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5 Best Point of Sale (POS) Plugins for WooCommerce [2024 Edition]

Do you have a WooCommerce store and want to expand your business scope beyond online?

Point of sale (POS) can do that for you by selling your products in a physical store and increasing your income by integrating a point of sale (POS) plugin into your website.

Point of sale is so widespread that the global market size for POS terminals is slightly over $103 billion. 

Moreover, According to 6sense, an account-based marketing business, Square controls 28% of the POS system industry. Toast is not far behind, at 22%. Lightspeed, First Data (now Fiserv), and Clover complete the top five.


With a point of sale plugin for WooCommerce, you can manage orders and generate sales from a front-end system on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, which is why POS is so popular.

In this post, I’ll go into further detail regarding the operation of a WooCommerce POS plugin. I’ll then walk you through each of the best of the five WooCommerce point-of-sale plugins.

So, with that, let’s get started!

What is Point of Sale (POS)?

The tasks performed by a point-of-sale (POS) system include figuring out how much a customer needs to pay, showing that amount to them, creating an invoice or receipt, and presenting all of their available payment choices.

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it!

Because all physical and virtual stores use them.

When you ring up your cart at the grocery store, for instance, the system will inform you how much you owe and the cashier will spell out your own payment options (cash, credit/debit, etc.). Lastly, the receipt will print out.

But this is the only thing the client will deal with. In actuality, these systems have evolved throughout time to become far more sophisticated and capable. Product catalogs, sales analysis, inventory management, and other functions are also essential.

It truly depends on your needs and the tool you select. Nonetheless, you can boost sales for your WooCommerce site by using the appropriate POS plugins.

Let’s now look at a few of the top POS plugins for WooCommerce.

5 Best Point of Sale (POS) Plugins for WooCommerce 

  1. Point of Sale System for WooCommerce

The Point of Sale System for WooCommerce, developed by Webkul, is a premium plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce users.

Point of Sale

This plugin provides comprehensive support for both online and offline operations. Offline functionality is enabled through a dedicated Chrome extension.

Key features of the Point of Sale System include:

  • Creation of unlimited physical locations and agents.
  • Agent capabilities such as adding customer details, applying discounts, and adding products manually or via a barcode scanner.
  • Support for currency switching and management of multiple carts, including cart holding for later use.
  • Payment acceptance through cash, card, and split payments between the two methods.

The POS system is built using React, offering a user-friendly interface. A full-featured demo is available for interaction.

Pricing for the Point of Sale System for WooCommerce is $99 with standard Envato licensing. This includes lifetime updates for a single site and six months of support, with the option to extend support to one year for an additional fee.

With lifetime updates included, this plugin offers an affordable solution compared to other premium WooCommerce POS system plugins.

WooCommerce Point of Sale for Yith (POS) is a premium plugin that turns your website into an extremely effective and user-friendly cash register system. 

  1. YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce (POS)

Your cashiers can effortlessly search for products or browse barcodes at checkout with the help of this plugin. They also possess the capacity to instantly add new products as needed. 

YITH Point Of Sale For WooCommerce

YITH POS makes sure that product listings, orders, and customer information are seamlessly synchronized across all outlets for companies that operate both physical and online stores. It is appropriate for large franchises or multi-store setups because it supports an infinite number of stores and registers. 

Optimized layouts are available for desktop and mobile devices with the plugin. Despite being primarily made for iPads and Android tablets, the mobile interface is convenient for transactions while on the go. 

YITH POS offers a comprehensive dashboard with valuable analytics, including sales trends, revenue per terminal, preferred payment methods, and top-performing cashiers. 


  • Unlimited stores and register support. 
  • Responsive layouts for desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Detailed sales statistics for informed decision-making. 


  • The free version is restricted to cash payments.
  • Lack of offline functionality. 

Why we recommend YITH POS: 

YITH is known for delivering powerful yet affordable plugins that are easy to implement. Their POS plugin encompasses essential features for most stores and facilitates management across multiple outlets. 

  1. FooSales

FooSales is a WooCommerce POS plugin that stands out with its web version and dedicated tablet apps, available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms.


What sets FooSales apart is its tablet apps, providing a unique and convenient POS experience if you prefer using tablets for your business. These apps also support offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted operations even without an internet connection.

Cashiers can easily add products to transactions by searching or using barcode scanners. They can also manage customer details directly from the POS interface, synchronizing them with WooCommerce seamlessly.

Cashiers can accept payments by cash, credit card, debit card, and other means thanks to the flexibility of payment processing. They can apply coupons, calculate taxes, and email WooCommerce receipts to customers. Additionally, with supported hardware, you can print physical receipts using the tablet apps.

Another notable feature is the integration with the FooEvents plugin for WooCommerce, enabling the sale and management of event tickets directly from the POS system.

  • FooSales offers a 30-day full-featured free trial with no credit card required. 
  • Subsequently, paid plans start at $15 per month, which may be slightly more expensive compared to one-time payment plugins.


  • Its ease of usage is something I like. It also provides a summary of the sales from the day before.
  • functions perfectly with my WordPress e-commerce website.
  • With the Star Mpop printer, it’s simple to utilize the software. The implementation went smoothly, and the pricing is reasonable.


