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Exploring WordPress Communities Around the Globe

WordPress, a widely popular content management system, has fostered vibrant and diverse communities worldwide. WordPress communities exemplify the global impact of WordPress as a powerful content management system. They foster learning, collaboration, and innovation, making WordPress accessible to people from various backgrounds and skill levels. 

According to Colorlib, WordPress powers an impressive 810 million websites, accounting for a substantial 43% of all websites on the internet. Furthermore, within the Content Management System (CMS) market, WordPress dominates with a remarkable 63.1% share, surpassing its closest competitor by more than tenfold. These figures highlight WordPress’s unparalleled popularity and the trust it enjoys among website creators and developers worldwide. In this blog, we’ll take a brief look at some featured WordPress communities in different countries.

List Of WordPress Communities Around The Globe

1. Singapore

WordPress communities

The WordPress community in Singapore is a close-knit group that actively engages in knowledge sharing and networking. They hold regular meetups where members discuss the latest WordPress trends, themes, plugins, and best practices. Workshops and talks are organized to help beginners and advanced users alike. The community also hosts WordCamps, bringing together WordPress enthusiasts from all over the region to share their experiences and insights.

2. Argentina

WordPress Argentina

Argentina’s WordPress community is known for its strong emphasis on contributing to the WordPress project. They actively participate in translating WordPress into Spanish and contribute to the development of WordPress core, themes, and plugins. The community hosts educational events, including hands-on coding sessions and workshops, encouraging skill development among its members.

3. France

WordPress France

The French WordPress community is known for its bilingual events, ensuring that both French and English-speaking members can participate fully. WPFR, the pioneer WordPress community in the French-speaking world, evolved into WordPress Francophone, uniting French-speaking enthusiasts worldwide. Recognizing the importance of fostering local connections and avoiding centralized domination, they actively encouraged the formation of new local communities throughout France. These communities have emerged in several cities, including Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, and more.

Although WordPress Francophone serves as a central hub for all French communities, it emphasizes empowering local groups to organize their own meetups, barcamps, and events. This approach enables users to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge at a more intimate and regionally relevant level. By nurturing these local interactions, WordPress Francophone enhances the overall community experience and fosters a stronger sense of belonging among members across the country.

4. Croatia

WordPress Croatia

The Croatian WordPress community may be relatively young, but it exudes remarkable energy and agility. They organize four active Meetups, with the largest one taking place in Zagreb, attracting 60-90 attendees every two months, with an additional 200-300 viewers joining via live stream. The community also fosters local connections through Meetup Split, attended by 20-30 people every 3-4 months, and Meetup Pula, which has been organized once so far, drawing 20 in-person attendees and an online audience of 100 via live stream. 

With around 1300 members in their Croatian-language Facebook group, the community welcomes self-taught individuals, small businesses, and agencies who extensively use WordPress for their ventures, blogs, and client projects. They boast a diverse group of contributors, including theme developers (60%), plugin developers (30%), and designers (50% not using WordPress).

5. India 

The WordPress community in India began its journey in January 2013. Although their initial forum attempt faced challenges with bot registrations, they persevered and shifted focus to organizing local meetups through Facebook, forming the foundation of WordPress India. Mid-2013 marked their involvement with WordCamp Central, leading to the successful organization of regular meetups, now held every last Sunday of the month at a popular cafe.

The Indian WordPress community has grown significantly, boasting over 270 members actively participating in local meetups. Around 20% of them are small business owners, while 30% comprise developers and designers. The majority, nearly 50%, are self-employed developers or designers who predominantly utilize WordPress for their projects. This vibrant mix of members strengthens the community’s dynamic and knowledge-sharing culture.

6. Serbia

WordPress Serbia

The WordPress community in Serbia is experiencing steady growth day by day. Despite the presence of numerous WordPress users and agencies in the country, the first WordPress meetup wasn’t organized until 2013. Since then, the community has been actively expanding, fostering collaboration, and bringing together enthusiasts who share a passion for WordPress and its versatile applications. The Serbian WordPress community is dedicated to education and growth. They often organize beginner-friendly events where newcomers can learn the basics of WordPress and get started with building their websites. Their events are welcoming and inclusive, creating a friendly atmosphere for all attendees. 

