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Digital Illustration in Marketing and Branding: Top Tools for Beginners and Pros in 2024

The integration of illustrations in branding and marketing has become pervasive, driven by their expressive and compelling nature. In the digital age, where visual communication plays a pivotal role, the strategic use of illustrations can significantly enhance a brand’s identity and overall marketing efforts.

One of the key advantages of illustrations lies in their ability to convey complex ideas and emotions in a visually appealing and easily digestible manner. Whether used in a logo, website design, social media posts, or marketing collateral, illustrations can capture attention and create a memorable visual impact. They go beyond mere aesthetics, functioning as powerful storytelling tools that engage audiences and communicate brand messages effectively.

Benefits of Digital Illustration Services:

  1. Efficiency and Speed: Digital illustration allows artists to work more efficiently and quickly. The ability to undo mistakes, use layers, and utilize shortcuts streamlines the creative process, enabling faster project completion.
  2. Versatility in Styles: Digital tools provide artists with a wide range of brushes, textures, and effects, allowing them to experiment with diverse styles. This versatility is particularly beneficial when working on projects with different thematic requirements.
  3. Collaboration and Sharing: Digital files are easily shareable, making collaboration between artists, clients, and team members seamless. It facilitates quick feedback, revisions, and collaborative work, regardless of geographical locations.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial investment in hardware and software may be necessary, digital images eliminates the ongoing costs associated with traditional materials like paper, ink, and paints. Over time, this can result in cost savings.
  5. Easy Editing and Revisions: Digital illustrations can be edited effortlessly, enabling artists to make changes and revisions without the need to start from scratch. This flexibility is especially valuable in client-based projects where adjustments may be requested.
  6. Digital Storage and Organization: Digital files are easy to store, organize, and retrieve. Artists can maintain a well-organized digital library, making it simple to find and reuse assets, reference materials, or previous work.
  7. Integration with Other Media: Digital products can be easily integrated into various media, such as websites, mobile apps, animations, and more. This adaptability makes digital artwork suitable for multimedia projects and diverse platforms.
  8. Global Accessibility: Digital illustrations can be shared and accessed globally through online platforms. This facilitates exposure for artists and allows them to connect with a broader audience, potential clients, and collaborators.
  9. Environmentally Friendly: Going digital reduces the need for physical materials, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. This is particularly relevant as more industries aim to reduce their ecological footprint.
  10. Real-Time Collaboration: With tools like cloud-based software and digital collaboration platforms, artists can work on the same project simultaneously in real-time, even if they are in different locations. This enhances teamwork and creative synergy.
  11. Endless Undo and Redo: Digital illustration allows artists to undo and redo actions infinitely, providing a safety net for experimentation. This freedom encourages creativity and risk-taking without the fear of irreversible mistakes.
  12. Accessibility Features: Digital tools often come with features that enhance accessibility, such as zooming capabilities, customizable interfaces, and compatibility with assistive technologies, making digital illustration more inclusive for artists with diverse needs.

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Top Illustration Services:

1. Penji: Elevating Your Brand with Unlimited Illustrations


If the goal is to propel your brand to new heights, Penji emerges as the ultimate choice for unparalleled digital services. Functioning as an on-demand graphic design service, Penji boasts the ability to deliver unlimited illustrations and revisions. Subscribing to Penji ensures that every piece is crafted exclusively for your brand, setting it apart from platforms offering ready-to-use templates. Unlike typical illustration sites, Penji provides an immersive experience akin to collaborating with an entire team of illustrators, all within the convenience of their dedicated design platform.

Key Features of Penji:

  • Unlimited Illustrations: Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited illustration designs, allowing you to explore various creative avenues for your brand.
  • Convenient Design Platform: Navigate seamlessly through Penji’s user-friendly design platform, streamlining the entire process from concept to completion.
  • Brand-Centric Approach: Unlike other platforms, Penji prioritizes a brand-centric approach, ensuring that each illustration aligns cohesively with your brand identity.
  • Promotional Offer: Sign up now and avail a 25 percent discount by using the promo code GETPENJI25.

2. Shutterstock: A Vast Repository for Ads and Website Design


When it comes to ads and website design, Shutterstock stands as a stalwart in the ecosystem of websites. Renowned as one of the pioneers in vector images, Shutterstock boasts an extensive library with over 50 million illustrations, catering to every conceivable project need. The platform goes beyond it, offering additional template editing tools such as Image Resizer, File Converter, and Shutterstock Editor. Navigating the interface is a breeze, with illustrations thoughtfully categorized by style and topic for easy exploration.

Key Features of Shutterstock:

  • Extensive Library: Access a vast collection of over 50 million illustrations, providing a diverse range of options for your advertising and website design endeavors.
  • Template Editing Tools: Shutterstock goes beyond illustrations, offering a suite of template editing tools to enhance your creative projects.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With intuitive categorization by style and topic, Shutterstock’s interface ensures a seamless browsing experience, facilitating efficient exploration.

