WordPress as a Service Platform (WPaaS) in 2020

We have written here previously about the versatility of WordPress. Now let’s talk about WordPress as a service platform.

There are numerous facilities for you to use features, plugins and third-party services to transform your site, or even create a specific area focused solely on better serving your customers.

Among the benefits of creating a specific service platform separate from your website, we can mention: decrease direct support for your customer service team, happier customers, good for SEO, demonstrate that your product/service receives attention, facilitate learning curve for use and general problem-solving.

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Helpdesk Plugins

I selected some plugins, there is no way, most have some cost, but nothing exorbitant.

Chat Plugins

KB Plugins or Knowledge Base

FAQ Plugins – Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling Plugins – Booking

Restricted access to content



Video conference

And that is all?

Of course not. Plugins are interesting, but think first of all how your customers interact with you? How would they like to interact? What kind of materials do you have to make available to them?

Always give your employees the tools they need, more training and knowledge to improve the quality of support offered to their customers.

But automate everything you can. Eliminate barriers and make knowledge available in the most direct way possible.

Of course, you can resolve to create an Intranet, you can eventually do this with the G Suite’s own page feature, taking advantage of the login features of your existing email users, or even BuddyPress, over WordPress.

You still have the option to use Wiki-style themes and plugins, such as the Yada Wiki.

You can also use specific specialized topics for this purpose, such as Helper,  Flatbase,  HelpGuru , SupportDesk , Knowledge Press, and KnowHow .

Depending on your case, such a topic can be a great starting point.

I also recommend third-party tools like Freshdesk and all added apps.

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