What is CRM? The Best CRM softwares In 2024

A digital tool called customer relationship management (CRM) software is one of the categories of softwares that helps companies effectively arrange, track, and preserve information about current and potential clients. 

In addition to creating records and profiles, the CRM software centralizes data from multiple sources for lead generation, traffic, campaigns, and acquisition. Stakeholders use the software’s repository of an entire customer database to manage long-term contracts and customer relationships.

To reduce the need for a team member to perform manual data entry and ensure that communications records are comprehensive, the best CRM softwares will integrate with text messaging and email marketing software to automatically capture communications on these channels.

Specific CRM systems—like retail CRM solutions and customer support CRM systems—are made for specialized uses, and not all CRM systems are equal. Making the best decision for your company can be aided by understanding what a CRM system must be able to accomplish.

11 Best CRM Softwares

Companies are constantly seeking methods to strengthen their bonds with their clients. However, choosing the best customer relationship management (CRM) platform can be challenging, given the myriad of options. I’ve simplified things by compiling a list of the top CRM softwares.

1. Hubspot

Since I began using HubSpot CRM nearly ten years ago, not much has changed regarding how it looks and feels. The menu is arranged vertically across the top and has a helpful search box that an object can filter in addition to several dropdowns.

All the information you could need is displayed in contact records at a glance: contact details are on the left, activities are in the center, and related items, like deals, invoices, and payments, are on the right. You can add deals, quotes, and tickets with a single click. A few more clicks can be used to log meetings, send emails, or make phone calls, among other functions.

HubSpot is a hybrid tool with a help desk and marketing and CRM features. Even though its CRM feature set isn’t as extensive as other standalone offerings, this union may make it more appealing to specific businesses. It also excels at getting teams up and running fast, usually in a matter of weeks.

Key Features:

  • Marketing automation: Gives companies the ability to coordinate their marketing and sales efforts for a comprehensive understanding of each customer and prospect.
  • Email tracking: Enables users to monitor contacts’ interactions and easily connect email correspondence with their CRM.
  • Analytics and reporting: Information about marketing initiatives, customer contacts, and sales performance is provided.

Pricing: Users get a 14-day free trial with the premium plans starting at $20 monthly, paid yearly.

2. Salesforce CRM Software

For CRM software, I highly recommend Salesforce. I’m not alone in thinking this: Salesforce has established the benchmark for CRM software and continues to improve yearly.

Salesforce is used by over 150,000 companies, such as T Mobile, Adidas, and Yeti, to assist them in developing enduring relationships with their clientele. 

Salesforce offers the ideal CRM solution for small business owners and sales, marketing, IT, and customer support teams. Well-known for its adaptability, they provide customized software that changes to fit your requirements. 

Key Features:

  • Cash-to-quote automation
  • Forecasting sales
  • Management of documents
  • Personalization: Use AppExchange to access thousands of applications and personalize the platform to meet your unique requirements.
  • Management of the sales process: Organizes and makes all leads, opportunities, contacts, customers, prospects, and purchase history readily available.
  • AI-driven insights give insight into revenue management, sales performance, and customer behavior.

Pricing: Users get a 14-day free trial, Whereas the premium starts at $25 per user per month, paid yearly.

3. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM software program that increases output, optimizes workflows, and gives sales teams visibility into the pipeline. 

Businesses aiming to amp up their sales performance and streamline their sales processes can benefit significantly from its mobile accessibility, unified platform, and real-time pipeline management.

Key Features:

  • Unified platform: Provides a comprehensive sales platform with lead generation, activity tracking, contact and deal management, and automation to help sales reps stay on task.
  • Pipeline management: Enables precise forecasting and control by offering real-time visibility into the sales pipeline.
  • Integration: To improve Zendesk’s functionality, integrate it with other platforms and apps, and modify it to meet business needs.

Pricing: Premium starts at $19 per monthly user, paid yearly. Users can avail for a 14-day free trial.

4. Less Annoying

It is common for CRM Coaches to have been serving LACRM clients for more than five years, so whoever you speak with is an experienced professional.

Key Features:

  • Contact Management: See all the notes, files, tasks, events, and pipeline data about a particular contact on a single screen.
  • Simplicity: Small businesses seeking a straightforward CRM solution will find it helpful due to its ease of use.
  • Affordability: Small businesses with tight budgets can utilize it thanks to its reasonable pricing structure.

Pricing:  You can get the premium for $15/month

5. Sales Creatio

Even though some of the other CRM programs on our list have an enterprise plan, if you’re in charge of a sizable organization, you might find them to be too restrictive. But enterprise-grade CRM software like Creatio was designed with companies like yours in mind. 

They provide specialized CRM solutions for teams in charge of sales, marketing, and customer support.

Marketing Creatio gives enterprise businesses everything they need for streamlining their multichannel marketing campaigns and manage incoming leads. 

Key Features:

  • Designer for visual campaigns
  • Tracking and segmenting website behavior
  • sophisticated trigger advertisements
  • Customized email advertising
  • Monitoring events and handling reactions

Pricing: Pricing starts at $30 per user per month. 

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6. Apptivo

With Apptivo, you can centralize your customer care needs from any device, using any browser, thanks to an incredibly compatible and fully online CRM system. Over 200,000 companies trust the software in 194 countries, which is a figure that speaks for itself.