  • iOS has limited features, slow initial loading times, and problems with connectivity.
  • Once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed by adding a product or requesting a refund. Even if the login credentials are correct, we continuously receive connection errors.
  • The only thing lacking would be the ability to download the app—even in its most basic version—on an iPhone.
  1. Hike Pos

Unlike the previous plugins discussed, Hike POS isn’t solely dedicated to WooCommerce; rather, it functions as a standalone POS service with a specialized WooCommerce integration.

Hike Pos

Through this integration, you can seamlessly synchronize product catalogs, inventory, orders, and customer profiles between Hike POS and WooCommerce.

Hike POS is compatible with iPad, PC, and Mac platforms, though it lacks an Android tablet app. Its interface is known for its speediness, working efficiently both online and offline, and supporting barcode scanning for swift transactions.

During checkout, cashiers can easily apply discounts and process credit card payments. Additionally, Hike POS offers the unique feature of enabling gift card transactions.

Other notable features include:

  • Refund processing capabilities
  • Staff access management through PINs for enhanced security
  • Comprehensive analytics for detailed insights into sales performance
  • Support for multi-store operations

While Hike POS offers a sleek and feature-rich package, its pricing is comparatively high. 

It is the most costly choice among the WooCommerce POS systems covered here, with plans starting at $59 per month (paid yearly) or $69 per month (billed monthly).

Before signing up for a membership, you may, however, test out its features with a 14-day free trial.

  1. Square

Square for WooCommerce is a free extension that enables you to accept payments using Square, a widely used payment gateway renowned for its simplicity in processing credit card payments.


Your clients may easily make payments with digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as major credit and debit cards, by utilizing the Square plugin.

Square has a set transaction fee that varies according to the nation in which it operates.

Square is simple to set up for WooCommerce. Your online store and your Square account immediately synchronize payments and product listings. This implies that your WooCommerce store and any goods you add to your Square account will work together flawlessly.

Square also provides robust business protection measures, including a dedicated dispute management team and fraud detection powered by machine learning algorithms to preemptively identify fraudulent activities.


  • Easy setup process
  • Low initial investment
  • Diverse payment options are available
  • Free to use


  • No offline functionality
  • Limited availability for credit card payments across countries

Why we recommend Square for WooCommerce:

Square for WooCommerce offers a hassle-free way to establish a point-of-sale system with no upfront costs. For these reasons, it stands out as one of the top free WooCommerce POS plugins available.

Bonus: Openpos – WooCommerce Point Of Sale

OpenPOS is a popular WooCommerce POS plugin that allows you to seamlessly sync data between your online store and physical retail locations. It enables many outlets, registers, and barcode scanners, which improves operating efficiency.


Cashiers can easily scan product barcodes or manually enter item names or SKUs. The plugin also enables weight-based pricing and the use of coupons and discounts.

OpenPOS is suitable for a wide range of business types, including retail outlets, cafes, gyms, bars, hospitals, and supermarkets. It also provides multiple modes specialized to individual industries. For example, the Cafe/Restaurant Mode has capabilities like table management and a kitchen view screen.

A notable addition to OpenPOS is its progressive web app for desktops, simplifying POS system usage for service workers.

Other key features include:

  • Checkout with multiple payment methods, allowing split payments.
  • No-touch order processing is available for added convenience and safety.
  • Comprehensive transaction and sales reports for business insights.

A single site license for the OpenPOS plugin costs $64 and grants access to all of its features.

Wrapping Up

Integrating a Point of Sale (POS) system into your WooCommerce store will greatly improve your business operations, whether you sell online, in physical stores, or both. POS plugins’ flexibility and simplicity allow businesses to speed transactions, manage inventory effectively, and provide seamless customer experiences.

After examining the top POS plugins for WooCommerce, it’s clear that each solution provides distinct features and benefits to meet the demands of various businesses. These plugins provide the tools you need to optimize your retail operations, including robust synchronization across online and offline locations, support for different payment methods, and complete reporting features.

Whether you’re a small boutique, a bustling restaurant, or a multi-store corporation, investing in the appropriate POS plugin can lift your business up to new heights of efficiency and profitability.

FAQs on Point of Sale

Why should I use WooCommerce with a POS plugin?

Simplifying sales operations, offering a unified platform for managing offline and online sales, enhancing customer experience through seamless transactions, and obtaining insights into sales performance through comprehensive reporting and analytics tools are just a few benefits of integrating a point-of-sale (POS) plugin with WooCommerce.

When selecting a WooCommerce POS plugin, what characteristics should I look for?

Look for features such as barcode scanning for effective Inventory management, support for multiple payment methods like cash, card, and digital wallets, real-time synchronization of inventory and sales data between online and offline channels, and extensive reporting tools for tracking sales performance when choosing a WooCommerce POS plugin.

Can I use a POS plugin for WooCommerce without opening a physical store?

Indeed, a lot of WooCommerce point-of-sale (POS) plugins are made for companies that only conduct business online. With the help of these plugins, companies can handle payments straight from their WooCommerce website, providing clients with a smooth checkout procedure without the need for a physical store.

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