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15 World’s Best Price Comparison Sites for Smart Decision Making

Many price comparison sites have evolved into one-stop shops as they save both consumers and retailers a significant amount of resources and money. Along with product and retailer ratings, several price comparison websites also provide coupons and promotional offers. 

These price comparison sites greatly improve everyone’s online shopping experience by simply showing the lowest rates for any good or service in a particular specialty. There are price comparison engines that also list the comparison of products from sites. 

Price Comparison Engines: What are they? 

In response to a customer’s search query, comparison shopping engines are means of gathering product information, including pricing, from participating stores and displaying it all on a single results page. This enables customers to compare the entire worth of several businesses’ prices, shipping choices, and customer service on a single page. 

Price comparison shopping engines allow e-commerce business owners to showcase their products to highly interested customers. These are not window shoppers in the mall taking a quick look at a virtual retailer. Users of price comparison websites have often decided to purchase and are only seeking the best deal. Comparison shoppers are frequently an excellent audience for promoting your products due to their strong buying intent. 

The biggest and most well-known comparison shopping engine is definitely Google Shopping. Along with being linked with Google Ads, the pay-per-click platform, products uploaded to Google Shopping will also be seen in regular Google search results. To help you compare yourself to the competition, it shows three specific metrics: 

  • Average product price was the cost of a product on average when your ad appeared or when it was a contender in an auction. 
  • Benchmark product cost: the typical click-weighted cost of a product across all companies that promote it on Shopping ads 
  • Benchmark product price difference: the percentage that separates the benchmark product price from the average product price for your product. 

Difference Between Price Comparison Engines and Price Comparison Sites

price comparison sites

On the consumer side, price comparison sites function similarly to search engines; the difference is that price comparison sites compare products side by side to illustrate how they compare in terms of price. Standard search engines often return simple results without price or comparative sorting. 

Each price comparison site has a slightly different business model. In essence, you pay a fee, provide the necessary information (i.e., product photographs, URLs, prices, descriptions, etc.), and then display your products. Then, for pertinent queries, your products will appear beside similar goods that are ordered by price. 

This helps you while developing your pricing strategy. While you do not want to overcharge for comparable goods, you still need to make sure you charge enough to earn a profit.

Top Price Comparison Sites of 2023 



This price comparison site is a shopping website designed to assist consumers with their shopping, allowing them to compare and evaluate a wide range of goods and services—from clothing and food to computers and home appliances—from the standpoint of sales pricing, review data, rankings, etc.

  • Global Rank: #344
  • Country Rank: #28
  • Category Rank: #1 (Japan)
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Japan)
  • Total Visits: 104.2M
  • Bounce Rate: 44.12%
  • Pages per Visit: 5.15
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:04:44

Best price comparison site

Over 350 million offers from around 50,000 dealers in their price comparison mean a comprehensive overview of the market for you. No matter what you are looking for, they certainly have it at the best price. Comprehensive filtering and sorting functions help you to find your personal offer. Test reports, user opinions, and guide texts help you with your purchase decision. A wish list, price alarm clock, and Idealo direct purchase make cheap shopping easy and convenient. You decide what you want to buy and from whom. You can use their app on the go.

  • Global Rank: #576
  • Country Rank: #24 (Germany)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Germany)
  • Total Visits: 71.3M
  • Bounce Rate: 35.94%
  • Pages per Visit: 4.34
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:04:09

best price comparison site

They provide the most attractive offers from online stores, provide the lowest product prices, and guarantee safe shopping. They set new e-commerce standards through continuous and dynamic development of the website. They have been successfully pursuing their mission for 17 years, enabling Internet users to make the best purchasing decisions.

