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Magento Pricing: Cost of Building an Ecommerce Store on Magento

There are countless reasons why someone might choose Magento over other ecommerce platforms, but one of the biggest reasons is its flexibility and scalability. One of the great things about Magento is that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business. Whether you’re a small enterprise just getting started or a large enterprise with complex requirements, Magento can be tailored to fit your needs. This is because Magento is an open-source platform, which means that anyone can access the source code and make modifications to it. 

Additionally, there are thousands of third-party extensions available in the Magento marketplace, which can be used to add even more functionality to your store. Some of these add-ons come at a price. Magento is easily available in both free and premium editions. An accurate assessment of the Magento pricing is something that store owners constantly want. Several elements, such as the following, have an impact on the overall Magento fees: 

  • The extent to which the fundamental elements and storefront design can be changed to more functionally meet your needs 
  • The volume and variety of integrations, including those with payment processors, transportation providers, or third-party applications like customer relationship management (CRM) (CRM) 

It is vital to remember that utilizing Magento has additional charges, like hosting, theme design, custom development, and add-on extensions, which can raise the overall cost of the platform.

Magento Pricing Based on its Edition

  • Magento Community Edition is entirely free and has a beginning cost of at least $15,000 for added features. It only takes a few clicks to download and setup your Magento store. If you want to customize the business to meet your needs, the possibilities are nearly endless. But, it would cost more than $15,000 to set up the store and make it available online due to expenses like a domain, hosting, designing, and development. You will be responsible for your own hosting and technical support with this edition, though.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition, the platform’s paid edition, provides a number of features and services, such as technical support, software updates, and more advanced security safeguards. Your company’s size and the anticipated level of sales will affect the price of Magento Enterprise Edition. Magento Enterprise Edition typically costs between $22,000 and $125,000 a year.

Magento pricing breakdown for development

magento pricing

1. Magento Pricing for a license 

Since Magento is an Open Source platform, it doesn’t cost anything.

Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud have been rebranded as Adobe Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud as of April 2021. The Magento packages come with preset code optimization and offer distinctive built-in features. The cost for Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud can thus be calculated by considering the annual sales of your company.

2. Magento Pricing for hosting 

You will not have to worry about this expense if you use the Magento Commerce Cloud edition because the license includes managed and automated hosting. Users of Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce should pay attention to this query, nevertheless. To function effectively and steadily, they require specialized storage. There are numerous hosting options, including shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting. The cost of Magento hosting will vary depending on the features and performance needed for your e-commerce website, typically costing $10 to $50 per month. You even host your website on Nestify for a first-rate performance of your website.

3. Price of Domain Name 

You can purchase a brand-new or an expired domain name for your online store. Therefore, there will be a range in the annual domain name prices: 

  • $10 to $20 annually for a new domain 
  • $20–400 per year for domains that have expired 

4. Magento Pricing for SSL Certificate 

To increase the dependability of a Magento website and guarantee your data protection, you must buy and use an SSL certificate. The yearly price ranges from $50 to $300. Security of your ecommerce website depends on many factors. Learn about the basics of ecommerce security in this blog

5. Magento Pricing for web design 

To design your Magento website, you have two choices: 

  • Use a pre-made Magento theme
  • Create a unique theme

For a Magento theme, the typical cost to build an eCommerce website is between $0 and $180. 

To establish your own design, however, you will need to work with a website designer. 

A bespoke theme requires 40–160 hours of work from Magento developers. 

The minimum hourly wage is $40, or more than $5,000 overall. 

The growing client mobile usage and revenue should be considered while implementing custom designs. For a mobile-friendly user experience, you should therefore pay attention to making the website responsive on all types of gadgets, including tablets and smartphones. 

6. Pricing of developing a Magento website 

Magento developers often need to invest at least 40 hours in customizing those main pages to fit the overall brand style, even if you choose a free pre-made Magento theme. Since a Magento developer typically charges $50 per hour, the starting price for developing a Magento website is $1,800.

