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AWS WordPress Hosting Cost In 2024

AWS WordPress Hosting Cost

When contemplating WordPress hosting on AWS, the primary concern often revolves around the elusive question of cost. AWS, known for its intricate pricing structure, can be challenging to navigate by merely perusing its pricing page. The AWS pricing calculator emerges as a valuable tool, prompting users to specify components and reveal an estimated cost.

The complexity lies in determining which of the 131 AWS services are essential for optimal WordPress functionality. This article delves into the AWS components necessary for hosting WordPress, examining both mandatory services and optional enhancements, aiming to provide a comprehensive monthly cost calculation.


For the sake of this discussion, let’s make assumptions based on prevalent use cases, such as hosting 25-30 small WordPress sites or one large WooCommerce site. These scenarios share similar infrastructure requirements, streamlining our estimate.

Most AWS components are billed per hour, and we’ll assume long-term hosting, multiplying hourly costs by 744 (approx. hours in a month). The AWS free tier, designed for limited usage, won’t be factored into our estimates, ensuring accuracy for production websites.

Given AWS’s diverse product offerings, a precise cost calculation involves segregating the estimate into mandatory AWS components and optional services, allowing flexibility based on specific needs.

Mandatory AWS Services for WordPress:

1. Server (EC2):  

   – Recommended instance: M5.Xlarge ($142.64 per month)

2. Storage (EBS):  

   – Recommended volume: 200 GB gp3 ($16 per month)

3. IP Address:  

   – Elastic IP cost: $0

4. Backups:  

   – EBS Snapshots cost: $35

5. Data Transfer:  

   – Estimated cost for 200 GB: $18

Optional AWS Services for WordPress:  

1. Managed Database (RDS):  

   – Single DB instance (db.t4g.large): $191.95 per month

2. S3 Object Storage:  

   – S3 standard cost: $11.5 per month

3. Cloudfront CDN:  

   – Cost: $0 for 1 TB data transfer

4. WAF (Web Application Firewall):  

   – Cost: $26 per month

5. Load Balancing:  

   – Cost: $22.69 per month

6. Route53 DNS:  

   – Cost: $6.65 per month for 25 WordPress sites

Other Indirect Expenses: 


In this discussion, we’ve explored the essential AWS components required for the effective operation of WordPress websites. Apart from AWS-related expenses, there are additional factors to take into account. Some of these unavoidable costs encompass:

1. AWS Server Maintenance: 

Despite the sophisticated nomenclature, EC2 servers remain Linux servers requiring regular maintenance. Allocating half an hour per week to server upkeep provides a more precise estimation.

2. Security Scans and Malware Cleanup: 

Vital security-related tasks, including log reviews and SSL renewal, are imperative for production websites. Let’s incorporate an additional half-hour per week to address these concerns.

3. Staging and Development Sites:  

As AWS lacks a graphical user interface (GUI) for site management, establishing staging and development sites becomes a manual process, consuming a variable hour each month. For our estimate, let’s designate 2 hours per month for this task.

4. Learning Curve:  

Despite the comprehensive documentation of most AWS services, there is an anticipated learning curve when initiating the process. For estimation purposes, let’s account for 5 hours of learning, recognizing that individual experiences may vary.

Total Time Spent:  

Considering 2 hours for server maintenance, 2 hours for security review, and 2 hours for staging site setup each month, the cumulative monthly commitment amounts to 6 hours.

Additionally, a one-time learning investment of 5 hours is expected.

Overall, in the initial phase, it is advisable to allocate approximately 10-12 hours to familiarize yourself with AWS and subsequently ensure the smooth operation of your sites. Multiplying this by your hourly rate provides insights into the indirect expenses associated with this project.  

Total Cost:

Hosting 25 WordPress Sites or 1 WooCommerce on AWS with mandatory services: $211/month

Optional services for high availability, CDN, and Security: $191 to $450 per month

Cost-Effective Alternative:

Consider Nestify, a managed WordPress hosting service on AWS, offering a fully managed solution at $79 per month without variable costs or hidden fees. For more tailored solutions or intricate hosting needs, contact Nestify for personalized assistance.


Navigating the cost landscape of AWS WordPress hosting in 2024 demands a meticulous consideration of various factors. As AWS continues to be a formidable player in cloud services, understanding the intricacies of its pricing structure becomes pivotal. The exploration of mandatory and optional components, coupled with the nuances of additional expenses, provides a comprehensive view of the financial landscape.

Beyond the direct AWS costs, supplementary elements such as server maintenance, security measures, staging site setup, and the learning curve introduce a layer of nuanced considerations. Acknowledging the ongoing commitment of time and resources is essential for a holistic understanding of the overall investment.

As technology evolves, so does the need for a dynamic and adaptive approach to hosting WordPress on AWS. While the intricacies of cost calculations may seem daunting, the availability of tools like the AWS pricing calculator aids in demystifying the process.

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How can I estimate the monthly cost of AWS WordPress hosting?

Utilize the AWS pricing calculator to estimate monthly costs. Consider the type and size of EC2 instances, EBS volumes, data transfer, and any optional services. Also, factor in supplementary expenses like server maintenance, Security, and potential learning curve hours.

Which AWS services are mandatory for hosting WordPress in 2024?

Essential AWS services include EC2 instances for servers, EBS volumes for storage, elastic IP addresses, backups through EBS snapshots, and data transfer costs. These form the core components needed for a robust WordPress hosting environment on AWS.

Are there optional services that can enhance WordPress hosting on AWS?

Yes, optional services like managed databases (RDS), S3 object storage, Cloudfront CDN, WAF (Web Application Firewall), load balancing, and Route53 DNS can enhance performance, Security, and availability. However, these services come with additional costs.

How do additional expenses, such as server maintenance and security scans, impact the overall cost?

Additional expenses like server maintenance, security scans, staging site setup, and a learning curve contribute to indirect costs. These factors, although essential for maintaining a secure and efficient hosting environment, should be considered alongside direct AWS costs for a comprehensive understanding of the overall investment.

Is there a cost-effective alternative to self-hosting WordPress on AWS?

Yes, managed hosting providers like Nestify offer a cost-effective alternative. They provide fully managed WordPress hosting services on AWS, often at a lower cost and without the complexities of self-management. It’s a streamlined solution for those seeking efficiency and expertise.

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