Best Podcasts For Coders

Technology probably evolves faster than any other field, so it’s easy to lose track if you’re away for too long. Business leaders are not the only ones who need to stay updated on industry developments – every tech professional should be informed about current happenings within the industry.

A podcast, as you might know, is an audio program. Something very similar to the old talk radio shows. Podcasts are usually available as series and users can listen to them whenever and wherever they’d like to – which wasn’t true for radio shows.

Rising Popularity of Podcasts

Because of their accessibility and virtually endless breadth of content, podcasts have become a highly pervasive digital medium. According to Statista, here is the percentage of consumers who have ever listened to audio podcasts in the United States from 2006 to 2022.

podcasts for coders

Coding and programming podcasts are no exception. Casual techies, aspiring development professionals, and experienced industry leaders can enjoy this podcasting niche. Listeners can explore a variety of content about industry conventions, innovation, career development, best practices, and coding languages.

Podcasts help programmers stay current on tech developments, and they also help people learning to code. Programming podcasts cover programming languages, the business side of software development, and thousands of other useful topics for self-taught programmers. 

Self-taught programmers also often rely on podcasts for advice on advancing their careers, interviews with industry experts, and tips on freelancing. Podcasts help programmers solve specific problems, like collecting the right information to address a customer’s bug, and they offer general advice, like managing your mental health while working in tech.

Learning to code on your own can feel isolating. Podcasts offer a wealth of resources and support backed by industry experience, so you can always find something new to learn. Plus, podcasts help programmers think through problems outside of coding, like how to establish a freelancing career or how to succeed in a job interview.

Top Podcasts for Coders in 2023

  1. Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily is a remarkably intricate and multifaceted platform encompassing a wide range of software engineering and technology topics. The podcast particularly features a diversity range guests who are experts in their respective fields and offers in-depth analyses of emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices in software development. As a repository of knowledge, Software Engineering Daily is a prodigious undertaking offering its listeners abundant, meticulously researched content. 

Software engineering daily Podcasts for coders

The program is distinguished by its exceptional quality, both in terms of its intellectual rigor and the skillful presentation of its material. However, it has drawbacks, as some episodes may be considered dauntingly technical for listeners who are not conversant with the intricacies of the topic. Nevertheless, this is a trivial matter in comparison to the many valuable and informative episodes that the podcast offers to its listeners. The podcast’s incisive analysis and comprehensive coverage are indispensable assets for seasoned professionals and aspiring engineers.

Host: Jeff Meyerson

Some recent content:

  1. The Real Python Podcast

If you’re curious about Python and its real-world uses, The Real Python Podcast is a good place to start with. Listeners can easily pick up new knowledge and stay abreast with the latest developments in the Python community, thanks to the podcast’s warm and inviting style pf presentation. The podcast focuses on the practical application of Python for real-world problems, and the topics range widely from web development and data science to machine learning and automation. 

What makes the Real Python Podcast stand out is the hosts’ level of excitement and Python knowledge. The hosts are interesting and informative, and they have a talent for simplifying difficult concepts. Every episode contains helpful information for Python programmers of all skill levels.

real python

What sets the Real Python Podcast apart, though, is the enthusiasm and expertise of its hosts. They have a knack of breaking down complex topics to easy-to-understand explanations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Python developer, you will find valuable insights and tips in every episode.

Another strength of the Real Python Podcast is its commitment to community-building. This creates a sense of camaraderie and support among listeners and helps to foster a sense of community around the podcast.

Host: Christopher Bailey

Some recent content:

  1. Talk Python To Me

This podcast, Talk Python, tackles computer science and app design in general. Presented by the pleasant and well-versed in technology Michael Kennedy, the presentation is a treat. Programming with Python is simply one of several areas tackled on this podcast; alongside web development, data science, and machine learning. The show’s speakers discuss in-depth expertise and experience in their respective sectors.

The podcast’s informal, uncomplicated style makes it easy to listen and understand. These episodes are a must watch for beginners since they provide an accessible introduction to a wide variety of topics and cover a great deal of prerequisite information. You may still benefit much from this podcast even if you’re already an experienced programmer, and perhaps even more so.

talk python

Michael does a good job at asking questions and keeps the discussion going ahead. In each episode, he delivers informative commentary and explanations that make it easy to follow along, even if you aren’t an expert. Each episode is packed with helpful information and entertaining entertainment. 

Host: Michael Kennedy

Some recent content:

  1. JavaScript Jabber Podcast

To learn more about JavaScript, listen to JavaScript Jabber, a podcast dedicated to the language. The site is administered by a community of programmers who are enthusiastic about JavaScript and its numerous uses.

Everything from frameworks and libraries to tools and best practices are addressed in this episode, all as they pertain to JavaScript. Experts in various professions, the show’s speakers offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the audience. This podcast is remarkable because it explains complex concepts in a way that even experienced programmers can understand. The hosts do a wonderful job of breaking down difficult ideas into manageable chunks, and they offer several concrete examples and snippets of code to demonstrate their claims. Also, the podcast is very entertaining and interesting. The hosts are really entertaining to listen to because of their dynamic and engaging banter. They’re not afraid to detour or tell a story, so the broadcast comes off more like a casual chat than a dull lecture.

javascript jabber

Thus, even if you have even a passing interest in JavaScript, you should listen to this podcast. Hosts are extremely well-informed and enthusiastic, offering a wealth of helpful information. A lot of prominent members of the JavaScript community have been featured on the show, and the hosts themselves are heavily involved in it. Because of this, the podcast becomes more of a discussion in which the listeners themselves play an active role. There are several current and retired hosts.

