Top Product Description Tool Generators Of 2023

Managing an online store requires juggling numerous tasks simultaneously. Writing product descriptions is a crucial part of every business’s operations, and product descriptions are rated as “extremely important” by 87% of buyers. Crafting decent product descriptions, however, can take a lot of effort, especially for those of us for whom writing is not a strength. You may have wondered, “Is there a better way?” after being subjected to the humiliation of a blinking text cursor.

What does an ecommerce product description tool do? 

First off, let’s poke a hole in the idea that the job of an ecommerce product description is to describe the product. Given the name, most folks think this makes sense. But your product descriptions aren’t just there to describe what’s on your Shopify or ecommerce site; they’re also there to:

  • Qualify: They help website visitors quickly assess “is this for someone like me?” 
  • Persuade: They provide compelling, customer-centered reasons to consider the product.
  • Surface: They use SEO keywords and natural search terms so the page appears in search engines or Amazon results.
  • High-converting sales: Product descriptions can turn into high-converting product pages that drive sales.  

Here’s one to think about: product descriptions are a bit like 24/7 in-store retail associates for your online store. And like live retail associates, they can help or hurt conversions for potential buyers. On the one hand, you may have encountered store associates that have — no exaggeration — brought you to your wit’s end, made you want to toss your beloved iPhone in the trash, and move somewhere without cell service. Yikes. But on the other hand, you could have also had interactions with coffee shops and other retailers that make you feel like you’ve “come home” and the products were made just for you. 

As your virtual retail associates, your product descriptions can have a similar impact. If they do their job well, they’ll draw visitors to your goods and increase conversions. Doing their job poorly will frustrate visitors, push them away, and hurt sales. That’s the power of product description tools!

Top Product Description Tool Generators Of 2023

1. Anyword

Anyword product description tool

Suppose you want to focus on online product promotion and outsource the process of producing product descriptions to a professional. In that case, you can try Anyword before determining whether or not to go with other solutions.

Its artificial intelligence (AI) has been trained on billions of marketing copies, including those of products sold on eCommerce websites so that it can develop unique content for your products and services with minimal input.

You can use the copy of a competing product, together with this product description tool, to improve, reuse, and develop original texts for your product if you find that it is more engaging than your own.

2. CopyMonkey


You can automate the process of writing product and service copy using CopyMonkey. A CSV or Excel file can rapidly produce many unique product descriptions in an online store.

The various drafts produced by this product description tool may be compared and contrasted by your team, who can then make any required revisions to the final result. This tool boasts of several helpful editing built in tools, like text formatting, paraphrasing, plagiarism checking, and HTML markdown. Furthermore, it can import products from various e-commerce platforms like PrestaShopWixShopifyEtsyand Amazon.

3. Unbounce Smart Copy 

Unbounce Smart Copy

This product description tool is top-notch in all senses. If you run a digital marketing agency or are otherwise active in the digital business world, you should give Smart Copy a try. Online merchants can take use of Smart Copy’s many features, such as its automated product description generator, Google Das copywriter, Landing Page text creator, Facebook Ads creator, Sales Email writer, and more. All the user has to do is enter a few basic pieces of information about the brand and hit “go” (type, industry, name, keywords, brief description, etc.). Then, a rough draft is produced via the “Write For Me” feature, which can be fine-tuned using the “Fine Tune” option.

4. Etsy Description Generator

Etsy Description Generator

Use the InsightFactory product description tool by Etsy to quickly write engaging product descriptions for the popular online marketplace. The AI system is easy to use and does not require a high level of technical expertise.

To get you started with the free plan, we’re including 15 free credits to apply toward any text copy creation needs you may have. Paid plans, however, grant access to things like daily product duplication (up to 100 copies) and the Etsy keyword generator (up to 1,000 keywords). In addition, you can do some investigation into the trendiness of current product trends by viewing the most popular products.

5. Longshot AI

Longshot AI

Among the most sophisticated product description tools, best reviews may be found on the YouTube channel about LongShot AI. The review and description may be generated using the same copy generator interface with the same set of parameters. This means your text to market your eCommerce products will flow nicely for your target audience.

In addition, the procedure for AI copywriting is easy to understand. Entering the product’s name and key features, perks, discounts, etc., is all required. There are currently no free trials available for this AI-powered online app. You’ll have to sign up for one of the paid plans to try it.

6. Quicktools by Picsart

Quicktools by Picsart

Quicktools by Picsar has been used by many online retailers and other businesses to create engaging and informative product descriptions. This product description tool deploys unique artificial intelligence (AI) engine for generating genuine, engaging, and SEO-optimized product descriptions for high-volume products that sell rapidly and require upkeep.

