How To Choose The Best Fonts For Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy you can use for your business, online store, and blog. New deals, new content, and tips delivered right to your customer’s inbox can have a crucial role in converting casual visitors into loyal customers. That being the case, you can understand how important it is to take […]

How To Know The Target Audience For Your WordPress Blog

The most important task for any business is to know to whom you are selling. Who are your customers, and what do you know about them? These are critical questions that you have to answer if you want to succeed in your business. In the case of blogging, this is absolutely true.  Your blog will […]

Keyword Research: A Step by Step Guide To Choose The Right Keywords

Keyword research is the cornerstone of all SEO efforts you will make for your website. No SEO discussion would be complete without talking about keyword research. Without keyword research, you will not be able to rank in SERPs. Keyword research shapes the content strategy. It helps you attract the right audience for your website by […]

What Is Bounce Rate? Explained In Detail

I bet you have heard the term ‘bounce rate.’ It’s hard to miss this term when you are trying hard to boost SEO for your website. You can also encounter this term in Google Analytics. What is bounce rate? How does it affect SEO? What are the parameters that are involved in calculating the bounce […]

The Complete Guide To Internal Linking In WordPress

How does your content rank on Google? What’s the key factor that helps Google to make the decision about ranking a particular post? The answer is the number of links. Google ranks pages according to the number of links that point out to the post. These links can be anywhere from the internet. When the […]

How To Build an Effective Content Strategy for Your Website

You have started with your website. Your blog is ready for your first post, and you are about to start with the content. Have you thought about your content strategy? Just as you put effort into your website’s look and feel, you should give deliberate attention to the content strategy as well. The success of […]

When You Need To Redirect Web Pages: 301 and 302 Redirects Explained

301 and 302 Redirects

When you move your business to a new location, you place a notice at your earlier place to inform visitors about the changed address. You are aware of this simple form of redirection. Just as physical locations can change, web addresses can change too! You may need to redirect your visitors to a new web […]

What You Can Do When Your Site Has Slow Response Time

Site Time speed

What is the first thing you should check once your website is launched? Check the time it takes to load your website. Yes, speed does matter. It’s not just common sense. Google also considers ‘loading speed’ as an essential factor while ranking websites. If you don’t want to please search engines (which we don’t recommend), […]

The List of Best SEO Plugins for WordPress You Should Choose From

WordPress Plugins to Turn Your Site Into an SEO Powerhouse

The most essential thing for any website is that it is visible and accessible to its audience. A better rank in the search engine results not only multiplies the volume of your audience but it is also beneficial for your website in a number of ways. First, you get recognition. Most people think that the website […]

9 Tips to Improve the Speed of your Website in 2020

9 Tips to Improve the Speed of your Website

In addition to favoring the user experience, website speed is an aspect of utmost importance to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). After all, while the delay in loading a page is extremely unpleasant for the visitor – not to say desperate – Google also does not welcome a site that has everything to be abandoned before […]