25 Best WordPresss Lead Generation Plugins You Shouldn’t miss Reading About!

Best WordPresss Lead Generation Plugins

Many options are available when searching for the best lead-generation plugins for WordPress e-commerce sites. Whether you are an experienced seller or are just getting started, lead generation plugins can help you draw in, hold on to, and convert prospective customers. The ideal tool will work in unison with your WordPress website to boost lead generation and enhance your business.

An effective e-commerce site must do more than just list products; it must engage users, motivate them to take action, and foster relationships that result in repeat business. Lead generation is crucial in the competitive field of e-commerce because leads are prospects who have expressed interest in your goods or services.

Lead generation plugins can help you to:

  • Capture visitors’ attention
  • Boost conversion conversions
  • Build relationships
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Gather valuable customer data
  • Convert leads into loyal customers

Lead generation plugin websites enable you to design eye-catching forms, pop-ups, and calls to action that persuades users to sign up, subscribe, or buy. These plugins optimize your approach and increase conversions with features like A/B testing, sophisticated targeting, and email marketing tool integration.

1. Sumo

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Sumo is a WordPress plugin and lead generation tool that can aid you in expanding your email list, boosting conversions, and increasing website sales. Sumo is based on a freemium model and offers both paid and free versions. 

The basic version can be downloaded for free as a WordPress plugin, and you can upgrade to Pro to access more advanced features. 

If you are just starting with your blog or website, the free version is a good option because it will save you money and give you an idea of how lead generation works.


  • Use timed popups on your website to grow your email list. 
  • Plan one-time marketing emails or email drip campaigns to stay in touch with your subscribers. 
  • Use e-commerce integrations and features to recoup abandoned carts and boost average order value. 
  • Track the return on investment for each email subscriber and sale.

2. OptinMonster

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

One of the top lead generation software programs available is OptinMonster. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that integrates with all the well-known email marketing tools and CRM software, allowing you to gather, distribute, and manage leads effortlessly. 

It offers integrations with ActiveCampaign, Shopify, HubSpot, and others. Thanks to its drag-and-drop form builder, You can customize campaigns without knowing any code. 

Advanced Targeting rules help you kick-start your lead growth. OptinMonster also allows you to test ideas for the most significant outcomes using a/b testing and also targets your campaigns based on location, activity inactivity, and more.


  • Lead sharing: clever features that allow you to share leads with marketing partners. Exit-Intent Technology: a trigger for grabbing visitors’ attention before leaving your website.
  • OnSite Retargeting: to assist you in creating offers, discounts, and promotions for returning site visitors.
  • Page-level Targeting: to assist you in running campaigns on multiple pages targeted at that page’s content.

3. WPForms

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugin

Finding your website visitors’ wants can help you collect more leads and sales. WPForms makes creating beautiful surveys, and poll forms incredibly simple to obtain that vital information. 

Alternatively, you can integrate one of their forms with other lead-capturing tools to keep things simple.


  • Drag & drop form builder and pre-built form templates
  • Embeddable lead generation forms
  • Integration with page builders like Elementor and Divi
  • Newsletter signup forms, user registration, orders, surveys, & more
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Ability to collect payments via PayPal, Stripe, etc.

4. Google Ads

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugin

The great thing about Google Ads is that you can create a campaign for free and only pay when people click on your advertisements. 

Google Ads is a service that shows your advertisements to people when they are looking for related terms. 

Because those advertisements are relevant to your target audience, it dramatically increases the likelihood that they will visit your site or give you a call.


  • Drive video views with YouTube
  • Estimate ROI on your ad spend
  • Boost online sales
  • AI-powered audience targeting
  • Track, learn, and optimize for ROI
  • Maximize leads and conversions
  • Drive traffic in-store
  • Drive App usage

5. AdEspresso

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Hootsuite’s AdEspresso is an optimization tool that facilitates lead generation for Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. It allows you to run ads for different audiences and test multiple ad versions with a few clicks, and it measures the most successful ads with their actionable insights.


  • With AdEspresso, you can create campaigns for Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram in one place. 
  • You can create campaigns on the web, in PDF, email, or Excel.
  • You can easily access your clients’ accounts for approval with just one click before your campaigns go live.

