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Shoptimizer: A World-class WooCommerce Theme

CommerceGurus, a market leader in WooCommerce-ready WordPress themes, developed Shoptimizer. They are well-known for making user-friendly WordPress themes for online stores. Among the top WooCommerce theme vendors on ThemeForest, CommerceGurus has served over 10,000 clients. 14 WordPress themes have been made available by CommerceGurus on ThemeForest. The Shoptimizer theme, however, can only be purchased from their online store.

Features of Shoptimizer

  1. Speed

In the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, every millisecond counts. According to studies conducted by Akamai, even a one-second lag can reduce conversion rates by as much as 7 percent. A slow site can also hurt your traffic because Google now considers mobile page speed a ranking factor in their search results. 

The Shoptimizer theme’s minified CSS ensures blazingly fast page loading times. The most important sections of the page load quickly because of the included critical CSS. Good hosting, such as that provided by Nestify, is also essential for a lightning-fast WooCommerce store.

  1. Minified CSS

For lightning-fast page loads, the theme customizer includes an option to minify the primary CSS file automatically. If you use your customizer to turn on a crucial CSS stylesheet, your site will load nearly instantly for visitors. If this happens, it could be a major turning point for your online store’s conversion rate. 

  1. Single Product Page


  • Header banner: This prime real estate could be used to display discount coupons, or limited-time offers prominently.
  • Large primary image: Image is the main focus and is, therefore, large. Images of products are crucial. Shoptimizer does a fantastic job of singling out WooCommerce pictures for special attention.
  • A strong call to action: This crucial buying signal should be displayed prominently on the product page to encourage more sales.
  • Countdown timer: Customers on the fence about purchasing may be swayed by the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) function.
  • Stock quantity: Added fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) functionality to hasten sales.
  • Shipping cost display: Baymard claims that unclear shipping costs are a major reason for abandoned carts. Using the Shoptimizer WordPress theme, you can place this data front and center, just below your primary CTA.
  • Call back option: Stores selling expensive items may need to reassure their clients more than usual. The Shoptimizer WooCommerce template lets you collect leads’ phone numbers via a request for a callback form.
  • Previous sales pop up: Showing off a customer’s purchase history can reassure them about purchasing. This theme has a special feature for the same reason. 

As you can see, much effort was put into this critical page, which follows many of the current best product page practices. In addition, the page features a sticky bar that follows the user wherever they scroll and displays essential information such as the product’s name, price, and “buy now” button. You can also use the Elementor page builder in the main section to describe your products. Store owners can add dynamic content areas complete with images and videos to showcase their wares with the help of this potent application.

  1. Slide-out Cart

Shoptimizer’s convenient slide-out cart lets you quickly and easily see what’s in your cart anytime. The buttons at the bottom are fixed, with the Checkout button particularly prominent to focus the user’s attention on that important call to action.


  1. Cart Page

In contrast to the standard WooCommerce checkout, this one has been thoughtfully designed with several handy additions:

  • Progress bar: There won’t be any jumping between screens; you’ll always know where you are in the buying process. 
  • Strong CTA: The Proceed to Checkout button is again highlighted to draw customers’ attention to the next stage of the process. 
  • Symbols of trust: These let customers know that security is of paramount importance. Users are reassured that they are making the right choice when recent reviews are displayed here.

shoptimizer cart page

  1. Checkout

The Shoptimizer checkout is also different from the norm. A “distraction-free” layout is available, which hides all unnecessary elements. With no header, sidebars, or footer to distract them, the user can give their full attention to placing an order. You could place trust marks and testimonials under the call to action button to encourage the customer to take the next step.

shoptimizer checkout page

  1. Category Page Content with Improved SEO

Below the product listings, Shoptimizer also includes a description field for each category. 


WooCommerce’s category pages are a great but largely untapped resource. They typically only display a loop of products, but when comparing them to the industry’s major players, it’s clear that many of the latter also features extensive keyword-rich content. For more granular control over the content displayed for each product category, Shoptimizer provides a dedicated field for category content just below the product grid. This is a massive boon for the search engine optimization of those pages.

  1. Suggested Search Results

The header search field stands out and is a great time saver. The desired results will appear just by typing a few letters, and the user can immediately proceed to the product image. The necessary markup to make use of the theme is included. By doing so, you aid search engines in comprehending your site’s information.


  1. Mega Menu With Products

A sleek mega menu is available, perfect for stores with many different product groups to show off. Include shortcodes for specific products or highlight categories of products you want the visitor to explore first.

shoptimizer mega menu

  1. Elementor Page Builder

Shoptimizer’s primary interfaces are built with Elementor, a popular website-creation plugin. While not strictly a conversion feature, including the widely-used Elementor page builder makes it a breeze to whip up exceptional sites. Use only the demo home page, and the other main pages with the single-click demo data install.

  1. Experience

WooCommerce’s development history is a plus. CommerceGurus has been on ThemeForest since 2014 when they first began creating WordPress and WooCommerce themes. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, which can be invaluable for inexperienced store owners, as e-commerce has become the primary focus. You can find in-depth articles on dropshipping, product reviews, web hosting, and customer conversions on the CommerceGurus blog regarding this theme. 

