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Best AI Image Generators for Your Designing Needs: 2024 Edition

Best AI Image Generators for Your Designing Needs: 2024 Edition

Engaging your audience without visuals is nearly impossible, as attention spans are getting shorter daily. Not only do images add value to the text, but they also increase reader engagement.

Models of artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way that marketers, creatives, and companies as a whole operate. Today, we’ll explore AI image generators, one of the fascinating fields where AI rapidly gains traction.

Artificial intelligence (AI) image generators produce realistic graphics, photos, videos, and cartoons. They could be used for marketing, among other things.

So how can you use them in your work, then? What are the top AI image generators available right now?

Let’s peek at the 10 best AI image generators of 2024!

Dall-E 3


The same people who created ChatGPT and OpenAI also created the well-known AI image generator Dall-E 2. In response to commands, Dall-E 2 can produce images. 

Users can enter up to 400 characters of prompts to produce original and imaginative images. The GPT 3 model is used by Dall-E 2 to produce outputs. The user retains the copyright to these images, enabling them to use and even resell AI-generated images. 

Additionally, it enables the users to upload an image and create copies of it.

Key Features

  • Excellent quality of the image
  • Make multiple image versions with just one command
  • Additional editing options for generated samples include inpainting, outpainting, expanding ideas, and using an eraser.


Credits are required for Dall-E 2 to create and edit images. Those who joined later must purchase the credits, but early adopters who signed up before April 2023 received free credits. For $15, OpenAI is offering 115 credits.



Despite being one of the top AI image generators, Midjourney is becoming more well-known for its distinct feature set and abilities. The program creates digital artwork more identical to hand-drawn illustrations than photorealistic pictures based on text descriptions.

While images created with a paid plan are copyrighted to the user, images created during the free trial are licensed under a Creative Commons license. While Midjournet does offer a stealth mode to keep images private as part of their Pro plan, images created by the platform are still publicly accessible.

Key Features:

  • Text prompts can be adjusted to customize details within the generated artwork.
  • It offers countless creative options for modifying a single piece of art.
  • The tool requires no coding and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Fast mode to generate images super fast.


The four monthly plans that Midjourney offers are $10, $30, $60, and $120. Except during special offers, Midjourney services are no longer accessible. You must join the Midjourney Discord channel to begin your AI Image generation endeavor.

DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion)


Stability’s DreamStudio AI provides a cutting-edge framework for quickly creating interactive scenes. The visual impact and lifelike immersion are increased because AI mechanics enable multiple layers of fine-tuning adjustments and enhancements.

It allows you to choose from various aspect ratios and the quantity of samples. Additionally, it will enable users to upload an image and have AI-generated variations produced. 

Bloggers can use it as a valuable tool to customize images by adjusting styles, content, and intensity to make original images.

Key Features:

Decide on an aspect ratio.

Quickly produce several images.

The ability to include a negative cue.

It lets you upload a copy of your image.

Preference over the seed value.

Select your preferred style, such as comic book, origami, or movie.


You can create roughly thirty images with the 25 credits you get for free. You can purchase 1000 credits for $10 (the lowest plan).

Generative AI by Getty Images

Generative AI

Getty Images generative AI is surprisingly effective, mainly when producing stock-like images. Nothing that uses a trademark, real people, or anything else that might break intellectual property rights will be produced by generative AI. 

It didn’t even produce a painting in Vermeer’s style, even though he passed away in 1675. Overall, this makes using Getty’s tool-less enjoyable and flexible but far more helpful for businesses with a legal department.

Key Features:

  • Surprisingly good at producing images that resemble stock
  • You are released from any legal liability arising from using the photos that Getty creates.


Getty Images allows you to buy photos and videos on-demand with UltraPacks. For large, medium, and small sizes, a single download costs $499, $375, and $175, respectively. 

Downloads in 5-packs cost $450, $325, and $160 per image, while downloads in 10-packs cost $425, $300, and $150 per image for the exact sizes. The chosen currency determines the price, not the buyer’s location.

Adobe Photoshop (Firefly)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is developing an AI image generator tool called Adobe Firefly. The Adobe Creative Cloud bundle includes it. Generative AI allows you to make animated, interactive images with Firefly. 

Prompters can easily modify the generated image’s output thanks to Adobe Firefly’s graphical user interface. The best thing about it is that Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects can seamlessly integrate it.

Key Features:

  • Expand the picture
  • Generative recoloring and filling
  • Adjust aspect ratio
  • Create variations of 3D objects.
  • Utilize text editing to edit videos; create brand templates
  • Personalized textures to produce images


Free plan: A 25 generative credit starting point.

Premium: More features are available for $19.99/month as part of the Creative Cloud Photography Plan.



The AI image generator from Fotor is accessible and easy to use. One of its most vital points is its capacity to produce images without much guidance. Anyone can create a captivating image with vibrant colors and realistic textures.

You can easily modify any artwork you create with a user-friendly interface. You can select the aspect ratio and image style that you like. Additionally, you can use uploaded images and text to create images.