3. unDraw: A Treasure Trove of Customizable, Free Illustrations


For a diverse range of illustrations spanning branding, podcasting, marketing, and data analytics, unDraw emerges as a go-to resource, and the best part? It’s entirely free. This platform offers a straightforward website where you can effortlessly select images tailored to your project needs. Downloading them comes with the perk of being attribution-free, granting you the freedom to use them for various projects without constraints. What sets unDraw apart is its emphasis on customization – every image is editable, allowing you to infuse your brand’s identity. Transform them by incorporating your brand colors, symbols, and tagline, and voila, you’re on the path to having custom designs uniquely tailored for your brand.

Key Features of unDraw:

  • Diverse Illustration Categories: Covering branding, podcasting, marketing, and data analytics, unDraw offers a versatile collection catering to a spectrum of creative needs.
  • Attribution-Free Usage: Download illustrations without the need for attribution, providing flexibility for usage in diverse projects.
  • Complete Customization: Every image from unDraw is customizable, allowing you to personalize them to align seamlessly with your brand. Incorporate brand colors, symbols, and taglines for a truly bespoke touch.

4. Vecteezy: A Powerhouse for Vector Graphics


Regarded as one of the largest and most comprehensive websites for vector graphics, Vecteezy secures its place as a formidable contender. Offering an extensive repository of over 650,000 vector illustrations, all accompanied by free licenses, Vecteezy stands out for its royalty-free offerings suitable for commercial projects. The platform extends its offerings to providing a wealth of stock videos that can elevate presentations or tutorial videos for your business.

Key Features of Vecteezy:

  • Vast Vector Graphics Collection: With over 650,000 vector illustrations, Vecteezy provides an expansive collection to cater to diverse design requirements.
  • Royalty-Free Licensing: Allowing for commercial use, Vecteezy’s illustrations come with free licenses, making them a valuable resource for various projects.
  • Stock Videos: In addition to illustrations, Vecteezy enhances its offerings with a plethora of stock videos, ideal for enriching presentations or tutorial videos.

5. Pixabay: Fueling Your Creative Projects with Two Million+ Illustrations


When it comes to sourcing illustrations for commercial projects, Pixabay takes the lead, offering a treasure trove of more than two million royalty-free and copyright-free vector images. Positioned as the optimal website, Pixabay stands out for its versatility in crafting compelling videos for your brand’s social media pages. This expansive marketplace becomes your go-to destination for generating marketing materials and visual assets that align seamlessly with your branding objectives.

Key Features of Pixabay:

  • Free for Commercial Use: Pixabay’s illustrations are not just free; they are open for use in commercial projects, making it an ideal resource for businesses seeking captivating visual content.
  • Extensive Collection: With over two million illustrations, Pixabay provides an extensive collection that caters to a wide array of design requirements.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for creating videos for social media, Pixabay’s illustrations offer flexibility and creativity in marketing and branding endeavors.

6. Openclipart: A Public Domain Haven for Intricately Crafted Illustrations


Openclipart distinguishes itself as one of the best illustration websites open to the public domain, where a myriad of talented artists contributes to its rich collection. Unlike platforms with simple icons, Openclipart boasts a beautiful complexity, making them stand out. With over 160,000 clipart options available, Openclipart offers a diverse array of intricately crafted images suitable for a variety of projects.

Key Features of Openclipart:

  • Public Domain Access: Openclipart embraces an open-to-all ethos, providing access to its illustrations in the public domain. Users can freely use and modify the illustrations for their creative projects.
  • Talented Artist Contributions: The platform’s illustrations are crafted by a multitude of talented artists, resulting in a collection that stands out for its intricacy and artistic flair.
  • Abundance of Options: With over 160,000 clipart options, Openclipart ensures a vast selection to suit various design preferences.

7. VectorStock: Your Destination for Logo Design Perfection


For logo design needs, VectorStock emerges as the best graphics website, offering a repository of over 250,000 vector images featuring emblems, monograms, and logos. Navigating VectorStock is a breeze as the graphics are meticulously categorized by color. This innovative feature allows users to seamlessly search for images that match their brand colors, ensuring coherence with their overall brand identity.

Key Features of VectorStock:

  • Extensive Graphics Repository: With over 250,000 vector images, VectorStock provides an extensive repository catering specifically to logo design requirements.
  • Categorized by Color: The platform’s innovative categorization by color simplifies the search process, allowing users to find graphics that align with their brand colors effortlessly.
  • Diverse Logo Options: VectorStock offers a diverse range of emblems, monograms, and logos, ensuring a comprehensive selection for users seeking logo design perfection.

8. Open Doodles: Unveiling the Creativity Within Sketches

open doodles

Open Doodles stands as a unique website that offers a personal touch – sketches straight from the founder’s notebook. These doodles, originating from moments during meetings or work downtime, provide a glimpse into the founder’s creative process. What sets Open Doodles apart is its commitment to the concept of open design. Every form on this platform is not only accessible but also open for copying, editing, remixing, sharing, or even redrawing. The founder actively encourages collaboration, inviting other artists to contribute to the website by providing feedback and exploring its creation journey.

