Bulk Plans

Great for hosting multiple websites on separate accounts.

I Need To Host Single Website

Multiple / Heavy Traffic Sites

Host multiple websites and serve unlimited pageviews.
Additional bandwidth billed at $0.20 per GB.




Upto 5 Sites
40 GB SSD Storage
4 PHP Workers
1 TB Bandwidth




Upto 10 Sites
80 GB SSD Storage
6 PHP Workers
1 TB Bandwidth

VPS Plus



Upto 20 Sites
160 GB SSD Storage
10 PHP Workers
2 TB Bandwidth

VPS Premium



Upto 40 Sites
320 GB SSD Storage
20 PHP Workers
2 TB Bandwidth

Multi Region Cluster



Upto 100 Sites
600 GB SSD Storage
40+ PHP Workers
4 TB Bandwidth




Mission Critical Websites
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Workers
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited CDN

Frequenty Asked Questions

How many sites can I host on 1 plan?

It depends on which plan you select. VPS-1 can host 10 websites, VPS-2 can host 20 websites and VPS-3 can host 40 websites.

Can I create separate accounts for each website?

Yes. You can create separate account for each website using Nestify console. This is useful for sharing access with clients for particular websites while protecting others.

Which payment methods are supported?
We support payments using all major international credit and debit cards.
Who is your payment processor?
Stripe handles credit card processing and paypal payments for us. We don’t store any payment information on our servers.
Can I switch from one plan to another anytime?
Yes. Please open a support ticket and we will take care of the update right away.
Can I switch from monthly pricing to annual pricing?
Yes. Please open a support ticket and we will take care of the upgrade right away.
What happens to my payment if I need to delete my application and start again?

When you delete an application, your account still keeps track of unused credit. So, when you setup another application, unused credit is automatically applied to it

What happens if I get more visitors than my plan allows?

We ask for your autograph!

Seriously, though, we love it when our customers build something popular. If you need to serve more visitors for a short duration (such as for an event or during the holidays), we accommodate the traffic at no extra charge. If you need to host very high traffic website for longer durations, we can setup a custom plan for you.

Do I need multiple accounts if I host more than 1 website?
No. You can host multiple applications and websites from the same account. A list of all active websites is present on the dashboard. You can also track payment for each application from a single location under ‘Profile and Billing’.
How can I cancel one or more websites?
You can contact support for cancellation of any websites. As soon as we receive the cancellation request, we stop the billing and refund any unused credit if applicable.
Is there a discount for hosting multiple websites?

If you host more than 5 applications or websites from the same account, discounts are automatically applied for any new orders.

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