With over 65 integrated applications and a robust sales pipeline management system, it has a focused feature set. This implies that tracking potential clients never wastes time. Also, Apptivo is the SSAE18 SOC2 Type II certified solution. With this software, you get a chance to work with the world’s strictest security and privacy regulations.

Key Features:

  • Social news feed
  • Integration of IMAP email
  • Email templates with drag-and-drop
  • Developer Program Interface

Pricing: Premium plans start at $8 per month per user

7. Insightly

With Insightly, you can seamlessly incorporate your customer-relations requirements into a program you already know and love: your Google App account. This will free up your team’s time to learn new software.

But if you have questions, you might find Insightly’s nonexistent round-the-clock customer service frustrating, mainly if your team is dispersed across several time zones.

Key Features:

  • Autonomous address book
  • Quick search
  • Forms on the web for contact
  • Sharing of files

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month/user. You also get an option to get started for absolutely free with Insightly.

8. Zoho

Zoho CRM helps businesses oversee their sales, marketing, mailing, and customer service operations from one single platform. 

It provides a range of integrated options and customizable CRM solutions for expanding businesses, making it perfect for small to mid-sized teams. 

Zia, the integrated AI assistant, helps with lead and deal prediction, identifying prospective clients for conversion, and directing the work of sizable sales teams.

Key Features:

  • Integration: To offer a smooth user experience, integrate third-party programs like MailChimp, Zendesk, Office 365, and Google Workspace.
  • Lead management: Gather leads from different sources and advance them via the sales funnel. Prioritize the work of sales teams by assigning and scoring leaders.
  • Communication: Use a single platform to have real-time conversations with clients and potential clients via phone calls, emails, live chats, and social media.

Pricing: The monthly premium is $14 per user, billed annually. There is a plan that is free forever, and you get to see a 15-day complimentary trial as well.

9. Copper

Copper was built with Google users in mind. Copper’s ability to integrate with G-Suite is why people choose it. Users frequently mention Copper’s simple user interface as its most significant feature, even though its features aren’t exceptional.

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool called Copper was created for companies using Google Workspace. Whether you’re a CRM novice or an expert, our versatile software was made simple to install and operate. Organizations prioritizing relationships adore Copper due to its adaptability to their distinct sales and customer journeys.

Key Features:

  • Pipeline reporting
  • Google incorporation
  • Project management
  • Automation of tasks

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $23 monthly, billed annually.

10. SugarCRM

SugarCRM unites the service, marketing, and sales departments on a single platform to increase efficiency, engage more consumers, and generate more revenue. The on-premises and cloud-based web application speeds up sales processes and improves interactions with prospects and customers.

Key Features:

  • Automation: Businesses can increase productivity and streamline their sales processes by implementing salesforce automation.
  • Customization: It allows users to modify the platform to suit their marketing and sales procedures.
  • AI-engine: Quicken transactions with sales forecasts, Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), and AI-powered lead conversion.

Pricing: Premium starts at $49 with standalone sales force automation, easy upgradeability, and essential support for expanding teams of three to five people.

11. Keap

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is an all-in-one platform for email marketing, business automation, and CRM that helps small businesses expand by streamlining sales and marketing procedures, delivering customized automation, and providing guidance and support to guarantee user success.

Key Features:

  • Automation: Provides customized automation to generate recurring marketing campaigns and sales procedures, saving time and advancing businesses.
  • Client management: Gathers fresh leads, arranges client information, and starts the following steps to move people through the sales process smoothly.
  • Integration: Linking to over 2,500 platforms and tools, the integration offers partner-level, certified, and third-party options for lead generation, email, specialty apps, pre-made campaigns, and other features.

Pricing: Premium starts at $159/month, billed annually (for 1500 contacts and 2 users). Users can test the waters with a 14-day free trial as well.

Conclusion: Best CRM Softwares

If you ask me for my recommendations, then it’s a no-brainer. If I were tight on a budget and starting, I would opt for Less Annoying because it is a disability. Otherwise, Salesforce would be my go-to. 

Each of them has a plethora of features appropriate for teams in every department, including customer service, marketing, and sales.

However, the size of your company and the features you require will determine which CRM software is best for you. Thus, remember the criteria we discussed earlier as you arrive at your ultimate decision. 

Which CRM software are you eyeing? 

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FAQs: Top CRM Softwares

How does a CRM software benefit sales teams?

CRM empowers sales teams by centralizing customer information, automating routine tasks, and providing ideas into customer behaviors. This helps sales representatives to prioritize leads, nurture relationships, and ultimately close deals more effectively.

Can CRM softwares be customized for different industries?

Yes, many CRM softwares offer customization options to adapt to the specific needs of many industries. Custom fields, workflows, and modules can be tailored to meet the everchanging requirements of businesses in various sectors.

Is Salesforce suitable for small businesses?

While Salesforce is often associated with large enterprises, it offers a range of solutions scalable for businesses of all sizes. Salesforce Essentials, for instance, is specifically designed for small businesses to provide essential CRM functionalities.

How does Zoho CRM stand out?

Zoho CRM stands out thanks to its affordability and extensive customization options. It caters to various industries and offers a suite of applications that can be integrated, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses.

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