Key Features of Open Doodles:

  • Founder’s Personal Sketches: Open Doodles features sketches directly from the founder’s notebook, offering a unique and personal touch to the illustrations.
  • Open Design Philosophy: Embracing the idea of open design, all illustrations on Open Doodles are open for users to copy, edit, remix, share, or redraw, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.
  • Encouraging Collaboration: The founder actively invites other artists to contribute to the improvement of the website by providing feedback and exploring its creation process.

9. Icons8/Ouch: Elevating Modern Brands with Beautiful Illustrations


Icons8 by Ouch emerges as a dynamic graphics company offering beautiful free vector and 3D artwork tailor-made for modern brands. Behind this impressive collection is a dedicated team of 40 professionals, including illustrators, UX designers, 3D artists, icon designers, retouch artists, makeup artists, photographers, and more. The team’s diverse expertise ensures that Icons8 delivers unique illustration designs suitable for every niche and project. Icons8 adopts a distinctive approach, where the creative process involves 80 percent coding and only 20 percent drawing. This sets it apart from conventional websites, providing users with a unique and immersive experience.

Key Features of Icons8/Ouch:

  • Diverse Team of Professionals: Icons8 comprises a team of 40 professionals with expertise in various creative disciplines, ensuring a rich and diverse collection of illustration designs.
  • Unique Creative Approach: With an 80 percent focus on coding and 20 percent on drawing, Icons8 adopts a unique approach that sets it apart from traditional illustration websites.
  • Suitable for Every Niche: Icons8 delivers illustrations tailored for modern brands, covering a wide range of niches and project requirements.

10. DrawKit: PSD for Your Creative Projects


DrawKit emerges as a top-tier illustration website catering to websites, apps, and personal projects. Offering PSD in two customizable styles, DrawKit is a versatile resource for creatives. The company boasts a diverse team of professionals hailing from over 15 countries, ensuring remarkable and varied results. Users can access both free and paid illustrations for their commercial projects, with the flexibility to edit colors, layout, composition, and more. However, it’s essential to note that re-uploading DrawKit’s content to another platform or website requires permission, maintaining the integrity of the platform and its offerings.

Key Features of DrawKit:

  • PSD Illustrations in Two Styles: DrawKit provides PSD illustrations in two distinct styles, allowing users to customize and adapt them to suit their creative projects.
  • Global Team of Creatives: With a diverse team spanning over 15 countries, DrawKit ensures a varied and dynamic collection of illustrations.
  • Flexibility for Commercial Projects: Users can leverage both free and paid illustrations for their commercial endeavors, with the ability to customize colors, layout, composition, and more.
  • Content Integrity: While customizable, re-uploading DrawKit’s content to another platform or website requires permission, ensuring the platform’s content integrity.

11. Flaticon: Elevate Your Website or App with Icon Illustrations


For those specifically in need of icon illustrations, Flaticon takes center stage as the go-to platform. Boasting a collection of over two million vector icons, Flaticon offers an extensive array of relevant icons suitable for reflecting your brand’s personality. The icons are thoughtfully grouped into similar themes, streamlining the search process for users. Flaticon supports multiple download formats, including SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS, and Base64, providing users with flexibility in incorporating these icons into their projects.

Key Features of Flaticon:

  • Extensive Icon Collection: Flaticon houses a vast collection of over two million vector icons, ensuring users find the most relevant icons that align with their brand identity.
  • Thematic Grouping: Icons on Flaticon are organized into similar themes, simplifying the browsing experience for users seeking specific types of icons.
  • Variety of Download Formats: Users can download icons in multiple formats, including SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS, and Base64, allowing for seamless integration into diverse projects.
  • Customization Options: Flaticon supports customization, enabling users to tailor the appearance of icons based on their preferences or specific project requirements.


From free and customizable illustrations to extensive collections of icons, these platforms provide valuable resources to enhance visual storytelling and brand identity. Each platform brings its unique features, ensuring that users can find the perfect illustrations for their projects, whether they are designing websites, creating infographics, or crafting personalized graphics. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these websites remain indispensable tools for artists, designers, and businesses seeking to elevate their visual content. The flexibility, accessibility, and collaborative nature of these platforms empower users to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

FAQs on Digital Illustration Services:

How do I credit the artists when using illustrations from these websites?

Many illustration websites provide information on crediting requirements in their terms of use. Always check the licensing details and follow any attribution guidelines specified by the platform or the artist.

Can I use illustrations from these websites for print materials?

The ability to use illustrations for print materials may depend on the licensing terms of each platform. Some platforms may have restrictions or specific guidelines for using illustrations in print. Always check the terms and licensing information.

Do these platforms support user contributions or feedback?

Some platforms, like Open Doodles, actively encourage user contributions and feedback, fostering a collaborative environment. However, the level of user involvement may vary across different websites.

Are there restrictions on redistributing or selling illustrations from these platforms?

Redistribution or selling of illustrations may be subject to specific terms and conditions set by each platform. It is essential to review the licensing details on each website to understand any restrictions on the use and distribution of illustrations.

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