How to make my website more secure without nuisance

A safer website is not worth too, but you can get rid of a lot of headaches. With WordPress, security is nothing more than to act preventively. When and if necessary, corrective action matters.

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For both actions, there are tools and techniques to prevent and solve problems. When it comes to a business site, care should be higher depending on the amount and type of services offered. But nothing becomes a major concern, there is always a tool, possibility or new in WordPress that perfectly matches your business. After all, it is already more than proven that WordPress is safe. This platform has several tools that ensure the integrity of a planned and organized manner. With the right actions to shield either in a preventive or corrective activity, but always remember, prevention is better than cure.

What else makes a safer site?

There are more technical and specific actions to increase the security of a site in WordPress. Here are some of them:

  • Set debug and error policies;
  • Move the wp-config.php file to a safe location;
  • Disable plugins edit option and issues through the administrative panel;
  • Implement security policies in the .htaccess file, if Apache is in use;
  • Delete unnecessary files and application of core obsolete;
  • Implement security rules in the robots.txt;
  • Include policy to block spammers and reduction;
  • Obtain and implement a trusted security certificate.


The first and most important safety rule in any situation is to have a backup. Protect the database and other applications that ensure operation, correction or recovery of a site even if there is a failure, intrusion or error in the process.

Safer Scanning

To comb, scanning the entire site is the first way to correct all occurrences found, WPScan is a great tool for this type of action, using it often can prevent some possible headaches.


In WordPress, the simplest way to make your site more secure is the platform updates.

Keeping WP, its plugins and themes always running on the latest version is the first step you need to take to keep the house in order. Simple actions such as changing the secret keys and replace the user “admin” also help to make your site more secure.

Our recommendation is to give preference to updates via file repository, so you can validate the updates in other environments before applying the changes in production. Also, reverting to a previous version is possible and practical if the process fails or something unpleasant happens.


To avoid unwanted surprises, reviewing the table prefix database, the scans and the correct permission to all files and directories is always very good.

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