  • Global Rank: #768
  • Country Rank: #15 (Poland)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Poland)
  • Total Visits: 64.8M
  • Bounce Rate: 43.84%
  • Pages per Visit: 3.38
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:03:31

best price comparison site

Akakçe has been the shopping site that has shown the lowest prices of products in Turkey for 20 years! We summarize the Akkakçe philosophy, which has made it its mission to find the lowest prices in online shopping, as follows: Look at the price, not the discount. Look at the unit price, not the package price. Consumers can easily access all the information about the product they are looking for with one click without visiting the store and completing their shopping at the lowest price without wasting their time. Find millions of products in mobile phones, television, perfumes, diapers, supermarkets, and thousands of categories at the lowest price and catch real discounts and advantages with Akakçe!

  • Global Rank: #1,107
  • Country Rank: #29 (Turkey)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Turkey)
  • Total Visits: 43.5M
  • Bounce Rate: 46.37%
  • Pages per Visit: 4.40
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:04:05

best price comparison site

Connexity, formerly known as Connexity Inc., is a privately held company based in Los Angeles that runs several online stores, including When the business first launched, it was known as the comparison-shopping website In 2004, the name was changed to Shopzilla, and again in 2014, to Connexity. Connexity runs websites that cater to shoppers and merchants in the American, British, French, and German markets. With its product reviews, merchant ratings, discount alerts, and coupons, Bizrate streamlines the comparative shopping process. Top brands & items in home & garden, apparel & accessories, sports & outdoors, electronics & more: compare prices & read reviews!

  • Global Rank: #3,387
  • Country Rank: #793 (United States)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In United States)
  • Total Visits: 26.8M
  • Bounce Rate: 77.92%
  • Pages per Visit: 1.44
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:01:40

best price comparison site

Buscape has been the largest digital content and sales origination platform for ecommerce in Brazil for 20 years. Through its brand’s philosophy, they help thousands of consumers in their online shopping journey every day. They are present throughout the purchase journey to help the consumer make the best decision, even if it is not to buy. The best offers on mobile and smartphone, tv, books, notebook, refrigerator, and many other products are in the buscapé. 

  • Global Rank: #2,168
  • Country Rank: #88 (Brazil)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Brazil)
  • Total Visits: 25.9M
  • Bounce Rate: 49.39%
  • Pages per Visit: 3.68
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:03:16

best price comparison sites

Heureka is the most popular and widely used shopping portal as well as a price comparison website in the Czech Republic. You will find a varied list of products that are offered in all categories, excellent filtering by parameters, price comparisons, reviews of online shops and individual products, as well as ratings and the experiences of other customers.

  • Global Rank: #2,145
  • Country Rank: #17 (Czech Republic)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Czech Republic)
  • Total Visits: 22.7M
  • Bounce Rate: 35.21%
  • Pages per Visit: 5.42
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:05:07

best price comparison sites

Trovaprezzi is the first Italian price comparator: every day, for 20 years, it has been supporting millions of users in the online search for products at the best price. Thanks to the quick and effective search of Trovaprezzi, you can find the items you are looking for at the best price online: over 19 million offers, ordered from the lowest price, are at your disposal! And if you are still undecided, you can use sorting by popularity: you will be able to see what products are chosen by other users of Trovaprezzi.

  • Global Rank: #3,173
  • Country Rank: #77 (Italy)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Italy)
  • Total Visits: 21.0M
  • Bounce Rate: 46.81%
  • Pages per Visit: 2.84
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:03:01

best price comparison sites

Tweakers have been in the market since 1998 and are the largest price comparison website in the Netherlands. It lists technology and electronics majorly with news, reviews, and the award-winning price watch. 

At Tweakers, an independent expert offers a solution. Their community now consists of more than half a million members with one big passion: technology. Together with that community, the editors are able to review technology critically. 

They test laptops, smartphones, tablets, games, and TVs themselves and then write a review about the product. This knowledge is freely accessible on their website. This is how they help the viewers choose a product and get the most out of their purchase.

