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Which Web Hosting Suits You? Part 1: Web Hosting

Web hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting, VPS: there are various types of hosting. But which variant is most suitable for achieving your objective (s)? In the series ‘Which hosting suits you?’ we take a close look at a number of hosting types. This way we hope to make the hosting choice for your website or application a bit easier. In this article we will talk about web hosting.


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What is web hosting?


Web hosting is used in the hosting industry as a collective name for shared e-mail and web hosting. With shared e-mail and web hosting, there is a hosting platform where resources such as hard disks and memory are used by multiple websites and applications.


A shared hosting platform can be a single server on which all parts of the service are hosted. But the platform can also, as in the case of MilesWeb, be a clustered environment, to which multiple servers are linked. Each server provides individually a part of the service in a clustered environment. There is a cluster for displaying the websites, a cluster for spam and virus scanning, a separate cluster for e-mail processing and yet another cluster for storing all data.


What are the advantages?


  • Expansion possibilities: you simply add more mailboxes, extra services, and disk space.
  • Easy to use: you do not need any technical knowledge about configuring and maintaining a web server.
  • Price: you already have a web hosting package at Nestify from $ 7.99 per month.

When is web hosting particularly suitable?


Do you want to place general information about your company or the organization you work for on a website? Then shared web hosting is certainly suitable. But also for hosting a blog or knowledge platform, shared web hosting is an excellent option. For example, the article that you now read at MilesWeb Blog is also hosted on our shared hosting platform.


Less suitable for web shops


A disadvantage of shared web hosting is that the options for configuring the web server are limited. This makes this type of hosting generally less suitable for running extensive online shops with many articles and applications with complicated business logic. This is because often specific settings are required when hosting such a webshop or application. Consider, for example, the PHP configuration, separate consumption scenarios, and scaling.


Is shared web hosting less suitable for your web store or application? View the possibilities of a Virtual Private Server (VPS).


What about e-mail?


E-mail is in almost all cases a part of web hosting. But you can also take it off in some cases. MilesWeb offers multiple e-mail-only packages for customers who do not (yet) have a website but would like to receive e-mail on their domain.


Host additional applications


More and more extra services are being hosted on a shared hosting platform. The Nestify platform is suitable for hosting these extra applications. That is why we also offer our application services, such as Managed WordPress Hosting and App Suite, on this platform.


In part 2 of this series, We will discuss VPS hosting.


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