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12 Types of Coupons Your eCommerce Store Should Offer

Need help to come up with creative coupon ideas? 

You’re not alone! 

Coupons are a powerful marketing tool, but figuring out what kind of offer to make can take time and effort. 

Discount coupons and promotional discounts are effective marketing strategies that attract visitors to your site, like bees to honey.

However, various eCommerce discounts and deal ideas are available in the industry. 

Even if you’re keen to use most of these for your online store, you must choose your coupons intelligently and without overdoing it.

We’ve selected the best  of coupons and promotional offer alternatives that you may securely implement into your website to help you accomplish your sales goals.

Why Coupons are Great Tools for an eCommerce Store?

Coupons and special offers are among the most effective kinds of marketing. These have had a significant role in increasing sales and reducing losses. 

Why? There are psychological reasons for this.

Discounts and bargains play on the consumer’s sense of urgency and fear of losing out on an opportunity. 

Because most offers have a time limit, individuals make rash purchases to avoid missing out. During the sale, many consumers fill their carts with products they have been considering for a while.

Another psychological factor influencing sales performance is the human need to avoid missing out on something significant. 

In other words, FOMO. During the sales season, stores get overcrowded, with numerous consumers waiting outside. 

Everyone wants a share of the finest offers.

Discounts also take advantage of consumers’ loss aversion. People believe that buying an item at half price saves them money. Though they spend more on sales, the lower price tag provides a sense of security. So, offering discount coupons becomes a smart strategy for increasing the spending capacity of your customers. 

Best Types of Coupons Your eCommerce Store

1. Free shipping coupon

Free shipping coupon

If your shop does not currently provide free shipping, consider adding it because carts are checked out or abandoned based on shipping prices. 

If you don’t, consider using a coupon for free shipping. Even if you currently provide free delivery, a voucher for speedier free shipping (such as two-day or overnight) is an extremely appealing offer. 

2. Percent-off Discount Coupons

These are the most frequent and widely used coupon kinds among businesses. Decide on a percentage discount you’d like to provide on purchases costing a specific amount.

Percent-off Discount Coupons

For example, save 20% on orders over INR 2,000. In such circumstances, when buyers discover that they may get a discount by making a minor purchase, they may have things for 700rs waiting in their basket. They’ll most likely add one or two products to achieve the INR 2000 limit.

You may also use these coupons to increase your email list. Give consumers a 20% discount if they provide email addresses or make their first purchase. Buyers are constantly looking for offers that save them money. 

According to statistics, 90% of shoppers are more likely to make a buy from a brand offering

discounts or use shoppers use a coupon or discount code throughout the year

3. Buy one, get one free

The buy one, get one free option, sometimes known as the BOGO deal, is ideal for pushing sales at various times of the year. 

BOGO deals are often appropriate for a certain range of products – those that might be given away for free with a large purchase. People buy costumes, sweets, and decorations during holiday sales, such as Halloween or Christmas. You may also create similar coupons for occasions when people want a supply of various items, such as summer vacation (swimwear, caps, flip flops) or back to school.

4. Cart Deals

Consider a client browsing a store with no intention of purchasing anything. A salesperson notices this and approaches the shopper to advise them of a last-minute discount if they buy anything. It may suddenly stimulate the customer’s interest, resulting in a sale. 

When individuals leave their carts, a cart voucher works just as described. You may re-engage these clients by emailing them coupons offering a 5% or 10% discount on their order. 

5. Automated Discounts

Coupons are amazing, but only if your customers remember to use them at the register. In such a case, after the order has been accepted, your business can receive a call from customer support asking to have the discount applied. Another issue would be if the consumer decided to just cancel the order and start over.

Instead of needing to remember to copy and paste the code, your consumer will automatically know they are receiving the discount when they use an automated coupon. They just purchase what they want, and the promo coupon is added for them via your checkout app. They got the deal they wanted and had a wonderful experience with your brand—no disappointments, no difficulties. 

6. Points for loyalty

The amount of money spent at a retailer determines how many loyalty points you may accrue.

For instance, if you give your customers one loyalty point for every $1 spent, they will receive one point for their purchases at your business.

You may exchange loyalty points for savings on subsequent purchases. These are great discounts to provide current clients in order to promote referrals. When you use wployalty, they are also very simple to implement:

Points for loyalty

A rewards program is simple to set up, and you can choose what kind of loyalty points to provide, to whom, and when.

