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Threads Marketing: All You Need to Know About The Fastest Growing Social Media App

Threads, launched on July 5, has rapidly become the fastest-growing social media platform in history. Despite the initial excitement waning, this app persists as an untapped opportunity for marketers seeking to enhance their social media strategy. Why? 

Within its first hour, it garnered an impressive five million sign-ups. 

This surge in popularity comes amid a significant shift from Twitter, with a 59% drop in ad spending in the US following Elon Musk’s takeover. Marketers are now seeking alternative platforms like Threads to host social media campaigns without compromising reach or quality.

What is Threads? 

threads marketing app

Threads is a newly introduced social networking app by Meta Platforms, led by Mark Zuckerberg. Closely integrated with Instagram, it’s currently accessible on iOS and Android devices. Described as “Instagram’s text-based conversation app,” this app allows users to share text, images, and videos, engaging with others through likes, reposts, and replies. On the app store, it’s portrayed as a space where communities converge to discuss current interests and upcoming trends, emphasizing direct connections with favorite creators or building a following to share ideas, opinions, and creativity.

Meta declared via its Instagram blog that this app would integrate with users’ Instagram accounts. Elaborating on this choice, it stated:

  • “Our aim with Threads is to leverage Instagram’s strengths and extend them to text, fostering a constructive and imaginative environment for expressing ideas.”
  • “Similar to Instagram, this app enables you to connect with friends and creators who have similar interests as yours, encompassing those you already follow on Instagram and beyond.”
  • “The advantages of open social networking protocols transcend mere following capabilities. Developers can innovate and experiment with new features and user experiences that seamlessly integrate with other open social networks, hastening innovation. Each compatible social media app can establish its own community standards and content moderation policies, empowering users to select spaces aligning with their values.”
  • “We advocate for this decentralized approach, akin to the protocols administering email and the web itself, as pivotal in shaping the future of online platforms.”
  • “This app represents Meta’s initial foray into an app developed to be compatible with an open social networking guidelines. By becoming part of this rapidly expanding ecosystem of interoperable services, this app aims to facilitate community discovery across various apps.”

How far has the popularity of Threads gone? 

Noteworthy brands joining Threads include Nike, Ultra Beauty, Wendy’s, Urban Skin RX, Netflix, Spotify, Calvin Klein, Kith, Allbirds, Shein, Uniqlo, Target, and Nissan. According to the National Retail Federation, all of the top ten retailers, excluding Costco, have embraced Threads.

As for celebrities, prominent figures like Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker have joined Threads. Sarah Jessica Parker expressed her excitement on Instagram, envisioning Threads as a new avenue to share book titles, glimpses of her day, support for libraries, and more, emphasizing the hope for kindness and positivity on the platform.

What About Placing Ads on Threads? 

Currently, marketers cannot buy ad space on Threads, but advertising is anticipated to become a key revenue source. Sources indicate that the Instagram team is actively developing branded content tools for Threads, hinting at the imminent introduction of ads when Threads gains critical mass. In the meantime, marketers are encouraged to transparently disclose paid partnerships through hashtags or text.

It’s noteworthy that Meta’s other brands, like Instagram, initially debuted without ads. Today, advertising stands as one of Instagram’s major revenue streams. So let’s wait and watch what this platform has to offer! 

What advantages do marketers gain from being on Threads? 


Despite the absence of ads at present, brands can still leverage profile creation to potentially attract organic traffic. Digital marketing agencies can assist clients in establishing profiles to capture organic traffic until paid options are accessible on Threads. Furthermore, the seamless integration with Instagram facilitates the transfer of brand communications, simplifying the transition process.

How will Threads monitor its users?

Threads will amass a significant amount of user data, akin to Meta’s other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Meta’s applications compile and retain various user details, including sensitive data such as:

  • Health and fitness details
  • Financial information
  • Geolocation
  • Browsing and search histories
  • Residential addresses
  • Email and phone contacts
  • Camera usage and photos
  • IP information
  • Device specifics
  • Device signals (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals)

Moreover, Threads records user interactions with posts and their following activities.

Is Threads secure?

Threads is said to implement Instagram’s Community Guidelines for content and interactions. These guidelines require users to be at least 13 years old, with those under 16 years (or 18 in certain countries) automatically assigned a private account. Despite this, parents are encouraged to supervise their children’s online activities.

Users can customize their settings to filter interactions, granting them control over who can reply to their messages. Additionally, users can block unwanted accounts, with any accounts previously blocked on Instagram also blocked on Threads.

Meta has allocated over $16 billion toward safeguarding users across its platforms since 2016, emphasizing safety as a top priority on Threads.

Why isn’t Threads available in the EU?

While Threads is accessible in over 100 countries, it’s presently unavailable in the European Union due to concerns regarding its data privacy practices not aligning with the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

Carissa Veliz, a professor at the Institution for AI Ethics from the University of Oxford, explained to the Guardian:

“Meta has not only retained its business model but also continues to pursue targeted ads, essentially surveillance advertising.”

“The company strives to amass extensive data despite past scandals, public outcry, regulatory warnings, and fines. There’s been no reevaluation of its business model to make it more user-respectful.”

“The data collected can encompass sensitive details such as sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, biometric data, trade union membership, pregnancy status, politics, and religious beliefs, potentially shared with third parties.”

Presently, there are no immediate plans to introduce Threads in EU nations. However, a source familiar with the situation informed Bloomberg that Meta is awaiting further clarification on the Digital Marketing Act before considering a potential launch in the EU at a later stage.

More details from the European Commission are anticipated around September. Therefore, a confirmed launch date for Threads in EU countries remains pending.

How does Threads operate?

Threads function in a straightforward manner, resembling the mechanics of Twitter. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Ensure you possess an Instagram account for downloading Threads app. If not, sign up for one.
  2. Download app and log in using your Instagram credentials.
  3. Upon logging in, the app will inquire if you wish to follow the same accounts as on Instagram.
  4. Subsequently, the app will recommend other profiles to follow based on your interests.
  5. Begin utilizing the app. Your feed will feature a blend of posts from accounts you follow and suggested content. Engage with these posts by liking, replying, reposting, or quoting them.
threads marketing app
  1. Similar to Twitter, you have the option to share posts, videos, and images on your own profile.
  2. Post Limitations: Users are constrained to sharing posts containing a maximum of 500 characters. Nonetheless, they can incorporate links, photos, and videos.
  3. Video Duration: Videos must not exceed a length of five minutes.

To Conclude, 

Navigating the landscape of marketing is an essential endeavor for modern marketers seeking to leverage the latest platforms and strategies. With the emergence of Threads as a promising contender in the social media industry, understanding its functionalities, user dynamics, and potential impact on advertising strategies is paramount. 

From its integration with Instagram to its limitations and expansion plans, mastering the essentials of Threads equips marketers with the knowledge and foresight necessary to stay ahead in today’s dynamic digital ecosystem. As this evolving platform continues to grow and potentially expand its reach, staying informed and adaptable remains key to harnessing its full potential for driving brand engagement and growth.

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