6. OneSignal

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

While opt-in forms are a great way to increase user engagement, another very effective way to drive traffic is through push notifications, which let you interact with visitors even when they are not on your website. And OneSignal is best at it!

Push notifications are especially beneficial for mobile users, allowing them to receive notifications without opening a browser. 

OneSignal is a well-known WordPress plugin that offers targeted push notifications to visitors, increasing user engagement. With over 100,000 active installations, it is a widespread push notification tool for WordPress.


  • Drag and Drop interface to easily create your forms without coding
  • Unlimited leads, traffic, and landing pages
  • Endless Pop-ups (they call them “LeadBoxes), alert bars triggered on any page
  • Exit intent and timed display triggers
  • 200+ mobile responsive templates
  • Built-in Payments
  • Integrated Facebook Ad Builder with audience targeting
  • A/B Testing

7. Drift

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

In addition to being a free lead generation tool until you are ready to upgrade for more features, Drift is a conversational marketing platform that helps you initiate conversations with your potential clients. 

With their bot builder, you can effortlessly create a conversation flow for your website without knowing any code. Then, you can chat with the visitors and turn them into qualified leads in real-time.


  • AI-Powered Chatbots for human-like conversations
  • 24/7 Intel & Audiences for hyper-targeted website experiences
  • Conversational Landing Pages (CLPs) for real-time conversations with visitors
  • “Drift Engage” helps automatically identify and understand your visitors, firing custom playbooks that convert
  • Bionic Chatbots for automatically built and personalized playbooks

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8. HubSpot

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

One of the best lead generation platforms available is HubSpot. It offers several free tools for lead growth, the most well-known of which is the HubSpot CRM. HubSpot is perfect for tracking, organizing, and nurturing sales leads. 

It also allows you to track interactions, and even better automatically, it helps your sales team stay on top of things.


  • Contact & lead management
  • Email marketing
  • Form & landing page builder
  • Ad management
  • Business Insights
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Pipeline management
  • Deal, call, and email tracking
  • Meeting scheduler 

9. CallPage

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

CallPage is a tool that claims to give you free phone callbacks to leads in just 28 seconds. When a lead enters their phone number, you can connect almost immediately. 

You can also use scoring rules in the call widget to show the best times to follow up so you can respond to their inquiries and win their business.


  • Instant Call Distribution
  • Automated Meeting Scheduler
  • Integrate Callpage With Your Favorite Tools like Shopify, Zendesk, Slack, etc.
  • Helps analyze results reporting and call recordingsConversion-focused pop-up
  • Automated Callbacks in 28 Seconds
  • 14-day free trial

10. Pardot

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Detailed segmentation and automation are also features of this potent b2b marketing automation tool, SalesForce Pardot, a lead generation tool made exclusively for managing and qualifying your sales leads so you are always speaking with the best ones. All this is done to help you have more meaningful conversations with potential customers.


  • It helps create landing pages and forms quickly using drag-and-drop builders.
  • Gain full-funnel marketing and sales insights with AI-powered Multi-Touch attributes.
  • AI-powered lead scoring and grading
  • Boost campaign efficacy and ROI with AI-driven insights.

11. Bloom

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Let us take a look at some of Bloom‘s most promising features. The developers of Divi Builder and Monarch, two of the most well-liked WordPress plugins, have added another feather to their cap with Bloom, the email opt-in and lead generation plugin that has gained popularity quickly. 

They give you standard lead generation features and offer aesthetically pleasing form templates that let you create beautiful opt-in forms that look great on screens with the highest resolutions.


  • Reach and engage a larger audience with marketing automation.
  • Sales automation
  • With integrated CRM to convert more wins
  • Design campaigns as per your choice
  • Win more customers—at scale. Different types of opt-in forms include popups, Fly-ins, Inline, Below content forms, Widget area forms, and unlock content forms.
  • 10 different popup animations to choose from
  • 6 Automated popup triggers based on time delay, end of content, Scroll, Commenting, Purchase, and inactivity
  • 16 email marketing integrations that include Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, InfusionSoft, iContact, MailPoet, SendinBlue, and Salesforce, among others
  • 115 pre-made templates that are fully customizable
  • Extensive customization settings let you choose from orientation, image orientation, borders, and unlimited color options.
  • A/B Testing

12. Marketo

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

You may gather leads through both inbound and outbound marketing. Once you secure them, you can even enhance the quality of the leads with Marketo’s lead management service, which helps build relationships with potential customers before they speak with your sales staff.


