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Best SEO Agencies From Around The World

Whether you’re an ecommerce store owner or an agency owner, SEO should be at the top of your to-do list. With search engine optimization, your website would thrive on Google’s back pages, and not wanting that is a good thing.

Unfortunately, most small and medium-sized businesses must gain the technical expertise to implement SEO independently, and that’s where search engine optimization agencies come in.

Experts at an SEO agency can implement the right “growth hacks” to get the desired organic outcomes. Countless factors, ranging from on-page optimization to technical SEO to SEO Software, can improve search  rankings without expert aid is compounded by Google’s habit of regularly updating its policies about search engine results pages.

How To Pick An SEO Agency? 

  1. Examine the Company’s Focus and Offerings

Search engine optimization (SEO) firms often specialize in specific industries, regions, or service offerings; before selecting one, it’s a good idea to check their website to see if this is the case. They may give you an idea of what to expect from each service and provide examples.

Check for additional evidence of their competence, such as certificates and awards.

A few queries:

  •     Do you have any areas of expertise in service provision, geography, or business types?
  •     Do you provide services other than search engine optimization?
  1. Verify Experience and Reference

Discovering what an SEO firm offers is crucial. As it’s a highly personal service, a customer could be disappointed they want it to be done in a traditional manner. Search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook can be mined for information about SEO firms, as could the portfolios of digital businesses like Design Rush, Clutch, and UpCity. You could also unearth a new challenger!

Reference checking is essential to find a good search engine optimization firm. Enquire about the domains they’ve previously worked on, and make a note of them. Make sure you get reliable information by researching and calling customers.

Remember to inquire with former customers about their experiences with your SEO services. Taking the time to research before hiring an SEO firm will alleviate a lot of anxiety about making a bad decision for your company.

Here are a few questions asked by the SEO agency to probe your mind: 

  •     I’d like your thoughts on the SEO firm.
  •     What’s one area where you feel our search engine optimization firm may use some work?
  •     Where else have you used SEO services before?
  1. Browse Their Past Work and Case Studies

Before committing to an SEO firm, it’s essential to research their previous work.

Reviewing their portfolio and case studies, you may get a good idea of their approach and the outcomes they achieve for clients. Please find out how they combine additional services like pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and website development with SEO.

Request a copy if the SEO company’s portfolio needs to be displayed prominently on its website. You may flip through the pages and see exactly what you’ll get, giving you a visual and tangible picture of what to expect from an SEO strategy.

A few queries:

  •     Please share some examples of how you’ve helped other companies like ours.
  •     What if, in a few months, I need pay-per-click advertising or social media service?
  1. Learn as much as possible about the staff and the company’s morals.

This may be the most significant consideration when deciding on an SEO firm. Picking a digital marketing team with ethics and honesty as top priorities is essential. It’s unlikely that frontline workers will go above and beyond for customers if they don’t feel deeply connected to the company’s mission and values.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of organizational forms that SEO firms can take. Your website and online reputation are at stake if your SEO business isn’t adhering to a strict code of ethics when working on your site.

A few queries to ask them: 

  •     Who exactly will be handling my case?
  •     What are your company’s core values?
  •     Does your SEO company abide by any code of conduct?
  1. Go look at their website and social media pages.

Add them as a friend on Facebook and an associate on LinkedIn. Visit their blog and join up for their newsletter to find out more. Reading their blog content or engaging with them through social media can provide a sense of their tone.

Maybe respective areas of specialization and interest can be gleaned from the information they are providing.

Keep in mind that the majority of a company’s followers are likely to be involved in the advertising and marketing industry themselves.

  1. Inquire About Their Rates And Agreements

Of course, you’d want to find the most outstanding price possible, whether having landscaping work done on your property or purchasing cutting-edge equipment. When looking for digital marketing services, you should do the same.

Depending on their business model, agencies may charge by the hour or need a long-term commitment (up to six months). It would help if you made pricing one of your first inquiries, as it will undoubtedly play a significant role in your final pick.

Nevertheless, the cheapest option is sometimes the greatest, as you usually end up with the quality you paid for. It would help if you also searched for businesses that will pay close attention to your needs and concerns.

You may expect to glean this data from talking to other customers and workers.

Hire an SEO firm that understands the importance of tailoring their service to each client.