The Serbian WordPress community boasts frequent and well-attended meetups, occurring approximately every 5 to 6 weeks, with an average of nearly 100 attendees per gathering. The WPSerbia Facebook page has gathered around 600 members, providing a platform for enthusiasts to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate. The community’s activities now receive support from reputable organizations such as ManageWP and the Belgrade Youth Center, further fostering a vibrant and thriving WordPress community in Serbia.

7. Malta

WordPress Malta

Although small, the Maltese WordPress community is enthusiastic and supportive. They focus on helping local businesses and organizations establish a strong online presence through WordPress. Workshops and discussions cover topics like SEO, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

Their main hub of activity revolves around the WordPress Malta Facebook group. Additionally, Malta serves as a significant hub for gaming companies, and many of these online gaming companies rely on WordPress for their projects.

8. Norway

WordPress Norway

The Norwegian WordPress community is passionate about web accessibility. Their events often center around best practices for creating websites that are inclusive and user-friendly for people with disabilities. They also emphasize the importance of using WordPress to create sustainable 

and environmentally friendly websites.

The Nordic communities, especially in Sweden and Norway, face a notable challenge with the popularity of other CMS solutions. However, WordPress is steadily gaining its deserved recognition in the region. Norway has made remarkable progress, currently hosting four diverse meetup groups (Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim, and Sandefjord), which is a significant achievement considering that not too long ago, there was only one meetup group in Oslo.

Despite being a relatively small country with a population of approximately 5 million, Oslo is thriving with its three active WordPress Meetups. The Oslo Meetup, in particular, stands out with over 500 enthusiastic members, holding monthly gatherings that typically attract 30 to 40 attendees.

9. South Africa

WordPress Capetown

The South African WordPress community in Capetown is known for its diverse talent pool, including developers, designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. They actively collaborate on projects, share resources, and provide mutual support. Their events celebrate the unique cultural landscape of the country and foster connections among WordPress enthusiasts.

Over the past few years, this community has grown tremendously, with the annual WordCamp Cape Town now attracting 400 attendees. One of their most successful events was their first annual WordPress charity hackathon. The hackathon was a one-day program in which around 50 volunteers from the community came together to build brand-new websites for 9 different local charities.

10. Canada

WordPress Vancouver

The Canadian WordPress community spans across vast geographical distances. They use online platforms effectively to connect WordPress enthusiasts from different provinces. Their events often feature guest speakers and workshops covering a great range of topics, from development to business and marketing.

Among their numerous achievements, one stands out through their workshops and outreach programs. They made great strides in achieving a balanced representation of 50/50 women and men speakers at their Wordcamps. Additionally, their meetup group, established in 2011, has grown to include around 1500 members. To cater to the diverse needs of their community, the group has branched into three subgroups: General, User, and Developer.

11. Switzerland

WordPress Switzerland

The Swiss WordPress community is highly active and technically adept. They regularly host workshops and coding sessions, diving deep into advanced WordPress development topics. They also contribute actively to the WordPress core and open-source projects. 

The meetup group established in Zurich now has 1,108 members. The meetups served as the building blocks for WordCamp Switzerland, which came into existence in 2014. This WordCamp was the outcome of a successful collaboration between the two meetup groups, attracting more than 200 attendees from both Switzerland and various parts of the world.

12. Ireland

The Irish WordPress community has a strong creative focus. They celebrate innovation and experimentation, often showcasing unique website designs and innovative uses of WordPress. 

The Dublin WordPress Meetup, established in 2011, currently boasts 377 members and continues to grow steadily. We organize monthly gatherings in Dublin city center, alternating between informal PubPress meetups for relaxed discussions over a pint and more formal TalkPress meetups featuring speakers, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions.

In 2015, they had exciting plans to host a WordPress Charity Hackathon, along with numerous other WordPress Meetups. These meetups covered a plethora of topics, including plugin development, WordPress best practices, enhancing WP agencies, SEO for WordPress, eCommerce solutions for WordPress, leveraging WordPress as an App engine, and much more. They aimed to cater to the diverse interests and needs of the WordPress community in Dublin.

13. Estonia

The Estonian WordPress community is technically proficient and actively contributes to the WordPress open-source project. They organize events that emphasize WordPress development best practices and highlight the platform’s potential for powering enterprise-level websites and applications. Their meetups are held in English since their community is open to foreigners, and they have had people joining in from all around Europe or even from all around the world.

