Listify Theme: A WordPress Theme To Create An Outstanding Business Directory

Listify is a popular WordPress theme that is specifically designed for building directories and listing websites. The theme is impressively packed with features, and what’s more, it has been in the spotlight and frequently updated for nearly five years. Astoundify initially launched the theme on November 26, 2014!

Features of Listify Theme

With a range of features and customization options, it helps you create a unique and functional directory website. Some of the key features of Listify include:

  1. Simple Installation: Listify includes a one-click sample installation tool that allows you to rapidly set up your directory website with a few clicks.
  2. Robust Search Engine: Listify includes a robust search engine that allows users to search for listings based on plenty of parameters such as location, category, and keywords.
  3. Online Registration: Listify provides businesses with the ability to let customers make online bookings and reservations directly from their websites.
  4. Mobile-friendly Design: Listify is mobile-optimized, so your website looks and performs properly on all devices.
  5. Comprehensive Documentation and Support: To help you get the most out of the theme, Listify includes detailed documentation and dedicated support.
  6. Main-end Submission: This theme permits users to contribute their own listings directly from the website’s main page, making it simple to crowdsource content.
  7. Custom Field Add-ons: You can add custom fields to each listing to gather special information, such as operating hours or pricing.
  8. Google Maps integration: Users may quickly search for listings based on location, thanks to Listify’s interaction with Google Maps.
  9. Solid Ratings: Listify allows users to offer evaluations and ratings for listings, which aids visitors in making wise choices.
  10. Social Media Integration: Integrating your social media accounts into your directory website with Listify makes it simple to share content and expand your audience.
  11. Integration with WooCommerce: Listify has an integration with WooCommerce that enables you to sell goods and services straight from your directory website.

Using the Style Kit

One way to quickly change the appearance of your website is by utilizing the Style Kit. Access the Style Kit option within the customizer to view a variety of design choices. With minimal effort, one of these designs may bring you closer to constructing the desired look for your WordPress Directory.

Additionally, if you’re satisfied with your site’s appearance, you can continue to fine-tune its design using the Customizer options. Remember to click “Publish” to save any changes made to the design.


listify studio

Demo Theme: Astoundify

Directory Listing Management

You hold complete autonomy over managing your directory listings. The process of adding listings from your WordPress dashboard is relatively straightforward. Listify facilitates the submission of a listing through a front-end form or by claiming an existing one on your site for your website visitors.

listify directory listing management

The integration with WooCommerce allows you to levy fees for creating or claiming a listing. The listings can be organized based on categories, location, and types and can be as comprehensive as you prefer, with business information such as title, images, business location, business hours, phone number, website URL, social media links, and more. You have the final decision regarding the information displayed on your website and its presentation.


Listify offers an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary style, which is just as important for an online business’ success as any functional component. Its contemporary and sophisticated design gives your website a polished appearance, and its full responsiveness and retina compatibility guarantee a flawless user experience for visitors using mobile devices and tablets.

listify customization

Listify provides a broad spectrum of design options so you can easily customize your website to reflect the vitality of your brand using the theme’s style kit. Within the WordPress customizer, you can easily change the layout, page design, featured listings, menu, images, color scheme, typography, and more.

The drag-and-drop page builder in WPBakery makes updating the theme’s appearance quick and hassle-free. You can play around with the design as much as you like, keep it straightforward with the demo design, or pick one of the chic styles in the style kit. All these features are like a cherry on the cake!


The theme provides ample flexibility to monetize your website in various ways. You have a brilliant opportunity to charge users for creating or claiming listings or use a subscription model to charge a monthly fee. In addition to these strategies, you can also generate revenue by:

  • Putting listings behind a paywall and charging people to look at them
  • Offering advertising space in order to get revenue from ads
  • Charging customers for reservations or appointment booking
  • Charging more for ads that are featured or verified
  • Limiting access across the board and charging visitors for special access

Listify Add-On for WP All Import

  • Instead of using the Custom Fields section, you can view fields such as Listing Expiry Date and Company Name in plain English.
  • Automatically detect the listing location as if adding a listing manually.
  • Fully supports Listify’s search dropdowns, categories, settings, and fields.
  • Imports files in any format and structure without any specific organization requirements. CSV imports are effortless, regardless of file structure.
  • Supports files of virtually unlimited size by automatically splitting them into chunks. WP All Import is only limited by your server settings.

listify studio   listify studio


If the wide range of features doesn’t persuade you to take up this theme, then the 4.5 rating, the more than 3,000 downloads in less than 6 months, and the raving 5-star reviews left by reputable WordPress community experts are sure to sway your thoughts in the other direction.


The regular license for Listify is $69 and comes with six months of Astoundify developers’ support. You can add another $21.38 to get the support for an extra 12 months. Some features might not be available with a free plugin and call for a premium one.

Installation, customization, and advanced features are all covered in the theme’s extensive documentation. The Astoundify team can also help with specific inquiries. Astoundify offers a special 20% discount to Listify users on all Xtendify services.


Get started with Listify 


For building directories and listing websites, Listify is a profitable and adaptable WordPress theme. Listify will assist you in building a professional and aesthetically appealing website, whether you want to develop a world-class local company directory, travel guide, or job board.

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