WordPress Maintenance – Updates, Spam and Database

Maintaining WordPress website is not an easy task, but it’s important. Most web platforms without due care may become slow, throw prone – errors and could be considered unreliable. From a security perspective, a tumbledown site could end up turning into a failure. The lack of updating and maintenance of WordPress can create security loopholes allowing hackers to use your site to commit fraud, spread malware and launch new attacks.


Unnecessary files and data affect the performance. And leaving unwanted content and spam comments can cause many headaches, consuming valuable resources and impacting directly on the SEO strategies of your company.

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wordpress-toolkitMaintaining WordPress is essential to have a stable and healthy website

This article serves the best tips that can help you in maintaining your website but for that, you should have administrator access to your WordPress site. It is not uncommon for some WordPress users as they do not have complete access to their own hosting environment, if this is not the case, I recommend you send this article to your developer or hire a company that is expert in proving hosting service for WordPress.

Never forget to take Backup

Keep reliable and updated backups, especially before making any changes to your WordPress website. It is even better to make changes in a test environment.

Backups are essential, they literally save the day (or working days), yet they are often overlooked. Set up automatic backups, test them regularly and is also recommended to carry out a manual backup  from time to time, after all, it is important for your website security … But if you prefer to do this task by using some plug-in, we would suggest to use BackWPup.

There are several other areas that deserve a more technical attention.

Maintenance Mode

Imagine you get a property for the first time and when you go and search for the door to knock, you find that there is no door. You probably would not return to that property, sites are the same. For this, natively there is the maintenance mode in WordPress, but there are also some useful plug-in to get maintenance notice for more pleasing visual.


WordPress Updates

The software updates are released regularly and need to be applied on your site to ensure that your site functions properly. In WordPress context, we are referring to WordPress core, themes and plugins. Once the updates are applied, it is always important to test the site to ensure that everything is working as expected and that there are no conflicts.

WordPress Comment Spam

You can use anti-spam techniques (using Akismet for example, closing comments after a certain number of days). However, what would you do if a site has accumulated a large volume of spam comments? Fortunately, there are some useful plugins that deserve a place in your toolbox for this type of situation.

Database-Maintenance-OptimizationDatabase Maintenance and Optimization

All databases need maintenance and care depending on the size of your database and how often things change in your server environment. Anyway, there are some plugins that can help to correct the mistakes and make sure that your database is optimized. Some offer more features than others, some may be programmed to execute tasks regularly.

Database interfaces within WordPress

You must be probably familiar with MySQL and tools like phpMyAdmin, but there are also a number of plugins that you can install to get similar access to the database. These plugins can be used to perform operations such as import queries, export, repair and execution.


There are several other areas in WordPress that deserves maintenance using more advanced techniques, more attention. We will cover this in another article which will be denser and more technical.