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Top ChatGPT Plugins of 2023

Attention all ChatGPT enthusiasts! The poetry, prose, and academic test results of CHATGPT have astounded. Get ready for the chatbot’s cheeky suggestions to include finding your next airline, a restaurant with ample seats, and even bringing you a lunch.

Expedia, OpenTable, and Instacart, among many other businesses, have developed plugins to enable the ChatGPT chatbot to access their services, according to an announcement made last week by OpenAI, the firm that developed ChatGPT. Once a user activates a plugin, they can ask ChatGPT to carry out actions that would typically require using the web or launching an app, and hopefully see the obedient bot dash off to do it.

The decision might signal a significant change in how people use computers, applications, and the internet as shrewd AI systems take care of errands for them. ChatGPT has not been able to access the live internet in the past, making it impossible for it to interact with websites or seek up current information. Altering that might also strengthen OpenAI‘s position at the forefront of what might quickly usher in a new age for AI and personal computing.

Exciting, isn’t it?

What is ChatGPT?

chatgpt plugins

The release of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022 represents a revolution in conversational AI.  It can hold insightful and interesting discussions, respond to challenging questions, produce information, and even compose poetry thanks to its GPT-3.5 architecture.

Modern technology has revolutionized a number of sectors, including marketing, customer service, education, and healthcare. The way we engage with machines has changed thanks to ChatGPT, which has made it more natural, personalized, and human-like. ChatGPT is altering the game for chatbots and virtual assistants by enhancing their intelligence and productivity through its cutting-edge natural language processing capabilities.

How do ChatGPT plugins work?

Users of ChatGPT can access information according to the plugin’s specifications thanks to its plugins. Depending on the relevance of the prompt, ChatGPT “decides” whether to utilize the data that OpenAI trained it on to fill out the request or one of the available plugins. For instance, if a user searches for hotels in, let’s say, Milan, one of the booking plugins, like Expedia, may be called upon, allowing price and booking information to be provided.

Developers of plugins provide a manifest file that includes user-facing documentation as well as a machine-readable explanation of the capabilities of the plugin and how to use them. An explanation of how ChatGPT might utilize the data to improve its responses is combined into a prompt.

The “Plugin Store” is then updated with the plugin, which users can then install. Users must explicitly activate plugins because they are not enabled by default and so cannot be used. Depending on the question and if it can respond correctly, ChatGPT evaluates whether a user has plugins activated. If it “thinks” a particular plugin would be useful in resolving the user’s query, it selects it.

Why is a ChatGPT Plugin required?

While ChatGPT is a fantastic conversational AI chatbot, it has a number of drawbacks, such as giving out-of-date and biased responses, only supporting text, lacking voice capabilities, and more.

The first step to addressing and overcoming some of these constraints is to use ChatGPT Plugins. The browsing plugin enables you to produce updated replies that incorporate the most recent and specific data. By testing in a real-world setting, the code interpreter plugin reduces mistakes in code created by ChatGPT. You may automate tedious and unnecessary processes with the aid of third-party plugins like Instacart, Slack, Zapier, OpenTable, and other services. As stated by OpenAI, ChatGPT Plugins will serve as the language models’ “eyes and ears,” providing them with access to private, recent, or specific data.

ChatGPT hosted Plugins

1. Browsing Plugin

ChatGPT’s Browsing Plugin is a clever tool that conducts searches on the web on your behalf. With this add-on, ChatGPT has access to the latest and most accurate data, enabling it to answer queries that couldn’t be answered before.

browser plugin

Everywhere you look online, you can see examples of ChatGPT browsing, from the compilation of recent Oscars news and information to the investigation of cutting-edge AI research. At OpenAI, they take precautions to ensure that your information is safe. It uses the Bing search API and Microsoft’s security features to guarantee the reliability of the results it returns. Content on websites whose proprietors have requested to be excluded from search engines is likewise ignored.

ChatGPT provides citations and external links to the resources that were referenced while replying to a query. This feature allows the verification of veracity of its responses, giving you faith in the reliability of the information it provides.

2. Code Interpreter Plugin

code interpreter plugin

This plugin uses Python within a sandboxed and firewalled execution environment provided by the Code Interpreter.While chatting, if the Interpreter plugin is enabled, the code being evaluated will be evaluated in a session that will remain open until the chat session ends. The model allows for the finished product to be downloaded, as well as the uploading of files to the live chat workspace.

