the Job’s Scope

The final piece of advice for hiring a WordPress developer is to make sure that everyone is aware of the project’s or job’s parameters. Clients frequently hurry to employ developers for a task that has not yet been adequately defined. And because of the misunderstanding, this frequently leads to an incomplete project, a waste of time and resources, and occasionally a broken relationship.


It’s not simple to find and employ a WordPress developer, but with a little help and some work in the correct direction, you can quickly engage a skilled WordPress developer to finish your WordPress projects. The cost of hiring a WordPress developer is one-time, so choose carefully.


How can I hire a WordPress developer?

Finding a freelancer on one of the sites we’ve recommended in our article will make it simple for you to outsource the development of WordPress. To hire a freelancer for WordPress development, do your research and put them through a thorough screening procedure.

How about using Freelancer.com, Upwork, or Fiverr to find a WordPress developer?

We don’t suggest sites like Freelancer.com, Upwork, or Fiverr because it would be exhausting to browse through them looking for jobs relevant to WordPress development. Due to the abundance of information and individuals with various skill levels, you might not have the time to research and analyze the backgrounds of all those freelancers.

Failure to conduct due diligence on them could result in you agreeing to misquoted pricing, overcommitting, underdelivering, and in extreme cases, even fraud. Therefore, have a look at the websites we mentioned earlier in the blog if you want to engage a dependable, trusted WordPress developer.

How should a WordPress developer be qualified?

Although it depends on your project, most developers who work with WordPress must be familiar with front-end technologies like jQuery, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. They ought to be proficient programmers who are familiar with SVN, Mercurial, and other code versioning software. You should also be familiar with debugging tools, website architecture, and back-end technologies like Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

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