Everything to Need to Know About Vultr Cloud Hosting

Telecommunications, ecommerce, tourism, banking, and even the pharmaceutical business have all begun making significant applications of cloud computing. Vultr cloud hosting service is reliable and robust, and businesses appreciate partners like it since they can meet a wide range of requirements. 

Vultr’s high-quality cloud servers and dependable SSD storage have attracted over 200,000 users from more than 150 countries. This cutting-edge cloud platform offers hosting and cloud infrastructure services with the goal of assisting enterprises and developers. They have a widespread global network of 17 data centers which apparently makes cloud computing more accessible to developers everywhere.

Dedicated servers, completely automated systems, and solid-state storage that uses no moving parts are aspects that customers seem very keen on. Vultr, like its rivals, is a frontrunner among cloud service providers thanks to its competitive pricing and user-friendly dashboard. It could be a good choice if the project’s scope and budget are on the smaller side.

But, businesses have several questions about this cloud service. So, in this informative piece, we will discuss the features, price, and benefits of Vultr.

Vultr Cloud Hosting Background 

vultr cloud hosting

Vultr marked its inception in February 2014 with networking capabilities and other ancillary functionalities. This cloud computing service was galvanized to provide developers with a unified cloud infrastructure.

Fortunately, the same year witnessed 100,000 deployment instances for Vultr for its out-of-the-box technology. In 2015, this statistic skyrocketed to 1,000,000 instances. The present scenario says that it has deployed more than 40 Million instances across the globe, which is quite a number! 

Its other amusing achievements include Vultr offering one-click application support to its global users and custom-made cloud products in 2015. Vultr also upheaved its SSD storage in 2019 and made the notable launch of its marketplace the succeeding year. 

Furthermore, the entire Vultr crew is sharply knowledgeable and competent, from upper to lower management. The brainchild of Vultr, David Aninowsky, has also worked with Datapipe. To add a golden feather to their cap, Vultr employees also have a three-dimensional background in infrastructure technologies like IaaS, SaaS, and others. 

Vultr Cloud Hosting Benefits 

More than 13,405 companies are utilizing Vultr, according to data reports from Enlyft.

vultr cloud hosting benefits

Without a doubt, given its many benefits, this ratio could be higher. The following are some more key benefits of adopting Vultr: 

  • Excellent performance and infrastructure 

For all cloud solutions, performance is seen as essential. Vultr guarantees 100% network and host Node uptime to fulfill this criterion. The 100% uptime of Vultr is not just online hogwash; customer reviews support this claim as well. These actual servers, which increase performance, are globally installed and SSD-backed, according to Vultr. 

Vultr’s memory and CPU performance for CPUs running at 3 GHz or higher is quicker than 86% and 89%, respectively. Without a doubt, Vultr is a desirable cloud solution for many programmers and enterprises due to its effective processors. 

  • Minimal and Flexible Prices

Vultr’s pricing structure is more variable and economical for new users and SMBs when compared to that of its rivals. To begin with, Vultr only bills you for the services you really use. Second, it’s easy to add features to your hourly or monthly bundle.

Similar to that, you will only be charged $5/month if you select a 25 GB SSD under SSD to compute instances. Also, implementing this strategy merely needs a single click on the “deploy now” button. Moreover, cloud service packages can be easily customized by developers.

  • Smooth and user-friendly interface 

A significant bonus is Vultr’s straightforward and user-friendly UI. Another radical approach Vultr offers is to select your preferred server location, operating system, and relevant application in a one-click method.

Your project’s performance and data are conveniently accessible via its control panel. Developers can quickly grant team members accessibility to a project using this cloud service. Moreover, its versatile use on both desktop and mobile devices makes this platform more adaptable! 

  • Adaptable Line of Cloud Products 

Although Vultr is prominent for its standard hosting service, it is not a great fit for conventional cloud products. From straightforward shared hosting to VPS, extremely beneficial cloud services, and dedicated servers, Vultr cloud hosting’s service solutions are versatile. 

The four categories of Cloud Compute, Block Storage, Bare Metal, and Dedicate Cloud make up Vultr’s main product offerings. You ought to think about Cloud Compute for basic VPS options. Block storage is all about available storage space, and bare metal and dedicated cloud provide full and sparse dedicated servers, respectively. 

Essential Characteristics of Vultr Cloud Hosting

vultr cloud hosting

  • Modern Networking 

The comprehensive networking capabilities of Vultr enable it to provide consumers with cloud services that are adaptable enough to match their explicit requirements. It augments the efficiency of IP networks while giving IP address space that may be adjusted to individual requirements.