14. Egypt

WordPress Cairo

The Egyptian WordPress community plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of tech entrepreneurship. Estimating the exact number of WordPress users in Egypt remains challenging, but considering the presence of major international corporations, many rely on WordPress for their business sites. A rough estimate suggests that there are around 50,000 users of all levels throughout the country, with a significant concentration in the capital, Cairo.

The user base in Egypt is diverse, ranging from beginners to experienced developers, and interestingly, some developers are beginners themselves. Previously, Joomla held a considerable share of the web space, but the interest in WordPress is steadily increasing among developers.

To cater to this growing WordPress community, the Meetup group WordPress Cairo was established in 2014. The group is actively engaged with a Facebook community of 102 members and a Meetup group consisting of 229 members, facilitating knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities among WordPress enthusiasts in Egypt.

15. Belgium

WordPress Belgium

The Belgian WordPress community is diverse, with members from different regions and linguistic backgrounds. They actively participate in global WordPress initiatives and work collaboratively on local projects. They also emphasize the importance of open-source values and contributing back to the WordPress community. They organized WordCamps, meetups and even hosted the first WordCamp Europe. 

16. Greece

WordPress Greece

The Greek WordPress community is passionate about knowledge sharing. They regularly host workshops, webinars, and meetups, covering the current trends and technologies in web development and design. Their events create a supportive environment for learning and growth. This community is a diverse and dynamic group with members from various fields, including frontend developers (40%), web designers (20%), server administrators (10%), backend developers (10%), webmasters (10%), and bloggers (10%).

The community has an interesting history that dates back to 2009. Although it experienced periods of inactivity, the 10th WordPress anniversary in 2013 served as a motivating factor to rekindle their passion. Since then, they have actively gathered both online and offline, forming a unified and engaged community.

Their Facebook page serves as a vibrant online meeting spot, attracting more than 17,000 members and continuing to grow daily. This active online presence enables members to share knowledge, collaborate, and strengthen the WordPress Greek Community.

17. Slovakia

WordPress Slovakia

The Slovak WordPress community is relatively young but rapidly expanding. Just two years ago, WordPress emerged as the most popular CMS in Slovakia, and since then, the number of Slovak WordPress domains has been growing by at least a thousand each month. The community is a diverse mix of regular users, freelancers, business owners, designers, and a handful of skilled developers.

Their main meetup group, located in Bratislava, boasts more than 3000 members on Facebook. They contribute to the WordPress community by translating WordPress and popular plugins into Slovak, supporting each other with various WordPress-related inquiries, and sharing valuable knowledge through our community website. Together, they foster a collaborative and supportive environment to empower all members of the Slovak WordPress community.


These featured WordPress communities represent a small fraction of the global network of WordPress enthusiasts who continuously contribute to the growth and success of the platform. Whether you are a developer, content creator, designer, marketer, or business owner, engaging with your local WordPress community can enrich your WordPress journey and empower you to create remarkable online experiences. So, wherever you are in the world, consider joining a nearby WordPress meetup or WordCamp to experience the warmth of this welcoming global community. Happy WordPressing!


Are WordPress communities only for developers?

No, WordPress communities are inclusive and welcome individuals with various backgrounds and interests. While developers form a significant part of these communities, they also cater to designers, content creators, bloggers, marketers, hosting providers, and business owners.

Is there a fee to join a WordPress community?

In general, joining a WordPress community is free. Most meetups and community events are open to the public without any membership fees. However, some WordCamps may have a nominal registration fee to cover event costs.

Can I participate in WordPress communities online?

Yes, many WordPress communities have an online presence through social media groups, forums, and virtual meetups. This allows individuals from different locations to engage with the community and participate remotely.

How do I contribute to the WordPress community?

There are various ways to contribute to the WordPress community. You can participate in translations, help with testing and bug reporting, contribute to documentation, or even share your knowledge by speaking at meetups and WordCamps.

Can I promote my business at WordPress community events?

While WordPress community events primarily focus on knowledge sharing and networking, there might be opportunities for businesses to sponsor or support events. However, self-promotion during sessions is generally discouraged.

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