7. Magento Pricing of Extensions 

You may manage an online business with the assistance of the Magento ecommerce platform. However, a lot of Magento companies continue to employ extra extensions for: 

  • Customer service capabilities 
  • More effective layered navigation 
  • Advanced lookup 

These extensions are simple to find and add to your store from the Magento marketplace.  Except for a few, most high-end and sophisticated extensions cost a one-time charge. Depending on the features and the provider’s reputation, the average cost of a Magento extension ranges from $60 to $600. 

8. Magento Pricing Charged by Payment Providers 

Stripe,, and PayPal account for 75.6% of all global payment transactions, making them the three most widely used ecommerce payment providers. There is no setup fee for these payment service providers. However, the cost for a transaction starts at 2.9% plus $0.30. You can conduct further study to select a suitable payment service provider in order to make the decision that is most cost-effective for your company.

9. Price of SEO and online advertising 

Due to the intense competition in the online business world, large funds must be spent on SEO and website promotion. You may almost skip this step unless you are marketing specialty goods and services. Otherwise, you should expect to pay, on average, between $10,000 and $40,000 per year for SEO and marketing services.

Recognizing the range of support services offered by Magento 

magento support

Magento is a very potent system that enhances your sales potential and provides amazing website performance. However, it is imperative that you continuously update, test, and add new features to keep the website operating efficiently and securely. 

Magento Open Source does not offer support services because it is a free edition. If you want full Magento development and support, you might think about outsourcing it to Magento developers. These costings should also be considered while chalking out a full-proof plan for Magento pricing.

You can open a ticket and get remote assistance with the Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud editions. Their scope and response time are constrained by Magento’s capability. In order to tackle other issues relating to third-party extensions, integrations, and custom logic for immediate help, you might still require your own Magento development team.

Need of Maintenance and Support for Magento Site

  • To ensure smooth corporate operations 

Regardless of the eCommerce platform you are using, website outages, unforeseen mistakes, and hacker assaults can occur at any time. Most programs and extensions need to be updated frequently, and some even have an expiration date. These procedures provide the best uptime and operation for your eCommerce website. Without frequent modifications and changes, your eCommerce website cannot remain current and appealing. You can employ qualified Magento specialists to supply the following services for your website to safeguard it from these issues: 

– Domain name, certificate, and license renewal 

– Protection against potential dangers 

– Daily and recurring backups are essential. 

  • To follow the most recent technological developments 

Ecommerce trends and customer needs are constantly evolving. Your ecommerce website may seem cutting-edge right now, but to keep up with the times, you will need to make frequent upgrades and modifications. To anticipate these alterations, you should stay current with fashion, and your website should be adaptable enough to handle changes. 

Therefore, you can hire a skilled Magento team for system operation practices and website maintenance if the store owner wishes to concentrate solely on business strategy. They are able to offer you trustworthy support since they have a thorough awareness of the technical components of the problem and the necessary industry knowledge. 

  • To uphold strict security standards 

In order to maintain high standards for your online store, it is essential to adopt the newest security solutions. Regular version updates of Magento include all the updated system specifications and improved functionality needed to comply with these standards. The number of hacker assaults and data breaches will be significantly reduced by updating Magento versions and applying security fixes. 


It is challenging to put a price tag on building a Magento store due to the numerous customization choices available to business owners. So, Magento pricing structure accurately reflects the choices you make as a store owner and the ways you prefer to achieve your company goals. 

The cost of having a Magento website built also differs widely between service providers in light of their respective levels of expertise, track records, and other factors. It’s vital to work with reliable Magento product and service providers. Your online shop’s success in the long run will be a joint effort between you and trustworthy partners. 

If you want to understand how to connect your Magento online store with a physical location, you can schedule a free consultation with Nestify. Together, we can develop a business strategy and plan tailor-made to your requirements.


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