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Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

WordPress is famous for its content management capabilities. There are so many plugins available to provide almost any kind of functionality. Directories are not an exception. 

A directory delivers business or personal information based on a specific location or category to a potential customer. This guide will discuss how we can create directories using directory plugins For WordPress.

You can manage your data to create a valuable business directory. Directory plugins for WordPress help you do the same thing without bothering you with the technical nitty-gritty.

A business directory contains information about businesses. These can be online businesses or local offline businesses. In the case of offline businesses, it is helpful if you add location along with business information. 

Some directories help you identify and connect with certain professionals, while others are simply job listings that feature vacancies for a particular job. 

A business directory should be indexed for easy searching. The presentation of information should be attractive. It should also have integration with payment gateways so that you can accept payment.

Top 10 Directory Plugins for WordPress

  1. Sabai Directory
Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

Sabai is a premium directory plugin made for WordPress and is known to be the best of its kind. With it, the users can create a community-driven business directory, like Yahoo! Local or Yelp.

Sabai is marketed through the CodeCanyon marketplace, and the best thing about the Sabai Directory plugin is that it costs only $29. With that price, a user gets up to six months of support from the developer. 

This one-time payment also unlocks every feature in the plugin, ensuring no need to pay for additional directory add-ons.

The plugin is specially designed to create a directory site structure for restaurants, businesses, and stores. It also comes with maps that can be switched with the help of Google Maps.

After installing this plugin, users can search the listings by keywords, category, distance, and location. Plus, the plugin offers user-friendly auto-suggestions. Sabai Directory has several rating and review options and the option to claim an existing business like yours.

This plugin allows visitors to upload photos to a business listing and comment on other visitors’ photos and reviews. They may also flag reviews, listings, photos, and comments that may be inappropriate or false. This helps customers and employees monitor and regulate the website to ensure all information and feedback about a business is accurate.

Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

As the image above shows, the Sabai Directory has robust support for mapping and interactive maps, geolocation, directions, multi-location support, 16 custom Google Map styles, and support for the OpenStreetMap as well.

Price: $29

  1. GeoDirectory
Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

GeoDirectory makes it easy to transform any WordPress theme into a robust directory.

It is a multisite-compatible plugin, meaning that it is built to install on multiple client sites and create a network of directories.

Users can create a global directory with the plugin while splitting it into sub-sections catering only to a small area.

It uses a freemium model, where most of the features are given to the users for free. However, users can purchase premium add-ons like the multi-location add-on, add-ons for adding events, reviews, pricing, BuddyPress integrations, and more.

Users can avail of these add-ons at a starting price of $19.

One of the highlights of GeoDirectory is its beautiful search interface. You can’t help but fall in love with it.

The plugin also features a frontend form for merchants and regular users who want to add listings. 

The business pages are listed in order of the distance to the user, with large, clickable thumbnails placed to the left and a beautiful Google Map just next to it. 

It also features a CSV import and export tool for filling multiple listings at once or migrating them to another site.

With GeoDirectory’s lightweight, scalable interface, it is one of those very few plugins that can significantly help your business grow.

The developer also sells pre-made directory themes; users can buy them if they’re starting a site from scratch.

Price: Freemium model with add-ons starting at $19.

  1. Toolset Directory
Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

With Toolset Directory, users can quickly build a directory website without PHP coding.

It is the best plugin for both coding novices building their directory for the first time and experienced programmers who need to develop the website fast.

The plugin integrates easily with some of the best plugins like Elementor, WooCommerce, WPML, and almost all the major WordPress themes.

Toolset Directory has a three-tiered pricing plan, the amount for which is listed below. However, the renewals cost less than the initial price.

With this plugin, you can build any website, whether a membership, ecommerce, or brochure website.

The plugin also has functions like support for custom post types, fields, and taxonomies. It also supports category trees, payment gateway integration, and much more.

Price: $69 for one site($51 renewal), $149 initially for three sites($111 renewal) and $299 for unlimited websites($224 renewal)

  1. Name Directory
Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

Name Directory is more like a Glossary! It is where an admin auto-generates a quick list of names/terms and shares them on a webpage for external or internal use.

This WordPress directory plugin makes more sense when you need to make an online glossary of terms or when your organization wants to list out personal information for employees.

After you create the directory list, the plugin presents you with a shortcode that you can place anywhere on your site, whether a widget, post, or page. This makes it very easy to implement a directory. 

The good thing here is that you, as a user, do not need to start with a new website to make it work. There is also a function called the “Bulk Import” when you have a list of people that is quite large. This saves you a lot of typing as well.

Most designs are already made for you to use, so it is one of the quickest ways to get a directory on your website.

Users are also free to create multiple directories with the plugin, and you get the option to spread each of those throughout your website, thanks to the handy shortcodes.

The WordPress directory plugin is free, but you will only get the support area.

  1. Directories Pro
Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

The Directories Pro plugin was created by the same developer that made the Sabai Directory, and the developer recommends upgrading to this newer-and-improved version if you, as a user, are willing to spend an extra $10 for more features.

This WordPress directory plugin, just like its predecessors, can help you convert your WordPress website into any directory site.

You can create unlimited directories and impressive customizations over each field in the listings. Users can also search for the filters through listings and submit their listings through the dashboard. Users can also monetize their website thanks to the WooCommerce integration.