Hosts: Aimee Knight, AJ O’Neal, Charles Wood, Dan Shappir, and Steve Edwards

Some recent content:

  1. Hanselminutes

Scott Hanselman, a programmer, instructor, and speaker with over 30 years of experience in the IT business, hosts the famous tech podcast Hanselminutes.

Scott talks to visionaries in a wide range of tech sectors in each episode, exploring the latest developments in the industry in terms of products and methods. He is a fantastic host because of his sharp wit and extensive knowledge of the subjects he discusses.  His guests come from a wide diverse fields and sectors, and their perspectives on emerging technology and trends are always interesting to hear.

hansel minutes

The podcast is expertly produced, with crystal-clear sound and organized discussion. The episodes are just the right length at 30–45 minutes. As a whole, Hanselminutes is a fantastic podcast for anyone who are keen on learning more about programming and software design.

Host: Scott Hanselman

Some recent content:

  1. Software Engineering Radio

Programming languages, architecture, testing, and deployment are just some of the topics covered in Software Engineering Radio, a podcast dedicated to that same field of software engineering. This podcast, hosted by Markus Voelter and Guests, is outstanding in terms of both content and presentation.

The high caliber of the guests featured on Software Engineering Radio is one of the show’s many great selling points. Professionals from academia, industry, and open-source groups, all with rich expertise in software, are addressing as guests. As a result of their candid discussion of a wide range of issues, this podcast is a fantastic resource for anybody with an interest in software engineering.

software engineering radio

This podcast has a great deal of valuable information and is well organized. There is a central theme dedicated to each episode, and the hosts explore that theme extensively. While the advanced level of debate may be intimidating to newcomers, it is stimulating and thought provoking for experienced software developers. About three and four issues are released every month. In these episodes, they interview professionals on various aspects of growth. Typical episodes last about 58 minutes.  Some recent content:

Host: Markus Voelter

Some recent content:

  1. Test and Code

Software Engineering Radio is a podcast devoted to discussing many aspects of software engineering, including programming languages, architecture, testing, and deployment. The substance and production value of this podcast, hosted by Markus Voelter and Guests, are both exceptional.

test & code

The content in this podcast is both extensive and well-structured. Each show focuses on a single topic, which is discussed in length. While the sophisticated nature of the discussion could put off newbies, it provides excellent fodder for contemplation to those already well versed in software development. It seems like every month there are between three and four new issues. They provide in-depth interviews with experts on various facets of development in each episode. Around 58 minutes is the average episode length.

Host: Brian Okken

Some recent content:

  1. Code Newbie

For those just starting out in the programming world, the podcast Code Newbie serves as a guiding light through the murky maze. The podcast is hosted by Saron Yitbarek with the goal of educating and guiding newcomers into the often bewildering realm of software development.

Every new episode is like entering a parallel universe from the television universe. The podcast delves at many facets of the programming industry, from open-source projects to new programming languages. This podcast features insightful and entertaining conversations that will take listeners on a thrilling journey into the depths of the programming universe. The visitors are the star-crossed professionals who impart their knowledge and expertise to the host, who acts as the ship’s master navigator.

code newbie

This podcast is a great resource for anybody looking to break into the field of programming, advance their knowledge, or develop a successful career. Like a cosmic map, it shows newcomers the path through the maze of the programming world. Code Newbie’s dedication to assisting novice programmers in overcoming the various obstacles they’ll encounter is one of the program’s greatest strengths.

Saron is a wonderful host since he is so good at explaining difficult technical ideas in plain English. Her positivity and energy are contagious, and her discussions with prominent programmers are fascinating.

Saron makes sure that anybody, including those who have had trouble breaking into the coding sector, may listen to the program. If you want to learn more about web development but are just starting out, this podcast is for you. Start-ups may learn what to do and where to look for inspiration.

Successful programmers are profiled in episodes so that viewers may learn from their experiences. Each episode is designed to boost your development and speed it up. In general, each episode is about 41 minutes long. 

Host: Saron Yitbarek

Some recent content:

  1. Coding Blocks

Michael Outlaw, Allen Underwood, and Joe Zack provide a podcast titled Coding Blocks, which is dedicated to the topic of software development. The podcast discusses a wide variety of software-related subjects, from programming languages to design patterns to database administration to software architecture.

Often lasting between 1.5 and 2 hours, episodes provide ample time for in-depth discussions and the examination of weighty subjects. The emphasis on useful information for programmers is another strength of Coding Blocks. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including efficient code writing, scalable system architecture, and dealing with old code.

coding blocks

The guidance provided is helpful since it can be implemented immediately, making this an excellent resource for programmers. Another podcast dedicated to helping you improve as a programmer. Programming methodologies, languages, and tools are only few of the many areas of study they include. 

Host: Michael Outlaw

Some recent content:

Final thoughts

It’s not simple to juggle the numerous responsibilities that fall on our shoulders each day. It’s not easy to keep track of everything and the clock. How, therefore, can we go through our routines while still making progress in our personal development? Fortunately, there are media that allow you to study in the background.

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