Key Features:

  • Fotor’s Photo Editor lets you quickly edit and improve your photo.
  • AI Photo Editor
  • Background Remover
  • Graphic Designer
  • Collage Maker


Fotor Pro is priced at $1.11/month, and Fotor Pro Plus is priced at $2.5/month.


Craiyon, formerly known as Dall-E mini, provides you with six options depending on your text prompt. You can use an AI image generator to enhance and preserve the option that you like—text to visual representations. Create as many as nine image sets as you like; it’s straightforward to use and free.

Craiyon has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a professional in design and advertising, a content creator trying to give stories life, or just an artist looking for a new canvas. It can be helpful for professionals in fine art, graphic design, and marketing. It will also appeal to audiences who want to play with AI image generators.

Key Features:

  • You can use “negative” words to make certain elements (like buildings) disappear from your search results.
  • Improve photos to achieve higher quality
  • Generates nine pictures at once.
  • Adapts the subsequent prompt automatically to your current prompt


Craiyon operates on a subscription basis; basic plans start at $5 per month and rise to $20 per month (billed annually).

Canva AI

Canva AI

Stable Diffusion powers this AI image creator, which produces a wide variety of photorealistic images. Canva’s AI image creator is a component of their feature-rich “Magic Studio” suite.

Canva is another popular tool for creating visually pleasing images for social media, advertising, marketing, and other uses. You can even create websites with this tool and upload it on famous platforms like word press.

The platform’s AI technology lets you get layout recommendations, font combinations, and image adjustments. Because of this, it’s a fantastic choice even for people with no background in design. 

Key Features:

  • If you want to experiment with AI image generation, you can use Canva AI without cost. With a free account, you can generate 50 free images.
  • Quick generation.
  • Experiment with font selections and the ideal visual effects regarding design elements.
  • The interface is intuitive; you might find it helpful to go through a tutorial first.


In addition to a free plan, Canva offers two paid programs: Canva for Teams ($29.99/month) and Canva Pro ($14.99/month).

Jasper Art

Jasper Art

The same team that created the popular Jasper AI, which has been assisting people in creating engaging content, also created the AI image tool Jasper Art. But Jasper’s Art is entirely visual, not verbal. Enter keywords like a style, mood, or even a medium like watercolor, and watch it transform your prompt into colorful pictures.

Jasper Art specializes in using input to create beautiful landscapes and portraits. This AI tool can generate distinct and artistic visual outputs and notable variations of similar original arms.

Key Features:

  • Excellent for recreating landscape and scenic art with just textual instructions.
  • Users can alter the style, texture, palette, and ambient conditions.
  • Its user interface is straightforward to use
  • Operations are carried out through short commands.


Creator Plan: $39 a month paid annually, or $49 billed monthly; Teams Plan: $125 billed every month or $99 billed annually per month; Custom pricing is part of the business plan.



NVIDIA created Nightcafe, an AI-powered image generator. It enables users to produce images in response to written instructions or prompts. Among the quickest AI image generators is this one. It is founded on the Stable Diffusion model, just like Dream Studio.

NightCafe is a perfect tool for artists, designers, and creative enthusiasts because it can replicate many art styles, from abstract to portraits. Platform users can also enjoy and share a vast collection of AI-generated artworks from the library.

This platform is perfect for creatives, digital artists, and game designers who wish to produce intricate, dynamic images and three-dimensional environments.

Key Features:

  • Presets and styles are infinite.
  • Make several pictures.
  • Large-scale download
  • Customizable seeds
  • The aspect ratio and quality should be adjusted.


Three credit-based monthly packages are available at NightCafe:

Hobbyist: $100 credits for $9.99 a month

Enthusiast ($19.99 for 250 credits per month)

Artist: $700 credits for $49.99 a month.

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Conclusion: AI Image Generators

The field of AI image generation is fast developing. Seeing how far the various engines have advanced in just a year is astounding. We can anticipate further improvements because hundreds of thousands of people are currently using them, and the developers are receiving massive amounts of data to train and improve their models. 

What makes the perfect AI art generator depends on your requirements. Before deciding, consider factors like editing skill, cost-effectiveness, prompt versatility, generation pace, optimization, and user experience.

I hope you found this guide on the best AI image generators sound. So, which AI image generator do you prefer? Comment below and let me know. 

Happy AI-image-generating!

FAQs: AI Image Generators

Can AI image generators be used for specific design styles?

Yes, many AI image generators specialize in certain design styles. For example, DALL-E by OpenAI is renowned for generating diverse images based on textual prompts, making it suitable for conceptual and imaginative design work.

Can AI image generators be integrated into design software like Adobe Creative Cloud?

Some AI image generators, like Runway ML, offer integrations with design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows designers to incorporate AI-generated content into their projects seamlessly.

Do AI image generators require extensive computational resources?

The computational requirements vary among AI image generators. Some online platforms handle the processing on their servers, requiring minimal resources from the user’s device. However, locally deployed models may demand more significant computational capabilities.

Who owns the rights to photos created by AI?

Ownership of photos produced by AI can be a complicated legal issue. The copyright owner of the images produced by the AI image generator is typically the one who created or used them.

Make careful to read the terms and conditions listed in the image generator you are currently using. Select an AI image generator indicating users retain all ownership rights to avoid legal issues.

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