This plugin was also built with SEO in mind and is made to be compatible with popular SEO plugins like Yoast and Rank Math. 

The plugin is also known to be SEO friendly and was made to be used alongside popular SEO plugins like Rank Math and Yoast SEO.

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Reviews help the site rank, so Directories Pro enables ratings, reviews, and filters.

Price: $39 (At the moment of writing this guide, the plugin is discounted to the cost of $27)

  1. HivePress
Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

HivePress suits various tasks, including job listing, marketplace, real estate, etc.

The plugin’s free model lets the users add listings that include images, titles, and descriptions. However, you need to install the extensions to add the custom fields.

This WordPress directory plugin also lends support for the multi-vendor system for the public online directory. You can also use the plugin blocks to add a listing, vendor search form, or user registration form to any page/post you choose.

HivePress offers a dedicated WordPress theme, “ListingHive,” which supports the plugin and extensions. The theme is the best for making a beautiful directory website.

You can also get premium themes from HivePress, ranging from $69 to $89. Each premium theme was created for a particular use instance, such as a job listing, service directory website, or property rental.

Price: free core plugin, premium extensions start at $29, and themes $69. 

7. Business Directory

Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

Business Directory packs a lot of features to help you create a successful business directory.

This plugin supports and works with other popular WordPress plugins like the Gutenberg editor. Some blocks that are supported with it are the carousel block, directory block, and list block.

The carousel block displays the listings in a rotating manner. This is best suited for both “Our Team” pages and the business listings. 

The directory block lends a more traditional approach, with all of the company’s information on the page. Lastly, the listed block displays all future events scheduled to occur to users.

Considering that it is a free plugin, Connections Business Directory has many features that control how visitors can monitor your directory. It also allows you to toggle the entries made visible to the public and the logged-in users. It also lends support to the hierarchical categories. The visitors can also easily upload their photos to the staff directory.

Price: Free

8. Directorist

Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

Directorist is a popular WordPress plugin for websites, including business directories, classified advertisements, business directories, and job portals.

Users get the easy drag-and-drop interface to manage the directory.

Using the form builder, the users can arrange the form fields according to their choice and also go on to create the custom field types. Listing layouts and search forms are also customizable.

Directorist also lets the users organize the locations and the categories. It supports Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to pinpoint the Listing and provide more detailed location information.

Use the option to embed and customize the directory with over 16 blocks on WordPress. It also allows guest submission, letting the visitors and listings without having to log in.

The free version supports bank transfer payments for monetization. To get extensions that include Paypal and Stripe payment gateways, users must upgrade to the premium plan, which starts at $119/year.

Price: freemium model, premium version starts at $199/year

09. Classified Listing

Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

Classified Listing is a popular WordPress plugin with over 7,000+ active installations. The plugin is highly responsive and packed with all the essential features needed to build a classified listing website, like a job directory, local business directory, booking website, and more.

It comes loaded with other powerful features like the ability to create variations of ad promotions like the top features. 

The store and the membership add-ons also allow you to charge the users with different packages.

Sellers and buyers can also use the live chat feature to communicate. Some other features include compatibility with OpenStreetMap or the Google Map API. Multiple search options, payment gateways, currency control, and more exist.

Price: Free or Pro starting at $39/year

10. AWP Classifieds

Top 10 Directory Plugins For WordPress In 2024

AWP Classifieds is an easy-to-use classified ad directory plugin that lets users and visitors make listings on a website.

The plugin auto-adds necessary pages like the user dashboard, the directory, and the ad placement. Users can also streamline the website setup and customize the pages to suit a specific style.

The free model of the plugin comes with a preset form field, and the user can arrange the order to some extent. The premium comes with extra fields, and the users can add additional input elements like the drop-down menu, text, radio button, and checkbox.

With the plugin in action, non-registered users can also post the ads, and ads can be enabled for non-registered users before they display them.

Users can also monetize by creating subscription plans and charging listing fees. The free version of the plugin supports 2Checkout and Paypal as payment systems. With the premium version, the users get Stripe and Paypal.

Price: freemium model, with premium version starting at $49.50/year


WordPress directory plugins make it very easy to create a directory website. They provide features like the entire listing management and fully customizable form fields. 

Before choosing a Directory plugin for WordPress, make sure you know what type of directory website you want to create in the first place and the types of listings that you need. 

Consider whether to pick a multipurpose directory plugin or one specializing in some specific area.

I hope this guide on Top 10 Directory Plugins for WordPress was helpful for you to choose a suitable WordPress plugin.


What Is a WordPress Directory Plugin?

A WordPress directory plugin is a tool that enables its users to create as well as manage various types of directories on their WordPress websites, such as staff directories, business directories, product directories, and much more. It typically includes customizable templates, search and filter options, and user submission forms.

What Is the Purpose of a Directory?

The purpose of a directory is to organize and categorize resources or pieces of information in a structured way so that later on, it is easy to search. Directories are used for employee or member directories, business, and product listings. They can help users find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Can I Make My Directory in WordPress?

Yes, you can make your directory in WordPress. To do so, you can use a directory plugin such as Business Directory. Another option is to create a custom directory using a theme or a page builder. And lastly, you can use taxonomies and custom post types to make one.

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