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How To Add Request For Quotation To Your WordPress Website in 2024


Enhancing the purchasing journey often involves implementing a ‘Request for Quotation’ (RFQ) feature on your WordPress website. Customers frequently seek quotes tailored to specific purchases, with pricing variations based on individual needs, quantities, shipping costs, and other factors. The integration of a ‘Request for Quotation’ feature facilitates a negotiation process, ensuring mutual understanding and benefits for both buyers and sellers.

Introducing the ‘Request for Quotation’ feature to your online store can yield notable advantages, such as heightened customer engagement and a reduction in cart abandonment. The inclusion of a dedicated ‘Request for Quotation’ button empowers customers to initiate direct contact for specific purchases, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful sales. Now, let’s explore the process of adding this indispensable feature to your WordPress website by delving into a selection of plugins designed for this purpose.

Exploring ‘Request for Quotation’ Plugins:

YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote:

Widely recognized as a premier choice for eCommerce stores integrated with WordPress, the YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin boasts over 10,000 active installations. This plugin, compatible with WordPress version 4.0.0 and above, enables customers to request estimates for their chosen products. As an online store owner, you can seamlessly respond to these requests with personalized quotation proposals. The plugin also facilitates customization, allowing you to create a dedicated “Request a Quote” page and modify the appearance of buttons, including the option to disable the “Add to Cart” button.

For advanced features, the premium version permits the addition of the quote button to multiple product pages, hides product prices, and offers redirection to the WooCommerce checkout page after quote acceptance.

Visit the demo here

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce:

With over 10,000 active installations for its free version, the Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin excels in catering to customer inquiries before making a purchase. Compatible with WordPress version 5.0 and higher, this plugin introduces an “Inquiry Button” on every product page, enhancing pre-purchase communication. Customization options include personalized text for the inquiry button, strategic placement configuration, and detailed email notifications for each quotation request.

The premium version enhances user experience with a drag-and-drop form builder, advanced customization controls, and the flexibility to tailor button visibility and actions based on product status.

WooCommerce – Quote Request or Enquiry Plugin:

This premium plugin, available for purchase on CodeCanyon, enables the activation of “Request a Quote” or “Product Enquiry” features in your WooCommerce store. Compatible with WooCommerce 1.5 and above, it allows you to customize the visibility of product prices and the appearance of the “Request A Quote” button. Notably, customers can compile quote lists for multiple products, provide detailed information for each item, and easily manage the list.

The regular license for this plugin is priced at $17, with an optional $4.5 for extending support to twelve months.

Request A Quote Plugin by eMarket Design:

Offered as a freemium plugin available on the official WordPress plugin repository, Request A Quote is compatible with WordPress Version 4.5 and higher. The plugin presents a customizable form for customers to submit requests for quotations (RFQ) or information (RFI). The front end displays quote requests in a tabular form, fostering easy accessibility. The premium version introduces features such as quote assignment, categorization, and additional fields for the quote form.

The Pro version starts from $149.99 per year, and custom pricing options are available upon request.

NP Quote Request WooCommerce:

A robust toolkit designed for WooCommerce stores, NP Quote Request WooCommerce, facilitates the acceptance and processing of quote requests. Compatible with WordPress version 4.9 and above, customers can effortlessly submit quote requests for individual items or entire carts. The staff mode provides comprehensive visibility into prices and quote forms based on IP addresses. The premium version allows site owners to respond with customized emails containing quote proposals and payment links.

The premium version, NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus, is priced at $44.99 per year, and additional premium add-ons are available.

Advantages of Incorporating a ‘Request for Quotation’ Form

Adding a ‘Request for Quotation’ form to your WordPress website holds the potential to significantly boost sales and enhance customer engagement. While the plugins reviewed offer diverse functionalities, it’s crucial to choose one aligned with your online store’s theme. Safely test plugins in a staging environment, a service Nestify provides for free with every hosting plan.


In conclusion, the overarching objective of this comprehensive guide extends beyond mere information provision; it aspires to ignite your enthusiasm and instill confidence in undertaking the transformative journey of seamlessly integrating a ‘Request for Quotation’ feature into your WordPress website. Recognizing the pivotal role this functionality plays in elevating the customer experience and optimizing sales processes, our intention is to provide you with the information and motivation you need to make wise choices that are in line with the particular dynamics of your online store.

Embarking on this journey signifies more than a mere technical enhancement; it symbolizes a commitment to fostering meaningful customer interactions and streamlining the path to successful transactions. By incorporating a ‘Request for Quotation’ feature, you are not merely adapting to current market trends but actively shaping a customer-centric environment where personalized communication and tailored pricing converge.


How can I add a ‘Request for Quotation’ feature to my WordPress website?

To integrate a ‘Request for Quotation’ feature, explore plugins like YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote or Product Enquiry for WooCommerce. These plugins empower you to easily incorporate RFQ functionality, enhancing customer engagement and streamlining the purchasing process.

Why is adding a ‘Request for Quotation’ feature beneficial for my online store?

Incorporating an RFQ feature promotes increased customer engagement, reduces cart abandonment, and fosters personalized interactions. It allows customers to request quotes for specific purchases, facilitating negotiations and potentially boosting sales.

Is it possible for me to alter the ‘Request for Quotation’ button on my WordPress website?

Yes, plugins such as YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote and WooCommerce – Quote Request or Enquiry Plugin offer customization options. You can modify button text, style, and placement to align with your website’s theme and design preferences.

Are there premium versions of RFQ plugins with additional features?

Yes, many RFQ plugins offer premium versions with advanced features. For example, the YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote premium version allows quote buttons on multiple product pages, hiding product prices and redirecting users after accepting a quotation.

How can I test the ‘Request for Quotation’ feature without affecting my live website?

Utilize staging environments provided by hosting plans like Nestify to test plugins safely. This allows you to ensure the seamless integration of the RFQ feature without impacting your live WordPress website.

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