  • Launch quickly with Marketo automation
  • AI creates predictive audiences and segments on your behalf
  • Nurture leads and prospects across all channels
  • Personalize experiences with active listening and triggered content
  • Provides a holistic picture of the entire customer journey from the first interaction to conversion.

13. Intercom

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

With customized onboarding messages and customer support features, you can ensure customers are always engaged and taken care of. 

Intercom is a live chat tool that aids you in capturing and nurturing leads at every stage of your customer journey. To get started, speak with a sales representative.


  • Resolves 50% of customer questions. Instantly.
  • Dramatically reduces your support volume
  • Provides safe and trustworthy answers
  • Solve issues anywhere, at any time, and in any language

14. Keap

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is an all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation tool. 

It helps you create a replicable sales process for scheduling appointments, following up on leads, obtaining quotes, and monitoring user interactions and response rates to improve upcoming campaigns.


  • Keap saves new leads, collects customer records, and triggers the following actions to move people through the sales process seamlessly.
  • Keap’s personalized automation saves you from distracted, busy work while still sounding and converting precisely like you.
  • It comes with Keap’s curated templates; send them to segmented lists in your CRM.
  • Keap Business Line provides you access to work calls and texts on your phone while keeping your conversations separate.

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15. OnePageCRM

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

One of the best B2C lead generation systems available is OnePageCRM, which collects leads from social media, email, and business networking websites and adds them to your CRM. Its focus on “next action sales” makes selling incredibly easy.


  • “Bullet-proof” follow-up to add reminders with due dates to your contacts.
  • Clutter-free UI
  • 360-degree client view with meeting notes, documents, emails, and calls.
  • Interactive Sales Pipeline
  • Helps create a proactive sales strategy

16. Nimble

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Nimble is an intelligent CRM that collects data from multiple online sources, so you are always aware of the most recent information about potential leads. You can identify and manage critical contacts with Nimble without entering any information, and it works with all of the major browsers, mobile platforms, and email clients.


  • Focuses primarily on relationships for human touch
  • Unified contact builds itself
  • It works almost everywhere on the web; this way, it helps create a new or existing contact.
  • Manages people-related processes that drive business growth.

17. Brevo

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Brevo, formerly Sendinblue, is more than just email software; it is a full-featured CRM marketing automation platform. 

Using their drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly get started while creating eye-catching emails, automating workflows, viewing email heat maps, and even segmenting users. 

Brevo also offers email marketing and SMS messaging to make reaching out to potential customers simple.


  • Brevo’s servers are made to achieve the best possible deliverability.
  • The drag-and-drop editor makes email design effortless.
  • Brevo plans are based on email-sending volume, not the number of contacts in your database.
  • It helps you collect email addresses with landing pages and signup forms.
  • Segmentation to target contacts based on their behavior and interests.
  • Share professional, on-brand, customizable newsletters.

18. Constant Contact

More extensive email lists and a desire to move away from MailChimp can both benefit from Constant Contact. The lead generation tool has received positive reviews from thousands of satisfied users, and it is easy to get started thanks to its extensive training, webinars, and resource library. Some of the best constant contact integrations can be found here.


  • Unlimited email marketing sends
  • Hundreds of email templates
  • Customer list growth tools
  • Real-time reporting
  • Social posting
  • Live phone & chat support

19. Datanyze

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

As a leader in technographics, Datanyze can help you find leads based on their technology. You can use prospecting tools to locate contact information quickly, and once you have it, export the leads to your CRM software for follow-ups and management.


  • Get contact information like email addresses, direct dial, and mobile numbers directly from LinkedIn profiles and company websites without leaving your browser.
  • Export profiles directly from Google Chrome
  • Accurate and guaranteed B2B contact information.

20. Growbots

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Growbots can help you identify the best prospects from 200 million+ contacts in their database if you already know the market you want to target. It also allows you to contact and follow up with applicants automatically. 

Finally, GrowBots testing tools allow you to determine which techniques are most effective.


  • A continuously updated database ensures a reduced bounce rate of under 10%
  • Helps select your target market using 15 Growbots advanced targeting criteria
  • Provides a tailored list of all your prospects and their email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles.