7. Festive and Seasonal Sales Coupons 

Conducting a sale during festivals, holidays, or the end of the season is another popular marketing strategy. During the holiday season, people typically have a long list of things they want to acquire.

Festive and Seasonal Sales Coupons 

They are going on a buying binge, sometimes even making rash purchases. Displaying up to 50% or 70% on your eCommerce website using banners or billboards attracts a lot of people. Offering discounts throughout the holidays is a great idea as people shop for friends, family, and themselves. It provides you with the opportunity to increase sales.

8. Coupons for a gift with purchase

Coupons for free gifts with purchases give a free present when a certain item is purchased.

For instance, if you provide a consumer a purchase voucher for a free shirt together with a free gift, they will receive a free shirt with their purchase.

These may be the best option if you have extra stock. You may encourage clients to make a purchase while also getting rid of our outdated goods.

Offering free gifts with WooCommerce may be done in a number of ways. Nevertheless, Advanced Coupons expedites and simplifies the implementation of each one.

9. Coupons With a Mystery Or Spin-The-Wheel

By providing a surprise or spin-the-wheel coupon in your emails, you can also apply gamification to your coupon strategy and add an entertaining and engaging aspect. These kinds of discounts might assist in bringing some fun or competitiveness to your marketing campaigns.


For gifts and contests, they can be ideal. They also strive to strengthen and expand loyalty initiatives.

10. Mobile Discount Codes

Alright, so a “mobile” coupon isn’t quite the same as a free gift voucher or a loyalty discount. However, we’re adding it here so you won’t forget that there are other ways to acquire coupons besides email. 

In fact, you can be missing out on a significant amount of revenue if you overlook mobile. According to an estimate by Juniper Research, digital coupon redeem exceed over $91 billion in 2022, with mobile devices accounting for 80% of these redeems. 

Therefore, 2022 should be the year you begin distributing your store’s promo codes by SMS, push notifications, or your ecommerce chatbot if you haven’t already. And make use of the several coupon kinds that we’ve discussed here to increase sales, please clients, and expand your web company. 

11. First-Time Purchase Discount

If you give your consumers a discount on their first purchase, there’s a considerable chance they’ll rush into your store. One of the best ways to draw in new consumers is to display discounted items that are ideal for first-time purchases as a point of attraction. Customers may be more likely to remember you if you even just give them a tiny discount the first time around. This increases the possibility that they will not only buy something for themselves but also urge their friends and relatives to do the same.

12. Discount on Newsletter Subscription

How can you keep clients coming back after only one purchase or guarantee consistent sales? You use promotional emails to connect with your clientele. The problem lies in the fact that they dislike having you constantly show up in their inboxes. 

As a result, people don’t sign up for new websites. But if they receive a 10% or 15% discount in exchange for subscribing, they’re far more inclined to do so. Provide these kinds of freebies if you want to build an email list. Although obtaining the emails of possible prospects is never simple, offering a discount might help.

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Wrapping up

Coupons may completely transform your consumers’ buying experience and help your business expand significantly when incorporated into your eCommerce strategy. Incentives such as coupons, which may be used for everything from freebies to loyalty points and discounts, are effective tools for drawing in new clients and fostering enduring bonds with current ones. 

You may generate a sense of urgency and excitement among your clients by providing discounts and exclusive deals, in addition to expressing your gratitude for their business. It is possible to find the coupon ideas that most appeal to your audience by trying out several concepts; this will eventually result in improved brand loyalty, more engagement, and more sales.

FAQs on Coupons Your eCommerce

How can I stop fraud or misuse of coupons?

Coupon abuse may be avoided by putting in place safeguards such as usage restrictions, expiration dates, and unique coupon codes. Frequent tracking and examination of coupon usage trends might potentially reveal possible fraudulent activity.

Do discount coupons hurt a company’s profit margins?

In the long run, coupons can result in higher client acquisition, retention, and overall revenue, even if they may lower profit margins on specific purchases. Finding the right balance between continuing to be profitable and providing discounts is crucial.

What resources can I employ to successfully handle discount campaigns?

Make use of marketing automation solutions and eCommerce systems that have strong coupon management capabilities. These solutions facilitate effective and data-driven decision-making by streamlining the development, delivery, and tracking of discount programs.

When is the right time to provide coupons?

The frequency of discount promotions should be determined by taking into account competition activity, customer behavior, and seasonal trends. While maximizing sales chances, a diverse strategy that combines sporadic promotions with focused advertising helps sustain client attention.

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