If you have access to a young, self-motivated coder who can work on your schedule, you will have no trouble developing efficient procedures. Initial applications of Code Interpreter included format conversion, data analysis, and the solution of quantitative and qualitative mathematical problems.

3. Retrieval Plugin by ChatGPT

Retrieval Developers who want to deploy their own version of the plugin and register it with ChatGPT can do so using the self-hosted, open-source ChatGPT plugin. Developers can choose from Milvus, Pinecone, Qdrant, Redis, Weaviate, or Zilliz as their vector database of choice for the plugin’s document indexing and search functions. The plugin makes use of OpenAI embeddings. Webhooks are a method for synchronizing data sources with the database.

retreival plugin by chatgpt

Users can ask their data sources, such as files, notes, emails, or publicly available documentation, to return the most pertinent document excerpts with only a few simple commands. Data authorization and privacy are the main risks associated with this process because it has no external impact. In order to exchange material in users’ ChatGPT sessions, developers must make sure they have permission to do so.

Learn more here

4. Expedia

All of your travel requirements can be met at The Expedia ChatGPT Plugin, which went live on March 23, 2023, made travel planning even easier. Upon asking a few more questions, the ChatGPT plugin may look up travel expenses and recommend hotels and nearby activities.

A number of customization options are available with the Expedia plugin, such as highlighting features or the top reasons to visit a specific location, adjusting flight time, or taking advantage of ticket price savings. In order to offer customised solutions based on the user’s travel preferences, the chatbot uses real-time data, calculations performed using code, and different search filters. The recommendations are updated in line with the user’s selections, such as preferred amenities or travel timings.

5. FiscalNote

Users of the FiscalNote ChatGPT plugin can transform findings into workable strategies. It provides a thorough overview of recent developments in law, policy, and regulation so that users may stay informed and make wise judgments.

You can communicate with FiscalNote in a chat format thanks to the integration of ChatGPT, asking any queries you may have, and receiving tailored answers from ChatGPT. FiscalNote can improve its algorithm to deliver more precise and pertinent information suited to each user’s needs when you engage with this plugin. It gives customers a seamless and intuitive experience that enables them to remain ahead of the curve in a regulatory environment that is continually evolving by utilizing the power of AI and machine learning.

6. Instacart

instacart chatgpt plugin

The Instacart plugin enables ChatGPT users to transform the ever-present “dinner dilemma” into instant inspiration and, ultimately, instant gratification with ingredients delivered to their door in as little as an hour so they can start cooking. This is done by combining ChatGPT’s ability to enable people to express their needs in natural language with Instacart’s ability to make those needs instantly shoppable.

7. Kayak

kayak chatgpt plugin

KAYAK announced its integration on ChatGPT on March 23, 2023. More conversational engagements with KAYAK’s search engine are made possible by ChatGPT’s ability to serve as a virtual travel assistant thanks to this integration. Users will receive customised suggestions based on their search criteria and KAYAK’s history travel data by typing in natural language questions like “Where can I fly from Nashville for around $600 in March?” Users will receive recommendations based on their search criteria and KAYAK’s historical travel data. Additionally, ChatGPT’s capacity to comprehend and interpret natural language enables KAYAK to offer more specialized recommendations on its platform. Travelers may now more easily plan their ideal getaways thanks to this integration, which is a development in the field of travel search.

For instance, a user could inquire, “What are the off-the-beaten locations in India for adventurers to visit?” and receive a customized response. This integration is a significant step forward for Kayak as it prepares to use AI to provide more individualized and convenient search experiences.

8. Klarna

Klarna must already be your best friend if you’re a shopaholic who is constantly searching for sales and the best deals. And with the new Klarna ChatGPT plugin, your shopping experience has only improved.

klarna chatgpt plugin

Users who ask the platform for buying advice and inspiration will receive recommendations for carefully chosen products from the plugin, along with links that will take them to the products’ pages on Klarna’s search and comparison engine. In order to integrate the ChatGPT plugin, the engineering teams at Klarna have been working with OpenAI. This will allow users to find new goods and address customer issues at every level of the purchasing process. The plugin essentially acts as a customized shopping assistant, drawing automatically from Klarna’s selection of goods, but only if they are pertinent to the user’s request. Users can access Klarna’s search and compare feature and browse the pricing of its 500,000 retail partners by clicking the links to the suggested products.