Furthermore, Vultr has the option to reverse an IP address for use with cloud services. Due to this, Internet communications through IPv6 and IPv4 will see fewer disruptions. Vultr’s direct connection, native DDoS migration, and 100 percent SLA support are all remarkable features.

  • Options for Operating Systems 

Vultr’s user-friendly dashboard lets consumers select any desired operating system. Here, the most popular operating systems from which developers can choose are as follows:

  • Windows
  • OpenBSD
  • FreeBSD
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Fedora CoreOS
  • Ubuntu

Using any of these operating systems with your instance merely takes a few seconds. Moreover, Vultr allows users to mix and match different operating systems. 

  • Balancers for load 

In addition to being useful for assessing the health and failover of your service, load balances have many other advantages. The load balancers from Vultr use SSL certificates to direct safe traffic to your website or application. Additionally, they intelligently plan the app’s traffic, enable scalability, and enhance performance. 

If the price of these load balancers is what you are concerned about, it is also reasonable. Indeed, each plan from Vultr just costs $10 for load balancers. 

  • Single-click apps 

Every developer wants the ability to instantly launch or set up any game or program. Fortunately, Vultr grants developers’ wishes. Vultr supports a number of application platforms in this regard. For instance, Vultr supports a variety of application and game platforms, including Jitsi, CentOS Web Panel, cPanel, Docker, and Drupal, among others.

Versatile Cloud Products of Vultr 

There are several cloud products available through Vultr. However, we will focus on the most important ones here: 

  • Cloud computing: For web applications, compute instances are essential. Vultr cloud hosting provides SSD cloud instances under the cloud computing category suitable for new users. The High-Frequency Compute, however, is appropriate for significant endeavors. Fast 3GHz+ Processors, NVMe solid-state local storage, and rapid benchmarks are the essential components of high-frequency computing. 
  • Bare Metal: It includes 100% dedicated servers, quick networking, one-click deployments, and OS libraries. 
  • Block Storage: This product addresses the features of cloud storage. 
  • Object Storage: It offers straightforward storage together with adjustable bandwidth and price options. S3 API is also added for improved integration. 

Vultr Pricing 

Vultr’s pricing model is incredibly customizable, and it’s obvious how much their pricing can change for any custom-made project. The best feature of this cloud platform’s pricing model is pay-as-you-go which calls for a sensible and practical approach by the developers and investors.

The basic rate for 120 dedicated resources is $60 per month. High-frequency computing with a 32 GB SSD would cost developers $6 per month. The monthly cost of bare metal dedicated servers begins at around $120, while object storage charges $5. 

With such a flexible costing plan, decision-making power becomes easy! 

vultr pricing


This blog discusses every facet of the “Vultr” cloud service. Details on Vultr’s history, features, pricing, and benefits are covered to help you make a better and smart decision in investing in this ‘service of the future.’ If you’re looking for a Vultr hosting provider, Nestify can handle all the details of your Vultr web hosting so you can focus on what really matters: mushrooming and expanding your business to be in the league of the best.


Can you describe the Vultr cloud services?

VPS hosting, bare metal servers, block storage, object storage, load balancing, and DDoS protection are just some of the cloud services that Vultr provides.

Where exactly are Vultr’s data centers situated?

Vultr has data centers in more than 17 cities across four continents (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia).

Can you tell me which OSes are compatible with Vultr?

Vultr is compatible with a broad variety of OSes, including Linux, Windows Server, FreeBSD, and even user-created ISOs.

Which payment options does Vultr support?

Vultr takes payments by BitcoinPayPalAlipay, and credit/debit cards.

How does Vultr help its customers?

In addition to live chat, email, and a ticketing system, Vultr offers round-the-clock customer assistance.

Is there a trial period for Vultr?

You can try out Vultr’s services risk-free for 30 days with a $100 credit, and they do provide a free trial.

Is changing my Vultr plan possible?

Vultr does allow you to change your plan at any moment.

Can you tell me if Vultr has a referral program?

You can earn credits for future Vultr purchases by referring this cloud computing service to your acquaintances. 

Does anyone know if Vultr is a reliable cloud service?

Vultr is an industry leader in cloud computing, known for its wide selection of low-cost, high-quality cloud services. The finest cloud solution provider, however, will vary based on your individual circumstances.


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