A few queries to ask them: 

  •     How much do you charge?
  •     Can I pay as I go each month, or am I locked in for a set period?
  •     How do I go about terminating my service?
  1. Set Up an Appointment

You should talk to the SEO company you’re thinking about employing before signing a contract with them. If you’d want to get to know the team you’ll be routinely working with, you can even request to have an SEO specialist join the call.

Some companies may provide you a free website audit or preliminary keyword and competition research before you commit to working with them. This might be helpful if you have to perform the research anyhow or have access to excellent secondary sources.

Top SEO Agencies in USA

1. Straight North

Rating: 4.7
Minimum project size: $1,000
Services: Strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation, and content marketing.

Straight North SEO agency

Straight North has been providing excellent SEO services to clients since 1997. The SEO agency’s search engine optimization (SEO) services will steer your company on the right path and aid you in selecting a new SEO agency if you believe your current one is leading you astray.

It distinguishes out from the competition owing to its experience in organic search campaigns. It is delighted to share case studies demonstrating its outcomes as a high-quality, trustworthy SEO company.

It has a track record of fulfilling critical objectives such as extending the customer base and creating new leads. Furthermore, the agency has a big influence as an organic SEO provider. They are the only search engine optimization service that delivers real-time validation and reporting of sales leads, allowing you to analyze and act on prospects immediately.

Existing clients have appreciated its work, and its pieces have appeared on the most prominent marketing sites.

2. Ignite Visibility

Rating: 4.8
Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click

Ignite Visibility

The success of Ignite Visibility, a leading digital marketing firm, hinges on the satisfaction of its clients. Ignite develops custom solutions that are one-of-a-kind for each client to help them achieve their specific company goals by fostering mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Ignite Visibility provides services in website development and design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital public relations, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, analytics, and content promotion.

The agency was ranked #8 among San Diego’s fastest-growing businesses in 2015, thanks to a three-year growth rate of 336%; in 2016, the company expects to rank #5 among Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing businesses, thanks to a four-year growth rate of 722%.

3. SocialSEO

Rating: 5.0
Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: Digital strategy, social media management, search engine optimization, pay per click


There’s a solid reason why UpCity named this firm the best digital marketing agency in the United States. It’s no secret that SocialSEO is one of the most successful web marketing firms in the country.

Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), video production (VP), and email marketing are just some of the methods they use to generate leads for businesses.

4. Blue Fountain Media

Rating: 4.8
Minimum project size: $50,000+

Services: Web development, web design, SEO, web strategy


Blue Fountain Media
With good reason, UpCity ranked this company as the finest digital marketing agency in the United States.

SocialSEO’s growth is rocketing, and it’s no secret that they’re one of the most successful and well-known internet marketing firms in the country. For over 18 years, businesses have relied on Blue Fountain Media’s inventive and creative digital solutions.

The agency, with headquarters in the Big Apple, provides branding, consulting, digital marketing, and more.

Blue Fountain Media’s dedication to exceeding expectations for its customers is what sets them different. They use a teamwork strategy to every project, communicating often with customers to learn about their needs and concerns. This enables them to develop individualized strategies for each customer.

Specialists in design, development, marketing, and strategy make up the agency’s expert team, and they work tirelessly to anticipate and adapt to changes in the digital world. They care about their work deeply , and they contribute extensive expertise to every endeavor. Among the many services they offer, SEO, SEM, SMM, video creation, and email marketing stand out as particularly innovative and useful for generating leads for businesses. Besides, their efforts have been met with widespread praise. 

5. Mayple

Rating: 4.9

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: business consulting, digital strategy, search engine optimization


If you’re looking to grow your business, Mayple is here to be your trusted partner by offering the expert marketing services you need. They optimize your marketing campaign by using data and streamlined processes. Everything from who you’re matched with as an expert to the advertisements is rolled out to provide assistance in developing your business further. Period.

Mayple came into existence with the understanding that, like the modern workplace, modern advertising is dynamic. Thanks to technological advancements, they created an environment which is ideal for getting work done and growing your business, whether you’re a sole proprietor or a freelance marketer. They believe that in the future, a global marketing team will be the norm, and that you should access to the best employers and most talented individuals everywhere in the globe. 

6. Delante

Rating: 5.0

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: SEO, Link Building, SEO consulting


They are an internationally recognized SEO and SEM agency situated in Poland, and they specialize in improving clients’ on- and off-site strategies to boost their sites’ visibility and conversion rates.

The year 2014 saw the birth of Delante, officially ushering in the current epoch. This information contributed to the company’s 200% expansion in 2019, when it went from a trio to a workforce of fifty seasoned professionals. They are all hard workers who, when they pool their efforts, can accomplish anything.