9. Milo

Milo, a ChatGPT plugin powered by artificial intelligence, can be used by parents to better handle the chaos of daily family life and household tasks. The most recent large-language model, GPT-4, drives it so it can learn from feedback to refine its filtering and delivery of data.

With Milo, spouses, grandparents, caretakers, and anyone else in need of the information may access structured sanity made from text message threads, emails, screenshots, or whiteboard images. Milo is currently free and in beta. This remarkable AI technology can now be used with the help of its plugin. When a user installs the Milo plugin, they can ask questions like “What housework is due today?” and get a list populated with tasks taken directly from Milo.

10. OpenTable

opentable chatgpt plugin

OpenTable worked with OpenAI to develop a plugin that provides restaurant suggestions in real time. The cooperation marks ChatGPT’s first venture into the restaurant technology industry. Even OpenTable’s sibling company, Kayak, is making use of the chatbot to recommend hotels, flights, and car rentals to customers.

11. Shopify

shopify chatgpt plugin

If you manage a Shopify store, for instance, could anything like this benefit your company? The answer seems to be a resounding yes if you consider how much text is included on every e-commerce site. For your store, this technology can actually work miracles. Quick suggestions that come to mind are listed below:

  • Create interesting and practical product descriptions.
  • Create blog entries by coming up with a product’s features and benefits
  • Produce marketing content to advertise your business.
  • Email newsletters

There are a lot more potential use cases than that.

12. Slack

The AI model’s extensive knowledge and information processing abilities enable it to provide users with instant conversation summaries, research tools, and writing support without requiring them to switch contexts. The app’s ability to increase worker output by facilitating quick support and content comprehension is revolutionary. To learn more, check out our chat with OpenAI solutions engineer and Slack app developer Simón Posada Fishman. Enrol here

13. Speak

speak chatgpt plugin

This plugin developed by OpenAI in partnership with the language translation platform, provides a personalized language learning experience for users in need of translations or explanations across languages. To ensure a smooth integration with the platform, it has already begun testing the plugin with early users and honing its text-based learning experience.

It’s a fantastic chance for Speak to reach out to a wider audience, particularly in untapped markets, and provide language instruction in more than just English. Speak’s partnership with OpenAI is essential to creating a better language-learning experience for people all over the world.

14. Wolfram

Wolfram develops software and hardware for computational tasks for use in many disciplines and markets, including data science, physics, engineering, finance, and more. Stephen Wolfram, a physicist and mathematician, founded it in 1987. The Wolfram Language was created by the business, and it is a high-level programming language. Symbolic and numeric computations can be performed without any additional software.

wolfram chatgpt plugin

It is safe to say that the combination of ChatGPT and Wolfram|Alpha is the first widely adopted statistical and symbolic AI system. Wolfram|Alpha was the pioneer in providing natural language understanding using computational representation and computation. From the computational language of the Wolfram Language to the neural network of ChatGPT, we have access to the full stack. The final product is a system that can accurately calculate and output comprehensible language in a “human-like” manner.

15. Zapier

Users may access over 5,000 apps (including Google Sheets, Gmail, and Slack) without leaving the ChatGPT interface thanks to the Zapier ChatGPT plugin. You may now automate processes without ever leaving the ChatGPT interface with this new product, currently in beta testing. ChatGPT lets users ask it to perform tasks in other programs; for example, it could look up and update contacts in a CRM, or it might add rows to a spreadsheet and send the results as a message in Slack.


ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model that may be included into many different systems to improve the quality of user conversations. Despite lacking the plugin architecture of more established programs, it can be used in tandem with other systems to enhance its features and the user’s overall experience.

FAQ on ChatGPT Plugins

How compatible is ChatGPT with existing chat apps?

The answer is yes; ChatGPT may be included into services like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WhatsApp to give consumers access to conversational support.

To what extent may ChatGPT be used in tandem with NLP applications?

In order to better understand and answer to user queries, ChatGPT can be connected with NLP tools.

How well does it work with voice recognition software?

In order to give consumers a more natural and fluent conversational experience, voice recognition technologies can be linked with ChatGPT.

Can ChatGPT be expanded using add-ons from other companies?

Because ChatGPT is based on an AI language model, it does not support the installation of conventional plugins. However, ChatGPT’s capabilities can be expanded and the user experience improved by bespoke integrations built by developers and businesses.

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