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Top 10 WordPress Portfolio Plugins for Crafting Stunning Online Portfolios

Wish to impress potential clients with a stunning portfolio? WordPress portfolio plugins simplify the process, allowing you to manage all your work in one place and present it beautifully on your site. Here are 10 top-notch plugins to showcase writing, photography, videos, projects, and more.

Why opt for WordPress Portfolio Plugins? 

Portfolio Plugins

While creating a portfolio website or page directly on your website is a straightforward approach, using a dedicated plugin offers several advantages. Firstly, it simplifies the process of adding new portfolio items in the future. Instead of manually adjusting the page layout, you can effortlessly add items via the plugin’s interface, automatically updating your portfolio page with a consistent design.

WordPress portfolio plugins offer flexibility in creating various types of portfolios, including photography portfolios, design portfolios, art portfolios, and more. You can showcase images, videos, audio files, and other multimedia content to highlight your work effectively. Maximalism or minimalism in design, whatever is your choice will be incorporated in the design using these plugins. 

Additionally, portfolio plugins provide access to more design options, offering layouts like lists, grids, sliders, and masonry layouts. They also allow for better organization through categories and tags, enabling you to categorize your work efficiently. For example, if you’re showcasing freelance copywriting, you can categorize different writing projects such as “blog posts,” “landing page copywriting,” and “email copywriting.”

Moreover, these plugins empower potential clients to filter portfolio items based on their preferences, enhancing their browsing experience and helping them find relevant work more easily. Overall, WordPress portfolio plugins offer a streamlined solution for managing and presenting your work effectively to potential clients.

Top 10 WordPress Portfolio Plugins 

1. WordPress Portfolio Builder 

Portfolio Plugin

The WordPress Portfolio Builder enables you to craft portfolios tailored to any type of work, with support for images and videos. Choose from seven distinct portfolio layouts, including:

– List

– Gallery/content popup

– Masonry

– Blocks toggle up/down

– Content slider

– Image grid

– Elastic Grid

– Elementor compatibility 

Each layout allows you to showcase your work alongside a title, summary, and “read more” button. For additional functionality, there’s an affordable premium version offering more customization options for styling and design. However, the free version still grants access to all seven layouts.

Pricing: Free on the Creator Plan 

2. Grid Kit Portfolio Gallery

art portfolios

The Grid Kit Portfolio Gallery offers a stylish solution for creating portfolios directly on your website’s front end. While it’s versatile for any type of work, its designs are optimized for unique images for each portfolio item. However, for non-visual work, you can still utilize client logos or other relevant images.

This plugin provides a dedicated interface for managing portfolio items, allowing you to include the following: 

  • Text titles
  • Cover pictures
  • Descriptions
  • Links
  • Additional pictures
  • Videos
  • Iframe embeds
  • Map embeds for each item

You can then seamlessly embed your portfolio anywhere on your site using the plugin’s layout builder.

Pricing: For those seeking more advanced design options, a premium version is available, offering over 12 layouts, 3+ popup styles, filters, and more. The free version is a great starting point, while the premium version, starting at $49, unlocks additional features.

3. Envira Gallery

art portfolios

Envira Gallery stands out as one of the top WordPress portfolio plugins, offering user-friendly features for effortless gallery creation. With its drag-and-drop builder and diverse pre-built templates, coding becomes unnecessary, catering to beginners. Galleries crafted with this plugin boast responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, and optimized speed.

Beyond compatibility with the WordPress block editor, this versatile plugin seamlessly integrates with popular social platforms. Additionally, features like image proofing and WooCommerce support streamline online sales of your work.

Notably, Envira Gallery’s modular approach lets you install only the necessary add-ons, ensuring a lightweight website. The premium version offers deeplinking, pagination, and watermarking, allowing for tailored functionality. Further enhancements for enhancing the versatility of your portfolio include: 

  • albums with a tagging system
  • a DropBox importer
  • password protection
  • slideshows
  • lightbox displays

Pricing: Opting for the premium version, priced between $26 to $89/year or $209 for a lifetime license, unlocks access to various add-on plugins.

4. WPZOOM Portfolio

art portfolios

For creatives, photographers, and video professionals aiming to present their work with elegance, WPZOOM Portfolio stands out as the ultimate WordPress portfolio plugin. Seamlessly integrated with popular building tools like Gutenberg Blocks and shortcodes for Page Builders, it provides flexible display options for your portfolio. The Image & Video Lightbox feature adds flair, supporting video embeds from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

With functionalities such as Slideshow, Lightbox, and Video Background, along with multiple layouts and the Isotope Filtering Effect, organizing your portfolio becomes effortless. As a lightweight premium plugin, WPZOOM Portfolio ensures your site maintains optimal speed. Its seamless integration with WordPress, coupled with portfolio management via the familiar block editor, enhances the user experience.

Backed by regular updates and exceptional support, WPZOOM Portfolio PRO proves to be a savvy choice for showcasing your work.

Pricing: Offers a free version along with three pricing tiers:

– Starter: $59/year for one site

– Professional: $79/year for three sites

– Business: $149/year for ten sites.

5. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery stands out as one of the top WordPress plugins for constructing galleries, and it is available in both free and premium versions. The free version provides fundamental features that are sufficient for crafting unique galleries to showcase your work. It includes slideshow, thumbnail, and image browser gallery styles, along with two album styles, all of which boast customizable elements and lightbox effects. 

The premium plan is ideal for those seeking to integrate eCommerce functionality into their portfolio gallery. In addition to offering more gallery styles, the plugin incorporates payment solutions and convenient tools such as photo proofing, print fulfillment, and digital downloads, enhancing the functionality of your portfolio. 

