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Inspirational Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Read

One of the most courageous things a person can do is launch a startup. To succeed, one must be committed, consistent, and creative. Getting your products off the ground and ready for sale takes a lot of work. A recent study found that company founders typically work well over 40 hours each week. They are continuously on the go and barely have time to catch up on the news or learn time-saving tips from startup trainers. In a fortunate turn of events, the Internet teems with successful businesspeople, investors, and gurus happy to impart their wisdom. The only catch is that it can take time to identify those worth following. That is why we have listed some inspirational blog reads for you to follow. 

Top Inspirational Blogs For Entrepreneurs

1. Both Sides of the Table


Both Sides of the Table is a blog by Mark Suster, a venture capitalist (VC) and former entrepreneur that chronicles his startup failures and missteps. This business blog offers valuable information for startup development, including how to pitch your firm to investors and create a product.

It uncovers various crucial subjects, like attributes that identify successful entrepreneurs, an insight into how investors think, and tips on recruitment for your firm. Moreover, Mark defines business terminologies that may be unknown to newcomers to help them get the hang of the latest advancements.

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2. Mixergy


Andrew Warner, the guy behind Mixergy, co-founded an online company that earns $30 million per year while he was in his twenties. He is an established businessman and writes this blog to share his knowledge with his fellow entrepreneurs on business setup, bootstrapping, and marketing through podcasts and online courses.

The company owners can take a masterclass at Mixergy. They can even sign up to learn anything from naming their firm and designing a logo to creating a marketing plan. The site also features health and productivity tips.

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3. Moz Blog

Moz blogs

Moz’s Whiteboard Friday Series and other insightful blog posts were created during Rand Fishkin’s tenure as CEO and founder, contributing significantly to the blog’s popularity. Though he is no longer affiliated with Moz, Rand did not change the inventive spirit of Moz’s blog. 

Put Moz on your list if you’re looking for a hub where content marketing and business meet. Since its inception in 2004 under SEOMoz, the company has consistently been regarded as a leader in content marketing.

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4. Gary Vaynerchuck


Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuk is a household name for those who work in digital marketing. By shifting his father’s firm online in the early 2000s, he increased yearly sales from $3 million to $60 million and established himself as a prime player in the wine industry.

His articles and videos on digital marketing have established him as an industry thought leader. His tips are simple, making them useful for novice and seasoned business owners. His website includes inspiring anecdotes, business tips, and insights into digital marketing, which he has gleaned from his personal experience.

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5. Seth’s Blog

Seth’s Blog

Author and one of the most respected names in modern advertising, Seth Godin, has written extensively on various marketing topics. Equally accomplished in business, he is. Yoyodyne was one of the first digital marketing agencies, and its founder had some radical ideas about how to reach consumers when he established it in 1995. After Yahoo acquired the business, Seth remained vice president of permission marketing for a long time. 

The blog posts that Seth regularly publishes are packed with profound insight that will force you to reevaluate some of your most fundamental assumptions. Entrepreneurs can benefit from a paradigm shift brought on by regular reading of Seth’s blog. Any entrepreneur, team leader, or anyone looking to develop themselves or their careers would benefit from reading Seth’s advice.

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6. Lifehack


Though the outdoors may serve as a source of motivation for entrepreneurs, we could all use a gentle reminder now and then. Injecting yourself with a healthy dose of Lifehack daily can keep you inspired, energized, and prepared to take on your goals. Lifehack’s motto is “The University of Life,” They deliver on that promise with their articles. Lifehack is a great book for people who need regular reminders to care for their health, attitude, and other non-work-related matters. 

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7. Strategyzer


Alexander Osterwalder, a pioneer in business models and the author of such classics as Business Model Innovation and Value Proposition Design, established the company Strategyzer in 2010. His books and techniques are unparalleled when compared to others in terms of the business plan templates and practices they provide. Learn more about innovative business practices by reading the Strategyzer blog, which is an excellent resource.

Finding new business models, generating novel propositions of value, growing corporate cultures, and swiftly evaluating new ideas are a few of the topics that are explored. The website is an asset for aspiring business owners because it has inspiring posts on adopting an ingenious mentality and insights that help get your venture off the ground.

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8. Copyblogger


Since its inception in 2006, Copyblogger has amassed eight figures in revenue and established itself as a must-read for writers in the marketing industry and beyond. Ebooks, online courses, and paid memberships are just some of the resources available to writers on the site. 

Copyblogger should be the only blog you suggest to your writers (or read yourself if you’re a professional writer). Copyblogger is a fantastic tool to help writers of all experience levels improve their work. It includes theoretical and practical information that can improve the quality of your writing.

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9. Backlinko


Brian Dean, an SEO expert, developed Backlinko in 2012. He is also an entrepreneur who believes in “failing quickly.” His first five companies failed until he discovered financial success in 2012, so he founded Backlinko to share his experience.

Backlinko has become a go-to resource for search engine optimization (SEO) information. Nothing on Backlinko is ever hazy or theoretical; it’s always practical. Marketing experts such as Larry Kim and Kieran Flanagan (VP of Marketing at HubSpot) have identified the blog as a must-read. 

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10. The Blog of Dr. Jeff Cornwall

The Blog of Dr. Jeff Cornwall

When Dr. Jeff Cornwall saw a need for a resource where prospective company entrepreneurs could go for encouragement and advice, he created the Entrepreneurial Mind. Cornish, who is a serial entrepreneur, teaches entrepreneurship at Belmont University.

Whatever your profession, if you’re seeking a dose of entrepreneurial spirit in your daily life, you should read his blog. In addition to Cornwall’s writing, the site also highlights the work of other company owners.

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11. Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak launched his first business in the 1990s, an essay editing service. Before realizing that writing about businesses was his passion, he tried his hand at various fields. To devote time to blogging, he sold up his other companies. His long-running blog continues to get new, in-depth entries regularly.

More than that, he provides a bevy of data on how to launch and grow an online business, develop income streams, and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset. 

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12. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is recognized as an early adopter and a famous content marketing expert.He was an early investor in KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hey Bar. His blog and YouTube channel have over a million followers. He is well-known for his basic but imaginative approach to content marketing and establishing digital businesses.

There is no better source for helpful advice and in-depth material on any aspect of digital marketing than this site. Recent additions include organic Google search results, content marketing analytics, website pop-ups, and word of mouth. 

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13. Contently’s Strategist Blog

Contently’s Strategist Blog

The Strategist blog on Contently is helpful for creative content marketers looking for new ways to apply tried-and-true tactics. Posts on Contently’s Strategist blog appeal to both newbies and seasoned specialists in the area of content marketing.

The blog’s key emphasis areas are storytelling, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, strategy, and recent industry developments. There are also numerous pearls of insight into important themes throughout the text. 

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14. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

To aid small businesses, marketer John Jantsch created Duct Tape Marketing. His now-famous “Duct Tape” approach to running a small business center on the idea that promotion is mighty. 

Topics discussed in the Duct Tape Marketing blog range widely, including content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, lead generation, local marketing, and more. You can apply the knowledge and advice you gain from reading their posts to your own small business. Their podcast series, which includes prominent business people and marketers, is frequently summarized in blog posts.

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The most remarkable approach to remaining on top of what’s going on in your sector and retaining an advantageous position is to consume high-quality information created in your industry regularly.

This collection is chock-full of reads that meet every need, whether it’s for particular counsel, knowledge on current trends, or some good old-fashioned inspiration.

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