How to Add Tabs to WordPress Posts and Pages?

WordPress is something that is designed to boost the productivity of websites as it employs a whole new way of developing websites. It enhances the productivity of the business and lets you have the utmost level of flexibility for creating new-fangled content for your users and audiences segmented all over the world. It lets you add any of the functionality to your website that can escalate your business goals in terms of plugins.

Plugins lets you handle your content in a better way, as well as, create an engaging experience for the audiences. If you wish to give your content an edge that it needs, you can add tabs and make more content more interactive in terms of look and feel. Setting up tabs is considered to be one of the very first steps of WordPress theme customization service.

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Tabs happen to be one of the integral parts of all the e-commerce websites. You come across at all the times when you traverse through an e-commerce site. When you visualize a website that segregates information about a single product on the same page itself, those are normally referred to be as tabs.

Adding tabs to your WordPress website:

There are a number of ways of adding tabs to your WordPress post and pages. Let’s have a look at how can you actually add a tab to your content:

Adding tabs to the WordPress website with the help of Plugins

Well, it is a matter of fact that with plugins in a WordPress website, you can literally think of trying out all your fascinations. In order to add a tab to the website, you would need to go to the plugins area and install a suitable plugin. After successfully installing and activating the correct plugin you need to go to the WordPress tabs setup. After clicking on the button, you will be able to customize the settings as per your wishes. In order to differentiate the main page and the tabs, you would need to follow the color codes. It is highly advisable to make a note of the hex codes of the colors that you wish to use.

If you are not sure of the color codes, you can make use of the color picker option on the same screen and choose colors for background and fonts. You can hire a WordPress developer to help you with setting up your WordPress website with a wide range of customization. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can find a live preview of the tab you are customizing.

There are several controls using which you can change the look and feel of the tabs starting from font sizes to colors and from layouts to icon settings. Once done with all the customization, you can click on the save button to save all the made changes. Now your tabs are ready to be used. You can start using them on any of your pages and blog posts.

In order to use the tabs, you would need to write a shortcode on the respective page or post. There are no limitations for adding tabs to a page or post. When you are done with adding the tabs, you need to write a short code ([tab: END]) to mark the end of the tab structure. Your tabs will come live once you update the post and pages.

Adding tabs to various pages and posts with the help of the integrated Page Builders

You can also add tabs to your WordPress website by making use of the page builder that came integrated with your WordPress template. In most of the page builders, you get a pre-configured tab builder. You just need to insert the tabs on the pages or posts and then customize the settings of the tabs as per your requirements. In these tabs, you are allowed to add various content structures like text area, icons, images, and much more as per your requirements.

You are free to make changes how these appear on the website and give it your touch to make it appear different than any other websites. You can let your WordPress theme customization service provider about the requirement of tabs on the website and they can get it done with a great level of accuracy and proficiency.

I hope the article was helpful in letting you know about what are tabs and how you can use them on your website with basic knowledge of WordPress. If you are a newbie, it would be better to hire a WordPress developer to help you with setting the tab on various pages of your website and blog posts to give your website a better appeal as well as make the journey for the audiences a bit more engaging.

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