Maintaining a high level of client satisfaction is always their number one priority. As a result, they stay away from general rules. Instead, they put themselves in the client’s position to research the company and figure out how to best approach the project so that the website achieves its goals.

When a company decides to work with Delante, a single SEO specialist is put in charge of the whole operation and is available at all times to address any concerns or problems that may emerge.

Top SEO Agencies in the UK


Rating: 5.0

Minimum project size: $1,000

Services: Marketing Strategy Consulting, Ecommerce Consulting, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management.


CEEK Marketing Consultants uses a cutting-edge approach to advertising that raises a company’s profile among its target customers in the online and social realms.Its marketing experts are the most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet about digital marketing who use multiple platforms to help them publish their story online and disseminate it through various means, such as social media, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, and sponsored targeting.

Consultants in this field use the OCMX framework, and they have in-house teams that focus on each area of digital marketing to make sure no detail is missed.

CEEK has evolved so quickly that it now has specialized groups working on various facets of digital marketing for its customers. SEO, Influencer Marketing, Content Development, and PPC Advertising are all part of the package (PPC). It’s a marketing service that’s delegated to companies of all sizes, with a focus on helping established enterprises adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset.

8. GenieCrawl

Rating: 5.0

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: Search engine optimization, pay per click


What matters is how the different components interact with one another, for better or worse, to produce something that is both unique and representative of the whole. A successful company recognizes the importance of every employee and gives them the autonomy they need to do their best work for the company and its customers.

Genie Crawl, a highly sought after boutique digital marketing business, has stuck to its original mission even as the field of digital marketing has grown and evolved. To us, that sums up Genie Crawl perfectly. Genie Crawl was founded with the goal of creating a digital marketing agency that questions the status quo in every aspect, from website design and development to search engine optimization and social media strategies.

The team at Genie Crawl are motivated by a pursuit of innovation and quality. By pushing the boundaries of digital marketing and customer service, they provide their clients with cutting-edge tactics, products, and services that get them actual results without the cumbersome paperwork and contracts that hold them back and slow down the process.

9. Pearl Lemon

Rating: 4.8

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: Search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click

Pearl Lemon

They’re a distributed team of SEO experts from around the world who keep in touch via the cloud and share a common interest in the field. 

Collectively, they have more than 25 years of experience in search engine optimization and a proven record of success in delivering tangible results for our customers.

They don’t support “one size fits all” approach to SEO, which is why the SEO team in London drafts customized strategies for each customer. 

But, they are aware of the need to strike a balance between “optimizing for your consumers” (i.e., providing the most excellent possible experience for site visitors) and boosting your site’s rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

More than anything else, they measure our performance by how much they contribute to our client’s growth and prosperity.

10. Focus On Digital

Rating: 5.0

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: Search engine optimization, pay per click, web design

Focus On Digital

Ben Miller, the company’s founder, has a history of successfully completing challenging projects for high-profile customers including the UK government and multinational corporations like BP, Churchill Insurance, Clifford Chance, Direct Line Group, and Visa.

Ben has assembled a crack team of digital marketers and artists to complete challenging tasks and win over even the pickiest of clients. The company’s creative ability and meticulous preparation allow it to zero in on the development of a flexible website that meets all of your needs.

Top SEO Agencies in India

11. SEO Discovery

Rating: 4.6

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: Search engine optimization, advertising, social media marketing, direct advertising

SEO Discovery

When it comes to innovative digital marketing services, solutions, and consultation, SEO Discovery is without peer.

Their ten years of quantifiable success speak for themselves, and they have marketing specialists who understand digital media and the connection between content and readers.

Excellent track record spanning over a decade, with thousands of happy customers; offers round-the-clock support from the largest in-house digital marketing staff in the world.

They have been providing local search engine optimization services to local businesses for the past 12 years.

Any business, regardless of size or resources, can benefit from their local SEO strategies. 

12. PageTraffic

Rating: 4.4

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: Pay per click, search engine optimization


PageTraffic is a digital marketing powerhouse headquartered in New Delhi and other Mumbai, Noida, Chicago, and London offices. The digital marketing team has over 120 people invested in their clients’ online success. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising are just some of the services they provide (SEO).

Both Google and Facebook have recognized PageTraffic as an official partner. 

They are also highly involved in organizations like Dunn & Bradstreet, W3C, SEMAN, and IIMA.