Choosing the Pro or Lifetime premium plan offers Imagely WordPress themes, secure backup features, and varied tools tailored for an enhanced gallery experience. Given that many other portfolio plugins offer similar gallery features as the free plan, investing in the premium version is essential to unlock its full potential.

Pricing: The premium options range from $49 to $109 annually or a one-time payment of $279. 

6. Visual Portfolio 

Visual Portfolio emerges as the go-to WordPress portfolio plugin for creatives and professionals in search of dynamic gallery layouts and robust popup gallery features. Boasting a range of gallery layouts, including: 

  • Tiles
  • Masonry
  • Grid
  • Justified
  • Carousel

It offers versatility to suit various preferences. Its utilization of image lightbox and post iframe Popup, integrating modern solutions like Fancybox and PhotoSwipe plugins, ensures optimal performance and mobile optimization. This results in portfolio galleries that not only look stunning but also function seamlessly across devices, with features such as hardware-accelerated animations, swipe to navigate, and pinch to zoom. 

Furthermore, Visual Portfolio excels in photo-proofing capabilities, facilitating easy communication with clients, creation of proofing galleries, and gathering approval on selected photos. Packed with additional features like image Lazy Loading, AJAX Loading, and full responsiveness on mobile and 4K screens, it provides a comprehensive solution for showcasing your work.


– Personal: $39 per year for 1 website

– Freelancer: $139 per year for 5 portfolio websites

– Agency: $239 per year for unlimited websites

7. Modula

portfolio plugins

Effortlessly showcase your creative work with Modula, the premier choice among WordPress portfolio plugins for photographers and designers who crave extensive customization options and robust features. With Modula Lite, you gain access to essentials like image galleries, Gutenberg compatibility, and integrations with popular website builders. 

However, the real magic unfolds with Modula Pro. Upgrading unlocks presets, video gallery support, a lightbox slideshow, password protection, and a slider gallery. Premium version features: 

  • Gallery filters
  • Albums
  • SEO deep-linking
  • Image loading effects
  • Right-click protection 

Additionally, with role management, gallery sorting, and a year of support and updates, Modula ensures your portfolio maintains a professional appearance and runs seamlessly.


– Starter: $39/year for one site

– Trio: $69/year for three sites

– Business: $99/year for five sites

8. FooGallery

portfolio plugins

Why compromise when you can experience unmatched customization with FooGallery, designed for photographers, portfolio website owners, and entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their online presence? Stand out effortlessly with custom CSS, reflecting your distinctive style. Whether exploring its diverse demos or harnessing its SEO advantages, the portfolio plugin guarantees a visually striking and flawlessly performing portfolio. 

With an array of advanced features, including video support and dynamic portfolio galleries, you can craft captivating visual narratives that engage your audience. Moreover, its compatibility and optimization for most WordPress themes ensure your site maintains responsiveness and user-friendliness across all devices.

Pricing: Starts from $5.99/month for one site to $999.99 lifetime for 25 sites 

9. WP Portfolio 

portfolio plugins

WP Portfolio stands out as one of the premier WordPress plugins for crafting responsive websites, images, and video portfolios, ensuring your projects shine even on mobile devices. Equipped with ready-to-use built-in demos and a plethora of layout options, you can effortlessly build a stunning portfolio website within moments.

Besides its intuitive user interface, the plugin offers features like lazy loading, customizable shortcodes, and seamless compatibility with popular page builders such as Visual Composer. To enhance user experience further, WP Portfolio provides an item search system, endless scroll functionality, and sortable categories. You can showcase products with detailed information in a responsive masonry grid layout.

Pricing: The basic plan is priced at $39/year, the Essential Bundle is available for $169/year, and $189 for a one-time purchase. 

10. Essential Grid 

portfolio plugins

Essential Grid stands as a premium plugin tailored for designing portfolio galleries, offering a diverse range of grid layouts that seamlessly integrate into WordPress portfolio pages and custom post types. With over 50 ready-to-use templates at your disposal, the designing process becomes streamlined.

Featuring a drag-and-drop visual grid builder and skin editor, Essential Grid eliminates the necessity for coding, empowering beginners to construct their own portfolio websites effortlessly. Every portfolio element is customizable, from navigation controls to animation effects.

With WooCommerce integration, users can effortlessly set up an online store on their WordPress site. The portfolio plugin also includes built-in features such as watermark protection and right-click protection to safeguard your intellectual property.

Pricing: Starts from $34 to $149 per year, with the number of supported websites being the sole differentiating factor. This premium plugin does not offer a free version.


For visual artists, a captivating portfolio is crucial for attracting potential clients and securing rewarding design projects. Thankfully, with the appropriate WordPress portfolio plugin, crafting one without needing to delve into code is a breeze.

We’ve assessed the top 10 WordPress portfolio plugins. If you’re working within a limited budget, we suggest considering freemium portfolio plugins such as NextGen Gallery, WordPress Portfolio Builder, and Envira Gallery.

When you’re ready to expand your portfolio and capabilities, consider upgrading to a paid plan within your chosen plugin or transitioning to a premium option like WP Portfolio.


Can WordPress portfolio plugins integrate with other plugins or tools?

Yes, many WordPress portfolio plugins offer compatibility with popular plugins and tools, such as page builders, e-commerce platforms, and social media integrations. This allows you to enhance your portfolio’s functionality and extend its reach across different platforms.

Can WordPress portfolio plugins help with search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes, many WordPress portfolio plugins include features that can improve your portfolio’s SEO, such as customizable meta tags, image optimization, and schema markup. By optimizing your portfolio for search engines, you can elevate its visibility aspect and attract more visitors.

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