Top 15 WordPress CRM Tools You Must Consider In 2019

When you run an online business that involves lots of interactions with customers, you need a functional system that helps you to manage various forms of customer activities. This is necessary if you don’t want your business to collapse due to the poor customer relations.

To effectively manage your website’s customers as well as their activities, you must have a system in place.

CRM is by far the most potent tool available today for the management of various customer activities. It allows you to engage with your customers all through the transaction process on your e-commerce website.

You are able to control a wide range of business functions that directly affect your relationship with your customers. Some of these vital business functions include customer support and marketing.

The CRM industry has become very robust with innovative products being released at every given opportunity. Investment in CRM technology reached an incredible peak of $36 billion last year, and the value is only expected to rise every year.

WordPress has also become one of the biggest implementers of CRM technology. A huge section of the platform’s users has incorporated at least one CRM tool into their respective websites. And with the number of WordPress users on a steady climb, you can expect the amount invested in CRM tools to rise as well.

What makes WordPress perfect for CRM is the ease with which it can be integrated with the management tool. WordPress has since transformed from a simple blogging platform to a perfectly tailored CMS tool for all kinds of websites.

If you run any type of business website on a WordPress platform and are looking for a CRM tool that will be ideal for you, here are some options for you to consider:

  1. Zero BS CRM
  2. WP ERP
  3. WordPress-to-Lead (Salesforce)
  4. WP-CRM
  5. WP-CRM-System
  6. WordPress Leads
  7. WooCommerce CRM
  8. UpiCRM
  9. Presspoint CRM
  10. UkuuPeople
  11. WP Fusion
  12. WP-CRM System
  13. Bitrix24
  14. Ovearo WordPress CRM
  15. vCita

1. Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM for WordPress is perhaps the most popular customer relationship management tool on the renowned web platform. It basically helps you to carry out simple management operations like create sales invoices, send quotes, and manage customer orders.

With a dashboard that is identical to the tool, Baremetrics, the CRM software can be easily operated by the least tech-savvy individual.

Features of the Zero BS CRM are Woo Sync, PayPal Sync, Mail Campaigns, and Basic CSV Importer.


WP ERP CRM Solutions for WordPress

This free plugin can be used by both small start-ups and large corporations. It provides basic CRM solutions as well as HRM and marketing solutions to websites.

With about 7,000 installs and counting, it is definitely one of the most used CRM tools for the WordPress platform.

WP ERP is composed of different modules, each handling a specific aspect of management. There are also no limits to the number of entries you can enter into each module.

Some other features of this tool include multiple currencies support, available customization options, group contacts, a built-in system for both notification and communication.

3.WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM

Arguably the most popular CRM solution on the internet, Salesforce is a powerful tool that caters to the needs of big enterprises and small start-ups. Its user interface and its functionality are two important attributes that make this tool stand out from the rest. And with over 8,000 installations till date, it seems many WordPress users agree as well.

With these perfectly interconnected tools, you don’t have to undergo the painstaking task of copying information from one platform and another. You can directly collect leads to your WordPress account and execute them without actually entering your Salesforce user page.


This tool, which is accessible for free, helps you to store contacts directly in your WP user database. You can either add the contacts manually or let the automated process do its thing via a lead generation form.

If you don’t want prospects or customers to be categorized as users, you can specify a role for them with aid of this tool.

The lead form can be easily customized. This helps to add some flavor to the lead generation process; hence, increasing its success rate.

5.WP-CRM System

If you’re into freelancing business or are a small start-up then WP-CRM System is one of the best CRM solutions for you. Though it is available for free, it also has premium packages for some additional benefits.

Its $49 a year personal package lets you import and export contacts, organize campaigns, and execute other tasks.

Its $99 per annum plan allows you to use its license in up to 3 different sites.

Its $199 plan features a practical client area along with various supplementary tools like Dropbox and MailChimp.

There is also a $499 one-time option that gives you full control of the tool’s license for a limitless number of sites. You also get amazing features like Ninja Forms Connect and invoicing.

6.WordPress Leads

If you wish to track the activities of your customers when they visit your website then this is definitely a tool you mustn’t ignore.

It allows you to store contacts as custom post types in WordPress while also making admin options easily accessible on the left menu.

With this amazing tool, you can monitor the shopping behavior of your customers so as to understand their decision-making process even better.

7. WooCommerce CRM

This is the best CRM tool for you if you run an e-commerce website on a WordPress platform. It perfectly integrates with the WordPress platform and allows you to effectively manage the activities of customers in your store.

It provides incredible data that can be used to improve lead generation and other marketing strategies.

8. UpiCRM

New to the CRM terrain, UpiCRM provides bespoke CRM solutions including lead generation and management. It has gained quite some popularity within the short time frame mostly due to its compatibility with the default WordPress contact form plugins.

Its dashboard is also massive but practical ensuring that all customer information can be easily accessed and exported to another medium.

9. Presspoint CRM

Presspoint CRM plugin

Previously known as PauPress, Presspoint CRM offers a variety of CRM solutions that can’t be gotten elsewhere. Being a premium CRM solution, it cannot be found in the WordPress repository. It is, however, 100% native to WordPress and provides a robust management solution to various customer-centered challenges.

Presspoint CRM doesn’t only let you store customer information, it also integrates various features that helps to foster customer interaction. The features include email marketing, e-commerce, and memberships.

10. UkuuPeople

UkuuPeople may not be as popular as the renowned CRM tools on this list; however, it is the most practical software you will ever use. Simplicity and effectiveness are two important characteristics you can link to the tool.

Despite only having a few hundred installations to its credit, it has a 5 out 5 rating that is rare for CRM tools.

With UkuuPeople, you can collect all contacts of your customers and place them in one compact master list for easy accessibility. You also get to enjoy additional features like seamless email list integration and schedule organizations.

11. WP Fusion

This premium plugin is an ultimate tool that connects every aspect of your website to your CRM. This makes it much easy for you to organize important activities while also tracking your customers.

Some features you can get from this tool include basic syncing of WordPress and CRM data, easy integration with WooCommerce, and seamless integration with popular lead management systems.

12. WP-CRM System

The WP-CRM System is a free WordPress plugin that makes it possible for you to effectively manage every aspect of your website including your tasks, projects, and even customers.

Apart from an English Language version, the tool is available in Polish, Spanish, and Russian.

13. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a social enterprise platform that allows small businesses to organize their operations without any hiccup. It is free and available to anyone since it is a kind of open source solution.

You don’t only get task management solutions on this platform, you also have access to a social intranet and project management tool.

14. Ovearo WordPress CRM

This tool, which is available via CodeCanyon, is an impressive CRM solution for tech start-ups and other small online businesses. It is easy to install and it also gives you full control of your entire WordPress website.

Not only are you able to store vital customer information, the tool also allows you to store important company information that is vital to transactions.

If you don’t only want to track your customer’s activities but also that of all your employees, then this tool is certainly perfect for you.

15. vCita

vCita is composed of three vital components that help facilitate effective management. They are CRM, client management, and lead management. This free tool offers more than just data storage, it allows you to import and export data belonging to unlimited numbers of customers.

All these are useful CRM tools. But the difference of some features makes them distinct while each has some common functionality. Which ones do you use most? Which ones are your favorite? Share in the comments.

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