  1. Customer Support

They provide extremely prompt assistance. Even though they state it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response, most inquiries are answered within the hour, Monday through Friday. In addition, you’ll be communicating straight with Colm and Simon, the app’s creators. There is no outside help available. The creators have a firm grasp on the subject matter, saving you time and effort as you search for solutions.

Steps to Install Shoptimizer

  • The initial action is to visit CommerceGurus and buy the Shoptimizer theme. A download link will be sent to your email after you complete the purchase. To get the theme files for your computer, click the link.
  • WordPress requires you to visit the appearance> Themes menu once logged in. Select “Upload Theme” from the “Add New” menu and locate your downloaded Shoptimizer theme file. Select “Install Now” to begin the theme’s installation.
  • Activate the theme: Once installed, Shoptimizer can be activated on your WordPress site by clicking the “Activate” button.

Learn more about installing it here

Shoptimizer is a premium WooCommerce theme that doesn’t add unnecessary menus to your WordPress admin panel. WordPress’s Customizer houses all of a theme’s settings, allowing you to see the results of your work without leaving the editor. 

Shoptimizer recommends using a free plugin called Kirki after installing the theme for the best customizer experience possible. The WordPress Customizer is made much more enjoyable with the addition of the Kirki plugin. 

Following the installation, Customizer will look like the screenshot below, with many options from the main menu. You’ll be even able to change the layout, fonts, colors, header, and navigation.

Install Shoptimizer

Steps to Personalize the Layout 

Using the Shoptimizer theme’s flexible configuration settings, you can design a website that stands out and generates a high sales volume. Some of the most important configuration choices are as follows. 

  • Header and Footer: To modify your site’s header and footer, select appearance> Customize > Header/Footer. You can modify the header, add a logo and menu, and change the copyright and footer information. 
  • Colors: To modify your site’s color scheme, select appearance> Customize > Colors. Both standard color palettes and user-defined color schemes are available to you. 
  • Typography: To change the fonts used on your site, navigate to appearance> Customize > Typography. Font size, weight, and style can all be adjusted from a menu of available Google Fonts. 
  • Page editor: The Shoptimizer theme includes a page builder allowing you to make unique pages and layouts. To access the page builder, navigate to Pages > Add New and click the “Shoptimizer Template” button. 

Steps to Improve Efficiency

  • Optimize for speed Even though the Shoptimizer theme has already been optimized for speed, there are still a few things you can do to improve your site’s loading times further:
  • Use lazy loading: Select Appearance > Customize > Performance to enable lazy loading. This can help with page load times by delaying loading of images and videos until the user scrolls down to the appropriate section of the page.
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript: Go to Appearance > Customize > Performance to enable CSS and JavaScript minification. Your CSS and JavaScript files will be smaller and load faster after this is done with them by removing unnecessary whitespace and comments.
  • Optimize fonts: Select appearance> Customize > Performance in the menu bar to optimize font loading. This will make your font files smaller, speeding up your page loads.
  • Use pre-designed templates: Templates for standard page types, such as the homepage, product pages, and checkout, are included with the Shoptimizer theme. You can use these samples as a guide and modify them to meet your requirements. Go to Pages > Add New, then pick “Shoptimizer Template” to use a premade template in the page builder. You can then choose the template that best suits your needs and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Optimize images: Reduce the size of your image files by optimizing them with a plugin like Smush or ShortPixel. 
  • Cache your data: Reduce load times by caching your site’s pages with a plugin like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache. 
  • Implement a Content Delivery Network: Distributing your website’s content across multiple servers can greatly increase its load speed, so consider using a content delivery network (CDN) like Amazon CloudFront.


The Shoptimizer theme is a robust and adaptable eCommerce solution for online enterprises. Its extensive feature set and customization possibilities make it simple to build an attractive and functioning online store that fulfills the interests of both customers and store owners.

The Shoptimizer theme is built with conversion optimization in mind, from its lightning-fast loading speeds to its user-friendly checkout procedure. Its responsive design and SEO capabilities ensure that your website looks amazing and performs effectively on all devices and search engines.

Overall, the Shoptimizer theme is a wonderful choice for anyone starting or improving their online business. Its user-friendly design and robust features make it simple to build a professional-looking eCommerce website that is geared for conversions and user experience.


Q: What distinguishes Shoptimizer from other ecommerce themes?

A: Shoptimizer is built with conversion optimization in mind, which means it’s geared to help you improve sales and conversions on your website. It offers a number of features designed expressly for this purpose, such as lightning-fast loading times and an easy-to-use checkout process.

Q: Is Shoptimizer compatible with all ecommerce platforms?

A: Shoptimizer is built to operate with WooCommerce, one of the most popular WordPress ecommerce platforms. If you are using a different ecommerce platform, you may need to locate a theme that is built exclusively for your platform.

Q: Does Shoptimizer work on mobile devices?

A: Absolutely, Shoptimizer is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. This implies that your website will appear and work properly on all platforms, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.

Q: How is Shoptimizer’s speed?

A: Indeed, Shoptimizer is speed tuned and has lightning-fast loading times. This is critical for user experience as well as search engine optimization.

Q: Is Shoptimizer supported and updated?

A: Absolutely, Shoptimizer offers frequent upgrades and theme developer assistance. This guarantees that your website is constantly up to date and safe, and that any problems or queries you may have are answered as soon as possible.

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