Blue Screen On Ubuntu Login 16.04 LTS

I always found that blue screen was Windows thing, but I came across the same problem in Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.   I’m sure this simple sequence of commands will help a lot of people to fix the error. Leaving The Blue Screen On Ubuntu Login Usually this problem is caused by some update, which corrupts […]

Top 10 WordPress Slider plugins (Free & Paid)

Top 10 WordPress Slider Plugins

WordPress slider plugins allow you to insert slideshows on your website. The idea is to showcase multiple images in a rotating fashion. The visual appeal of a slider makes it a valuable element for any website. Image slideshows are particularly important to showcase new products, offers, calls to action, etc. There are many slider plugins […]

How to Create A Free Professional Email Address In 5 Minutes

You want to create a free email account. Wouldn’t it be nice if that free account looks professional? There is a way to create a professional email address without spending much on premium business email services. In this article, you will know how to create a professional email address for free and within 5 minutes. […]

Top 12 Real Estate Plugins for WordPress

Want to build a Real Estate Website? This is not an easy job. A Real Estate website showcases real estate properties, features property listing, collects leads and need a payment gateway. There are many things you need to do right. Real Estate Plugins for WordPress help you with this. We have handpicked the best real […]

Top 13 Free WordPress Donation Plugins

Free WordPress Donation Plugins for 2019

Are you running a charity? Are you a part of NGO or a Non-Profit Organization? Do you represent a cause? Or do you want to earn a living based on donations? Whatever might be your reason, WordPress is there to help you out. With lots of plugins out there, it is possible to collect donations […]

10 WordPress Security Plugins To Try For Your Website in 2020

10 best WordPress security plugins

In today’s world of cybercrimes and incessant attacks by hackers, making your website secure is of utmost importance. Although most web servers provide security measures at their end, it is equally important that your site stays secure at your end. A stable and secure platform like WordPress surely offers peace of mind. But there can […]

WordPress as a Service Platform (WPaaS) in 2020

WordPress as a Service Platform

We have written here previously about the versatility of WordPress. Now let’s talk about WordPress as a service platform. There are numerous facilities for you to use features, plugins and third-party services to transform your site, or even create a specific area focused solely on better serving your customers. Among the benefits of creating a […]

What You Can Develop Using WordPress in 2020

What You Can Develop Using WordPress

Do you need to increase your company’s revenue and are looking for new options to diversify your mix of services? How about incorporating a tool that is used by 27.9% of all websites and has a huge and active community and a multitude of themes and plugins? Yes, you’re right: we’re talking about WordPress. If […]

10 Tips to Avoid Common Coding Mistakes in 2020

All programmers a few lines earlier or later face problems when developing code. And no matter how planned and brilliant the software engineering applied was, always appears to have a bug. Sometimes there could be the fault of the chosen language, sometimes by how the algorithms behave, or sometimes the fault of distraction. Whatever the […]