What is WordPress and why we should use it?

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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) (developed in PHP and MySQL database) that allows you to create and maintain the website or a blog in a simple and robust way, without the need for programming language. It is an Open Source solution, thus it’s free and open to use for all.

“WordPress is a project that is dear to me. All programmers and participants add something unique and together we created something that I’m proud to part of. We invested thousands of hours of work on WordPress and are committed to make it even better. Thank you for including it in your world”.

– Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress

Most versions of WordPress has the code name of singer jazz since version 1.0.  The latest version is 4.3.1 and it’s called “Billie”.

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org 

Basically WordPress is a software that allows you to manage sites and blogs, writing articles, pages, adding functionality with plugins. WordPress.com is a site and for creating blogs and host them, using WordPress software. WordPress.org allows you to download and install WordPress on your server.

The two easiest ways to know WordPress are:

If you do not feel the need of hosting a blog with your own domain and bare the costs of hosting or dealing with web servers and database, create free and within seconds, a blog on a free hosting service from WordPress. One of the best known is WordPress.COM (not ORG). It comes with standard features and can create in just a few minutes. Feel free to experiment and if one day you find that you need to host your own WordPress, the transition is simple and painless.

If you feel the urge to acquire and configure your own hosting, simply download the WordPress.ORG version and follow the instructions. In three wandering keeps a website running, managed by reference platform. Do not worry if you get stuck with some problem; there is a community of millions of users with every possible level of expertise in the WordPress configuration, also has the WordPress support forums in most of all the important languages.

– WordPress community

Themes, plugins, widgets … 

The themes are what the internet user sees, ie, website design (also called front-end). There are many that can be downloaded on the Internet, for free or paid basis.

Plugins are extra features that can make your work easier. There are already many plugins, but if there is a need of a custom plugin, you can get them developed to suit your needs.

A widget is an extra feature that you can add on the site (usually in sidebar or footer), for example, the Category list, list of users, weather forecast, etc.

Why WordPress?

Simple: very clean UX design, the interface is designed for those who have not mastered the code.

WordPress is “Mobile Ready”: It is accessible in a mobile phone or a tablet, with the application for content editing.

Optimized for creating content. Who says content needs to be optimized for SEO: Today, Google focuses more on user experience.

A constant development, thousands of employees, millions of users (and thus tests). This ensures the stability program, your safety, and your website can improve and gain more functionality over time.

Originally created for blogging, WordPress is now used for Online stores, small shops, institutional sites …

Is extensible in two ways: With plugins or working directly in the code. In both cases, WordPress works in a way that allows you to update the software and take advantage of new features without harming your website.


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