Optimizing images for faster WordPress Website

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Image optimization is one of the main rules used for PageSpeed Insights by Google, during a performance test. In this process, the tool detects images on the page that can be optimized without significantly affecting the visual quality.

Reducing the image to its minimum size decreases the time a user must wait until the loading of a page. A correct optimization of images can save many bytes of data, saving time for users on slow connections and is one of the solutions to make a WordPress website faster.

Basic form of images optimization

The basic procedure in the image optimization consists of:

  • Cut unnecessary spaces to reduce the color depth to the lowest acceptable level;
  • Remove comments on the image;
  • Save the image in an appropriate format.

The basic image optimization can be performed through image programs like GIMP, Photoshop and others.

Advanced form of images optimization

The advanced image optimization consists of a higher compression without diminishing the quality of JPEG and PNG files. For this, there are several tools available that perform this compression. The most known and used to leave sites in WordPress faster is TinyPNG!, but there are also others like OptiPNG and PNGOUT.

Use appropriate image formats

  • The PageSpeed Insights gives us some high-level recommendations for selecting the image size:
  • PNGs are almost always higher than GIFs, although some older versions of browsers only provide partial support for PNG;
  • Use GIFs for very small or simple graphics (e.g., less than 10 x 10 pixels or less formed by a palette of three colors) and animation images;
  • Use JPGs for all images with photographic style;

Do not use BMP or TIFF.

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