How To Find Your WordPress Login URL

You have installed WordPress on your website. You have selected the theme, added plugins you like and now your website is up and running. But the next time you visit the website, you see no option to log in to your WordPress. Stumbled? Let this article help you.

Why do you need WordPress Login URL?

WordPress Login URL allows you to log in into your WordPress installations. Only after login, you can access WordPress dashboard, themes, posts, and plugins. All customization features are only available after your WordPress login. WordPress login URL provides you the gateway through which to enter your WordPress as an admin.

How To Access Your WordPress Admin Area?

To access the admin area, you need to log in to WordPress. Here are the URLs through which you can access the WordPress admin area:

  • If you have hosted your WordPress on a good host, following URLs should be sufficient to lead you to your WordPress login page:


  • Another way to access WordPress login page in to use the following URL:

If you have installed WordPress in a subdirectory, for example, you have installed WordPress in then access WordPress with the following URL:


If you have installed WordPress on a subdomain, for example, then the following URL will lead you to the WordPress login page:


Ways To Make It Easier to Access the Login URL

  1. Bookmark the URL in your browser. This you won’t have to type the URL every time.
  2. Add Login link to your website sidebar or menu
  3. Add a Widget called “Meta” to your website.
  4. Tick on Remember Me option in WordPress login page. This will save your login details on your browser.

How to Customize WordPress Login Page

It is possible to customize the WordPress login page without knowing any CSS or having coding skills. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. From, install a plugin called “Custom Login Page Customizer”. Activate it.
  2. Click on Appearance>>Customize in your WordPress admin area.
  3. It launches the built-in WordPress theme customizer.
  4. Click on the “Login Customizer”  tab in the side menu. Here you can customize your login page.
  5. Choose the background color, appearance, branding, customize the way you want.

You now know how to tackle with the WordPress login URL problem. You also know how to customize your WordPress Login Page.  I hope this article helps you solve this trivial problem of how to find WordPress login URL.

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