Why It Is Best To Use The Latest Version of WordPress

WordPress is an evolving ecosystem with continuous updates to the WordPress core, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins. Given the frequency of updates, you might get overwhelmed by keeping up with updates. Should you consider not updating or updating rarely? No, you shouldn’t. In this article, we will explore why it is important to use the latest version of WordPress. 

Let’s look at why it matters that you update to the latest version of WordPress. 

1. New Features

If features attract you, updating the WordPress core can bring you happiness with the features they bring to the table. Not every WordPress update adds features. Some are about security patches that address vulnerabilities. Yet, apart from the minor updates, the major updates do introduce new features. For example, the introduction of ‘blocks’ was a new feature established with WordPress version 5.2. Updates are fun and they often add value in terms of functionality. 

2. Compatibility of Themes and Plugins

With every WordPress update, WordPress themes and Plugins get updates for compatibility. Thus, some plugins and themes are no longer compatible with the older versions of WordPress core. This creates conflicts that can cause the website to malfunction. 

Therefore, it is necessary that you remove these conflicts. How to do that? First, backup all the WordPress files and plugins you have. Take a full backup. You can use these backup plugins to backup your WordPress website. Once you have the backup, then and only then, proceed with updating WordPress to the latest version. If you do not have a backup, you may lose data during the updating process. Again, we repeat, take a backup before updating. 

Often, you will find plugins that are not tested for compatibility with the latest version of WordPress core. These plugins are not maintained well and most likely do not provide support. Instead of using these kinds of plugins, switch to the plugins that are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. These plugins provide support and are well-maintained. So if you encounter any problems with the plugin, the plugin developer can help you with the situation. Again, plugin and theme updates can bring additional features in addition to addressing compatibility. 

3. High Performance

The key reason to have WordPress updates is to make the WordPress platform outperform its previous version. With each update, the WordPress platform evolves and this evolution results in better performance for WordPress websites. 

Who doesn’t like high performance when it comes to the WordPress website? You should give due attention to WordPress speed optimization. You can benefit from WordPress image optimization. Here are a few tools you can use for optimizing images for WordPress

WordPress updates bring significant improvement to the website performance. If you want to check this just compare how your website performed on an old version of WordPress and how it performs with the latest version of WordPress core. 

Many glitches are fixed, vulnerabilities are addressed, and the WordPress core is fine-tuned with each WordPress update. These efforts result in a noticeable improvement in performance. For this reason, we recommend that you update your WordPress to the latest version of WordPress core.

4. Get Rid of Bugs

There are little things that can create a great mess. This is especially true with software – WordPress is not an exception. Over time, users report bugs in the WordPress core. Through WordPress updates, these bugs are addressed and removed. This is done through minor WordPress updates.

If you are not updating your WordPress version, you might be at risk because of these bugs. You can use a professional WordPress maintenance service to stay updated and keep your WordPress installation well-maintained. 

5. Security of Your WordPress Website

The most important reason for updating to the latest version of WordPress is security. WordPress updates strengthen security for the CMS. A huge number of volunteers, developers, and security experts are consistently monitoring the WordPress ecosystem. That is why WordPress frequently addresses security vulnerabilities. We recommend that you get the benefit of security improvements by using the latest version of WordPress. 

We hope this article gave you insights into why it is important to keep your website updated to the latest version of WordPress. If you have any questions related to WordPress, do reach out to us. Our expert team is always ready to address your queries.

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