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Nestify will blow your mind when you see how it performs. I have many hosting accounts and even sites powered with CDN. I can admit now with a high degree of certainty, that none of them match the speed of Nestify.

Francisco Perez


I tested almost all the Managed WordPress Hosting Providers under sun.

In beginning, I was skeptical using them, solely because they are new. But they migrated my 45GB Site + did a lot optimization. They gave server in my preferred location at no extra cost.

I use 100+ plugins in my multisite install with 150,000+ Posts. Still through them my site load time is within 200ms.

Rohit Manglik

Deva Blinds have moved our WordPress sites so many times to different hosts that claimed they knew WordPress.  They all didn’t and we had many problems, down time and even a complete loss of data.

I am extremely happy with and I recommend them to many people.  Virtually no downtime, excellent responce times from people that understand WordPress.  Managed servers that work and work.

Paul Pollard-Fraser

Nestify has helped our team scale ScreenShotApp and get page load time under 1 second.

We received valuable optimization tips from Nestify during our product development phase.

Nestify’s support team is excellent and actually resolves technical issues in minutes.

Samuel Smith

Founder, ScreenShotApp

After trying out couple of hosting providers and bare-metal servers with average results, I switched to Nestify for

I was surprised by the drastic speed improvements even before optimizing my code.

Now I can’t imagine running my e-commerce business without Nestify.

Mohit Sharma


I found Nestify’s platform to be lightning fast for WordPress, which is the holy grail in hosting these days.

The team was very open to feedback, quick to resolve issues and proactive in adding functionality.

I will be looking at Nestify for clients for whom speed and support are critical.

Ivan O’Donoghue

Spiralli Business Solutions

I have been building and managing client websites since 2001, and have hosted with at least four different companies during that time. I have been very impressed with the excellent customer service from Nestify for my site at

Managing my site through their dashboard is incredibly easy. I have access to automated backups and can create an on-demand backup with a single click and the included SSL certificate means that my site is secured and won’t be marked as an unencrypted website by Google.

I highly recommend Nestify for your WordPress hosting

Deanna Fenton

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