The content copy can be written in a variety of languages including English, German, Italian, French, etc. using this resource. You may further personalize the material by selecting from a variety of mood settings, such as luxury, friendly, amusing, daring, and so on.

7. GetGenie


GetGenie is one of the top free product description tool and content-writing tools accessible due to its unique AI product description templates. This standalone WordPress plugin includes a basic product description template and WooCommerce-specific templates for titles, short and lengthy descriptions.

Its AI writing assistance is the ideal choice because of the high quality of the material and the vast number of product-related templates. WooCommerce business owners who struggle to craft compelling product descriptions for thousands of goods will find it invaluable.

This AI-powered writing helper includes a WooCommerce wizard, which functions similarly to a blog wizard and allows you to develop SEO-friendly, intriguing product names, short product descriptions, and extended product descriptions for your items. You may instruct the tool to produce product descriptions based on a given keyword or content, and you can also adjust the output results.

As a result, it can easily produce new and intriguing content and product descriptions in many languages utilizing AI. Thanks to the tool’s user-friendly wizard interface, you can undertake keyword and competition research, compose a blog post, and optimize blog content for search engines without leaving the WordPress dashboard.


You can also use Frase to create descriptive text for your products using AI automatically. Most users have tried out this plugin and given it five stars on Capterra because of the excellent results they have seen from this AI writing assistant. 

This top-rated free AI copywriting tool will save you countless hours otherwise spent on writing product descriptions from scratch, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of wasting energy on repetitive tasks. You can generate a product description with the help of Artificial Intelligence with the help of this user-friendly product description tool; all you need to do is input the product name, a keyword, and your desired level of creativity.


You can also use to outdo the competition by having a compelling product description automatically generated. With the help of this lightning-fast product description tool, you can finally put an end to your writer’s block and start cranking out high-converting Ai-generated product description copies. 

With 80+ writing tools and templates, this AI writing assistant can serve as a product description generator template and a tool for creating copy and content. 

Enter the product’s name and a brief description (key features) into this free online Ai generator to generate a comprehensive product description. Additionally, you can decide on the overall tone of the product description.

10. Jasper.AI


Jasper is among the best product description tool available when creating artificially intelligent product descriptions. You can use Jasper AI to generate compelling product descriptions. This cross-platform app can write persuasive copy for your products in under a minute, increasing the likelihood that potential buyers will make a purchase. You need only supply the product’s title and some additional information.

You could trust it when it was called Jarvis because it consistently produced high-quality results. This artificially intelligent writer’s capabilities extend beyond crafting product descriptions; it can also pen love letters, website content, and paid ad copy.

11. INKs


One more great tool for making online product descriptions is INK. Creating new product descriptions is a breeze with the help of this plugin. Entering the product name and some brief content will return the desired outcomes. 

It can also generate long-form content like advertisements, articles, website copy, etc. The ability to use AI to create images is another exciting feature of this product description tool.

12. Hypotenuse


Hypotenuse AI manages and writes about products and services. As an agency or eCommerce proprietor, you can utilize the tool to manufacture, stock, and ship various devices. This product description tool analyzes product photos to get a feel for the item, then uses that knowledge to insert natural language and a human voice into the machine’s rewrites. In addition, Hypotenuse AI’s in-built paraphrase function allows you to optimize your content compared to that of the competition by supplying content from a competitor’s product and generating content that avoids plagiarism. If you want, just use the AI Text Generator to generate a paraphrase of the original text.


What is an artificial intelligence text generator?

Artificial intelligence text generators are softwares that can write on a specific topic. With enough training, they can be used to automate a variety of writing jobs, including the production of blog posts, social media updates, and even longer-form pieces for websites. These are a fantastic tool for overcoming writer’s block, should you experience it.

What are the purposes for which AI tools are used?

The following are some examples of where AI-driven text generators have found use:

  • Blogs: By consistently posting engaging new content, blogs that rely on AI to create their posts can grow their readership and earn their readers’ confidence.
  • Social Media: Artificial intelligence-generated social media postings have the potential to significantly increase interaction with the company and, by extension, user loyalty.
  • Promotional Advertising on Facebook or Google: Several AI tools, including Jasper and Rytr, offer optimized settings for writing PPC text advertising.

How long should a product description be?

Product descriptions should be between 305 and 400 words long, and your product copy should never be longer than 600 words. The length specified is sufficient to describe the product’s advantages in detail.

Can I trust an AI-generated product description?

Yes. These days, you may get AI-powered generators of product descriptions that are both sophisticated and well-trained.

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