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Migration from All In One SEO Pack to SEO Yoast

The content management system (CMS) boasts a couple of WordPress SEO plugins that you can use. A few years back, when I initially familiarized myself with this content management system, I actively employed the All in One SEO Pack. At that time, it had some notable deficiencies that required rectification, but now, the module has undergone a significant transformation for the better. However, during that period, I had migrated to Platinum SEO, which, incidentally, had been configured for my blog.

Recently, I stumbled upon WordPress SEO by Yoast. So now, when embarking on new projects, I exclusively opt for this plugin. But what’s the best approach when your site already has SEO settings meticulously configured across a considerable number of pages?

If your site already has SEO settings meticulously configured across a considerable number of pages, you can migrate those settings to Yoast SEO. This will save you a lot of time and effort, and it will help to ensure that your SEO is not disrupted.

To migrate your SEO settings to Yoast SEO, you will need to export your settings from your current SEO plugin and then import them into Yoast SEO. You can do this from the Yoast SEO Tools page.

Once you have imported your settings, you should check to make sure that everything is working correctly. You can do this by going to a few of your pages and checking the SEO settings.

Today, we will delve into this issue, using the example of transferring settings from the All In One SEO Pack to WordPress SEO by Yoast. Additionally, we’ll explore the practical utility of the SEO Data Transporter plugin in this context.

How is SEO by Yoast better than All In One SEO? 

Here are some of the ways in which Yoast SEO is better than All in One SEO:

  • More comprehensive set of features: Yoast SEO offers a more comprehensive set of features than All in One SEO, including:
    • More advanced keyword analysis
    • More control over SEO titles and descriptions
    • More social media integration options
    • More local SEO features
  • More user-friendly interface: Yoast SEO has a more user-friendly interface than All in One SEO. It is easier to navigate and use, even for beginners.
  • Better support: Yoast SEO has better support than All in One SEO. There are more documentation articles, tutorials, and videos available for Yoast SEO.

I’ll start with the import settings module of WordPress SEO. 

During this process, there is no significant challenge, and everything can be accomplished directly from the WordPress (WP) admin panel. The algorithm provides the following steps for transferring data:

1. Start by installing the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin and activating it.

2. Disable the “All In One SEO Pack” plugin, but refrain from completely removing it.

3. Navigate to the SEO section within the Yoast plugin, accessible through the “Tools” menu item. 

Within this section, locate and select “Import and Export.”

All in one SEO Pack

4. On the ensuing page, you’ll find a tab titled “Import from other SEO plugins.” 

Here, you’ll find a list of modules where you can review the settings. Place a checkmark next to the “All-in-One SEO” option and then click “Import.”

On the same page, you’ll have the option to delete all the old data. It’s recommended for developers to use this option, but if you prefer, you can successfully import all the settings first and manually remove the module afterward.

This process facilitates the transfer of meta descriptions, keywords, and titles. If you encounter any issues, you can explore an alternative option by using the “SEO Data Transporter” plugin.

SEO Data Transporter to move SEO settings

This plugin allows you to transfer SEO data to another plugin or theme with Just 2 clicks. Moreover, this plugin supports multiple SEO data transfers, including:

  •  Add Meta Tags
  •  All in One SEO Pack
  •  Greg’s High Performance SEO
  •  Headspace2
  •  Infinite SEO
  •  Jetpack Advanced SEO
  •  Meta SEO Pack
  •  Platinum SEO
  •  Praison SEO
  •  SEO Title Tag
  •  SEO Ultimate
  •  The SEO Framework
  •  Yoast SEO
SEO Data Transporter

It’s not difficult to work with an SEO Data Transporter. 

After installation, go to the “Tools” section, where we find the same menu item for the plugin.

Convert to SEO data plugin

From the  dashboard, choose to Convert impost SEO data from “All in One SEO Pack” to “Yoast SEO“.

Click “analyze” to determine whether elements and records are compatible, then click “convert” to do the conversion.

The analyze button allows you to check the availability of compatible elements and the number of records processed. The convert button starts the data process. All it takes is a few minutes.

A distinctive feature of the SEO Data Transporter is that it can work with different modules, not just the All In One SEO Pack. Therefore, in some cases, it is simply irreplaceable. 


The transition from the All In One SEO Pack to SEO by Yoast represents a strategic migration designed to optimize and streamline the on-page search engine optimization (SEO) framework of a website. By adopting SEO by Yoast, webmasters can harness an advanced set of features and configurations, including precise meta tag management, breadcrumb navigation, XML sitemap generation, and comprehensive content analysis. 

This migration not only enhances SEO efficacy but also empowers web administrators with an intuitive and versatile toolset for fine-tuning their website’s search engine visibility and ranking performance. Embracing this shift represents a forward-looking approach in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, ultimately propelling the website towards enhanced organic search traffic and improved search engine rankings.


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FAQs Migrate from All In One SEO Pack to SEO by Yoast

Is it necessary to migrate from All In One SEO Pack to SEO by Yoast?

It’s not mandatory, but if you’re looking for more advanced SEO features and a user-friendly interface, migrating to SEO by Yoast can be a wise choice.

Can I migrate from other SEO plugins to SEO by Yoast?

Yes, SEO by Yoast provides import options for several other SEO plugins, making it possible to migrate from various platforms.

Will my SEO rankings be affected by the migration?

If done correctly, your SEO rankings should not be significantly impacted. In fact, SEO by Yoast’s advanced features may improve your rankings over time.

Can I customize SEO settings for individual posts and pages with SEO by Yoast?

Absolutely! SEO by Yoast allows you to customize SEO settings on a per-post or per-page basis, giving you granular control over your SEO strategy.

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