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21. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics can help you find email addresses and contact information for anonymous website visitors, which allows you to concentrate on the highest quality leads and those most likely to convert. 

Sometimes, you may miss out on new sales leads because you do not know who is visiting your website.


  • Pipeline insights
  • Advanced website visitor insights
  • Lead forensics
  • Instant alerts for when a customer visits your support pages
  • Lead Forensics can slice your B2B website visitors into segments that matter for your business.

22. Hoovers

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Described as the world’s largest commercial database, Hoovers allows you to create comprehensive lists of prospective clients and present business details so you can have more productive conversations with them. 

Using this information, you can convert prospects into leads and sales.


  • Access analyst reports, market research, and industry trends.
  • Efficiently do competitive comparisons and prep for calls to stay ahead of the game
  • Get trigger events for companies you track, like contract wins, layoffs, and product launches.
  • Automates sending and enriching company and contact data for efficient workflows in your CRM or the marketing platform.

23. Overloop

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

One of the best B2B lead-gen software for outreach and prospecting is Overloop. It allows you to easily track data on all of your interactions, identify and validate prospects’ emails, contact them using a variety of templates, and find contact information automatically through integrations with numerous services.


  • Run multi-channel outbound campaigns
  • Build prospects’ lists from LinkedIn in a single click!
  • Send personalized multi-channel outbound campaigns at scale.
  • Manage all your sales activities in a single app, from prospecting to closing!
  • Track everything to boost the performance of your entire team.

24. Pipedrive

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Pipedrive is automatic lead generation software that’s simple and easy to use. It lets you easily track all your interactions and view the data in a straightforward dashboard. 

It also helps you decide the following steps to take when nurturing leads.


  • A visual sales pipeline lets you see your entire sales process at a glance.
  • Team collaboration helps you collaborate on deals and activities with colleagues.
  • With the activity reminder feature, you can schedule reminders for all your sales activities and stay on top of your deals.
  • It helps you never miss a follow-up.

25. RafflePress

25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

The reason RafflePress, a viral giveaway plugin for WordPress, is on this list may surprise you. Still, it is because online competitions, giveaways, and contests are the fastest ways to drive traffic to your website, which allows you to expand your audience, grow your email list, and attract new leads and sales. 

What is more, RafflePress’s distraction-free giveaway landing page is great for increasing user conversions, and it also makes it simple to generate referrals through word-of-mouth marketing.


  • Drag & Drop Giveaway Builder
  • Viral Giveaway Templates
  • Giveaway Landing Page
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
  • Marketing & CRM Integrations
  • Tracking and Retargeting
  • 1 Click Entry + Fraud Protection
  • Social Media Integration


To help you grow your business faster and make more money, I covered the 25 best lead-generation WordPress plugins and the best lead-generation tools in this guide.

At first, it can be pretty confusing which lead generation tool or plugin to use. But it all boils down to the basics. Whenever in doubt, ask yourself this question – How exactly does my business need to improve? 

Find the precise gaps between them and simultaneously look for the features of the tools that I mentioned in the guide above. The one that matches your budgetary allowance and other criteria should be what you opt for. Don’t overcomplicate it.

If you liked this simple guide, share it with your friends or family who might be looking for the same.

FAQs: 25 Best Lead Generation WordPress Tools and Plugins in 2024

What are some essential features to look for in lead generation plugins for WordPress?

Look for plugins that offer customizable forms, integration with email marketing services, analytics for tracking performance, and compatibility with various lead generation techniques such as pop-ups, sliders, and exit-intent triggers.

Can lead generation plugins help with A/B testing for optimization?

Indeed, many lead generation plugins come with A/B testing features, which allow you to experiment with different variations of forms or pop-ups to determine the most effective ones for conversion.

How can exit-intent pop-ups contribute to lead generation?

Exit-intent pop-ups are set off when a visitor is about to leave a website. Lead generation plugins use these pop-ups to capture contact information, offering a last-minute chance to convert a visitor into a lead before they exit.

How can social media integration enhance lead generation on WordPress sites?

Social media integration in lead generation plugins allows users to sign up with their social media profiles, making the process quicker and more user-friendly, thus increasing conversion rates.

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