With PageTraffic’s help, over 400 companies have increased their website traffic by 10 million in the past year alone.

They have been in the business for over 20 years and understand what it takes to have a strong internet presence. Their knowledge and experience will guarantee the prosperity of your business.

SEO Discovery is without peer when it comes to innovative digital marketing services, solutions, and consultation. Their ten years of quantifiable success speak for themselves, and they have marketing specialists who understand digital media and the connection between content and readers.

Excellent track record spanning over a decade, with thousands of happy customers; offers round-the-clock support from the world’s largest in-house digital marketing staff. They have provided local search engine optimization services to local businesses for the past 12 years. Regardless of size or resources, any business can benefit from their local SEO strategies.

13. SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Rating: 5.0

Minimum project size: Undisclosed

Services: SEO, content marketing, PPC, SMO

SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd

You can trust SEOValleyTM to implement a comprehensive SEO strategy to increase revenue. You can trust them to get you to the top of search engine results pages for the targeted, high-return keyword phrases that will attract the kind of clients you want. Search engine optimization that actually generates revenue is where they shine. Compared to it, other agencies need to be narrower in scope, concentrating on superficial metrics like rankings alone.

SEOValley’s objectives extend beyond simply performing well for targeted search terms. Ultimately, they provide you with what you need most to increase your online sales: qualified leads.

SEOValleyTM does not subscribe to the use of cookie-cutter SEO strategies. Knowing your target audience’s information needs, device preferences, and geographic location allows them to improve the landing page’s overall usability and increase conversions.

Top SEO Agencies in Europe

14. SEO Berlino

Rating: 4.9

Minimum project size: $1,000+

Services: Search engine optimization, business consulting, pay per click

SEO Berlino

If you want more traffic from search engines to your website, use SEO Berlino. These can help you get to the top of Google’s search results. With their help, you may improve your company’s image and, by extension, your sales. With state-of-the-art knowledge and techniques, we can improve your online presence as a top SEO consultant. When you implement the SEO tactics they suggest, you can anticipate a higher ranking on Google because they know what they’re doing.

If you team up with them, you may expect to see an increase in customers and revenue. Both add to the financial success of a business. 

15. Panem Agency

Rating: 5.0

Minimum Project Size: $1,000

Services: SEO, PPC, Web analytics, digital strategy and marketing.

Panem Agency

Most SEO companies focus on increasing the volume of qualified, organic traffic flowing to your sales funnel. It’s a massive undertaking that necessitates much preparation and, in most cases, does not yield instant outcomes. Many corporations hire SEO specialists to work inside the company and handle everything for them. However, startups and smaller firms typically only want to invest a little bit of time into the process and instead rely on outside help.

A seasoned SEO expert and a savvy Business Development professional as a side project founded PANEM. They saw an opening in the market and took decisive action to fill it. Whether you need local SEO services or aid from afar, their specialists can help your business expand by employing tried-and-true methods and state-of-the-art tools.

No matter your company’s size, structure, or location, they always do their best to supply you with a comprehensive SEO package.


Search engine optimization firms: the internet’s equivalent of sorcerers and sultans. They are responsible for boosting websites to the top of search engine rankings. Do you want to see your website at the top of search engine results instead of way down at the bottom?

Is your internet presence ready for the next step?

The next step is to get in touch with an SEO company listed above for assistance. These Internet savants employ a wide array of strategies to increase your site’s popularity and traffic.


How much do SEO firms charge for their services? 

Most SEO firms base their pricing on a monthly retainer or a per-project rate.

It’s common for companies to charge you extra depending on how many keywords they’re optimizing for or how much work they have to do on your website.

How to pick an SEO agency?

When looking for an SEO company, it’s essential to evaluate their experience and portfolio, reputation, ease of communication, transparency, and cost.

Also, make sure the agency you hire aligns with your business’s goals and budget and employs only white-hat SEO strategies.

What is the difference between white-hat and black-hat SEO?

When optimizing a website for search engines, white-hat SEO uses only Google-approved techniques, while black-hat SEO uses deceptive and harmful methods.

When it comes to search engine optimization, “black hat,” techniques are those that are dishonest or otherwise harmful to the search engines’ reputations and reputation management systems.

When can we expect to see the fruits of our SEO labor?

The competitiveness of your industry, the condition of your website, and the quality of the work performed by the SEO agency all affect how quickly you will see results from an SEO campaign.

However, it would help if you planned on spending at least three to six months before seeing any real movement in your search engine rankings.


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