  • Global Rank: #2,927
  • Country Rank: #38 (Netherlands)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Netherlands)
  • Total Visits: 18.8M
  • Bounce Rate: 38.32%
  • Pages per Visit: 5.54
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:05:49

best price comparison sites

Árukereső.hu is Hungary’s market-leading price and product comparison site and online shopping guide, which has helped users and stores make millions of purchases since 2004. Until 2015, Árukereső.hu was not an online store but a website that collected offers from brands. Thanks to their latest development, in April 2015, the products can also be purchased through the Árukereső.hu webpage without clicking through to the store. They have the widest range of products in one place on the domestic e-commerce market.

  • Global Rank: #2,877
  • Country Rank: #1 (Hungary)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Hungary)
  • Total Visits: 18.2M
  • Bounce Rate: 39.47%
  • Pages per Visit: 5.00
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:05:13

best price comparison sites

One of the largest marketplaces for buying or selling items, looking for certain services, or locating a deal is OLX. Along with a variety of selling alternatives, OLX also provides doorstep delivery services. It is very simple to post-sales advertising for products on OLX. Portugal offers local classified ads for employment, for sale, real estate, services, community, and events – publish your classified ad for free. When it comes to organizing the delivery and payment methods, there are multiple options to choose from.

  • Global Rank: #2,914
  • Country Rank: #12 (Portugal)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Portugal)
  • Total Visits: 15.0M
  • Bounce Rate: 30.15%
  • Pages per Visit: 8.42
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:07:45

best price comparison sites

Idealo is a price comparator site with more than 170 million offers offered by more than 14,000 merchants. The probability of finding the best price is, therefore, higher than on other comparators with fewer offers. In addition, Idealo offers a very vast selection of products and their variants. In 15 years of existence, Idealo has obtained very good ratings and won several independent tests against many other price comparison portals. In 2014, Idealo was certified as the best consumer portal by TÜV Saarland, the leading testing organization in Germany. Idealo distinguished itself in particular thanks to the quality and timeliness of its data, as well as its protection.

  • Global Rank: #6,611
  • Country Rank: #216 (France)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In France)
  • Total Visits: 9.3M
  • Bounce Rate: 35.38%
  • Pages per Visit: 3.80
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:03:29

best price comparison sites is a great savior for online comparison shopping in India. On Smartprix, it is easy to find a mobile, TV, or other electronics, know about that product, compare it with others and find its lowest price. It compares prices from Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Samsung, and many other portals. 

  • Global Rank: #5,235
  • Country Rank: #454 (India)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In India)
  • Total Visits: 13.0M
  • Bounce Rate: 63.41%
  • Pages per Visit: 2.91
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:02:10

best price comparison sites is an online comparison service. They help users choose the product, compare stores’ offers and buy the product. Hotline’s daily audience is more than 300K users. They don’t sell but promote products. They update Product Catalog every day. Their R&D department launches new services for partners or users almost monthly.

  • Global Rank: #4,691
  • Country Rank: #60 (Ukraine)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Ukraine)
  • Total Visits: 12.0M
  • Bounce Rate: 44.70%
  • Pages per Visit: 4.78
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:05:07

best price comparison sites

The goal of this price comparison site is to offer a complete and objective price and product comparison service. They show all the stores and prices of each product. They show both stores that pay them for the traffic and stores that don’t pay them. They include all offers offered by these stores on products. Prisjakt’s experts are people who are particularly knowledgeable in a certain area. They are independent of Prisjakt when they recommend products. They can think exactly what they want and are never forced to give a good rating or recommend a certain type of product. All the products and prices are collected in one place, easy to find, easy to compare, check reviews, expert tips, and price history. It offers a better overview of products for better decisions.

  • Global Rank: #4,730
  • Country Rank: #32 (Sweden)
  • Category Rank: #1
  • Category: eCommerce & shopping> Price Comparison Sites (In Sweden)
  • Total Visits: 10.5M
  • Bounce Rate: 33.95%
  • Pages per Visit: 6.22
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:04:48


We have listed the best price comparison sites from almost every major country of the world, explained how price comparison sites work, and how, as an ecommerce store owner or buyer, you can benefit from them. We would love to know from you in the comments below if you are aware of any pricing comparison sites that were not included in the list above.


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